Jiang, Xiaodong, "Challenge and Opportunity: The View of Management on the Employment Problem of China", 1990

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The problem of labor employment is a major problem of global issues. It is also an especially pronounced problem in a country such as ours, with tremendous population and relatively poor background of economy. Under the leadership of the Central Committee and the State Council, and with the coordinated effort of all the localities, departments in society, we have achieved in the area of labor employment a tremendous success that has captured the attention of the entire world. However, owing to some reasons of irrational policies, we have also got the experience of failure in it.The problem of employment is becoming more and more urgent and serious with the policy of deepening reformation. Showing by the experience and theory, any effort that merely aims at resolving the employment problem can be effective only in a short-term and have less success when it faces new situation.To resolve the employment problem at present, we must begin with our employment philosophy and set up a system of strategic management in terms of employment that keeps on defending and promoting the stability and unity of society. The tremendous population of China is both a huge obstacle and a great motive force for the development of our society. We are facing selection-- challenge and opportunity-- that only depends on our effort and creation.

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  • 1990
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