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University Archives: ua380

Department of Public Safety Records, 1965-1981

0.83 cubic ft.
This collection contains the records of the Department of Public Safety, which oversaw campus security. The bulk of the collection consists of crime and incident reports.
University Archives: ua684

Department of Political Science, 1970-1988

1 cubic ft.
Contains inactive records from the Department of Political Science, including correspondence, course materials, and planning documents.
University Archives: ua535

Office of Information Systems and Technology Records, 1984-1994

9 cubic ft.
Contains records from the Office of Information Systems and Technology, which oversaw Computing Services, the Educational Communication Center, the University Libraries, and other information services on campus. The collection includes administrative correspondence, planning documentation, budget materials, and other administrative records.
University Archives: ua690
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School of Social Welfare Records, 1964-2000

23.4 cubic ft.
The School of Social Welfare Records document the history and day-to-day operations of the School at the University at Albany since its first full year of operation in 1964 through 2000.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap129

Capital Area Council of Churches Records, 1941-2002

9 cubic ft.
This collection contains administrative files, correspondence, newsletters, subject files and meeting minutes from the Capital Area Council of Churches, an organization designed to promote cooperation between different religious institutions in the Albany, N.Y. area.
University Archives: ua780

Office of University Advancement Records, 1973-2000

23 cubic ft.
This collection contains records from the Office of University Advancement which oversaw development and public events programs. Also includes records from subordinate offices, including the Community Events Office. Materials include financial records, commencement and inauguration planning documentation, and task force records.
University Archives: ua337

Office of Human Resources Management Records, 1947-2017

3.53 cubic ft.
This collection contains salary schedules and rosters, personnel policy and procedure documentation, and other records pertaining to the Office of Human Resources Management and its predecessor bodies.
University Archives: ua800.001

Myskania Records, 1915-1984

1.42 cubic ft.
The original student government of the State College for Teachers, founded in 1917. Myskania acted as a secret society which selected its own members, but its duties were gradually assumed by the Student Association and it was disbaned in 1979.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap204

Bill Babbitt Collection, 1967-2016

4.82 cubic ft.
The Bill Babbitt Collection documents nearly ten years of legal efforts to spare Manny Babbitt's life from execution, and two decades of advocacy activities to try to abolish the death penalty.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap201

Citizens Budget Commission Records, 1931-1999

12.92 cubic ft.
The Citizens Budget Commission contain information on the financial outlook of New York City from the 1930's to the 1990's.
University Archives: ua400
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Division for Research Records, 1974-2013

42.88 cubic ft.
This collection contains records from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, which oversaw research and graduate education at the University between 1971 and 1998.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap132

Communications Workers of America Education Division Local 1104 Records, 1969-2001 (bulk 1983-1999)

17.0 cubic ft.
The Education Division of Communication Workers of America, Local 1104 represents "employees eligible for union membership who are employed as: graduate students holding State-funded positions as Graduate Assistants or Teaching Assistants employed by the State University of New York." The collection includes news clippings, contracts, photographs, administrative records, as well as ephemera such as t-shirts, buttons, hats, and cup holders.
University Archives: ua611
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Department of African American Studies Records, 1968-1976

2.33 cubic ft.
The Department of African American studies documents the papers and administrative processes of the development and implementation of an African American Studies department at the University at Albany in the late 1960s to the late 1970s.
University Archives: ua370

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Records, 1970-2017

16.30 cubic ft.
Records of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and its predecessors. Materials include administrative correspondence, committee and task force meeting materials, planning documentation, and assorted reports, all relating to issues of diversity, inclusion, equal employment, and discrimination.
University Archives: ua305

Financial Secretary Records, 1844-1965

15.2 cubic ft.
This collection consists primarily of the records of the Treasurer for the State College for Teachers. Also included are some financial records from earlier iterations of the College (New York State Normal School and New York State Normal College) and records of the Financial Secretary, which succeeded the position of Treasurer. Materials include cash books, budget documents, and correspondence.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap118

United Tenants of Albany, 1972-2001

3.12 cubic ft.
The United Tenants of Albany is an association dedicated to improving housing situations for Albany's low to moderate income families and businesses with safe, affordable living and working space.
University Archives: ua190

University at Albany Foundation Collection, 1967-2006

0.33 cubic ft.
Contains correspondence, financial statements, and other administrative records for the University at Albany Foundation, which is a not-for-profit corporation that manages philanthropic contributions given in support of the University at Albany.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap127

Willowbrook Review Panel Records, 1968-1981, bulk 1975-1981

112.25 cubic ft.
The Willowbrook Review Panel was a Federal monitoring group established by the U.S. District Court in 1975 and dismissed from its duties in 1987. The Willowbrook Review Panel Records provide extensive documentation of the Panel's main function: monitoring implementation of the 1975 Willowbrook Consent Decree in New York State which set new standards for the care of the facility's residents.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap073

Carleton P. Simon Papers, 1881-1952, 1956

2.0 cubic ft.
The collection of papers is about drugs and drug related crimes in the United States. It is written by Carleton P. Simon. Simon is a psychiatrist by profession and is very much interested in crimes. This passion led to his next profession as a criminlogist. His writings focus on crimes and examine the motives behind the crimes. Simons has also written fiction magazines and poems.
University Archives: ua626

Department of Geological Sciences Records, 1969-1986

0.17 cubic ft.
Contains records from the department of Geological Sciences, which became the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences in 1996. The Geology program was suspended in 2007.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap339

League of Women Voters of Saratoga County Records, 1965-2016

5.59 cubic ft.
Founded in 1920, the League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that informs citizens about government, encourages their participation, and seeks to influence public policy through education and advocacy. One of nearly 60 local leagues in New York State, the League of Women Voters of Saratoga County (formerly the League of Women Voters, Saratoga Springs Area) formed in early 1965. This collection documents the operation and activities of this local league from its founding through 2010.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss107

Rochester Central Power Corporation Records, 1928

1 Vol.
Includes bylaws, stock certificates, and other documents pertaining to the Rochester Central Power Corporation. The New York Central Railroad is described in the volume as the principal owner of the Mohawk Valley Company, which in turn owned all "outstanding common stock" of the Rochester Gas and Electric Company.
University Archives: ua653

Career Education Institute Records, 1974-1976

2 cubic ft.
Contains the records of the Career Education Institute, which was a professional development program that ran from 1974-1976 for secondary school teachers in the Capital District aimed at helping integrate career education into secondary school curricula. The collection consists of administrative correspondence, financial documents, and informational materials from the program.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap047

Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local 83 Records, 1892-1989

2 cubic ft.
The Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local 83 Records document the day-to-day operations of the union from the years 1892-1984 using meeting minutes and other documents refrenced in the minutes including correspondence, treasurer's reports, newsletters and strike bulletins.
University Archives: ua600.001

Performing Arts Center, 1965-1989

6.56 cubic ft.
Contains records from the Performing Arts Center, which was completed in 1969 on the new campus to replace Page Hall as the primary performance space at the University. The collection includes space planning materials, publications, and records from events held at the PAC (including fliers, press releases, programs, and attendence reports).
University Archives: ua950.021

Office for Research Collection, 1967-1989

1.17 cubic ft.
Reference collection containing materials relating to the Office for Research, including: planning documents, administrative correspondence, monthly reports, project director's guides, research directories, and other publications.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss139
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Woman's Club of Albany Records, 1908, 1910-2010

23.64 cubic ft.
The Woman's Club of Albany Records document the day-to-day operations of the first 100 years of this community organization founded in 1910.
University Archives: ua000
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Office of the President Records, 1827 - 2017 July 17

427 cubic ft.
Administrative records from the Office of the President, which guides the overall direction and leadership of the school. This collection documents major university initiatives and trends since it's beginning in the 19th century.
University Archives: ua330

Office of Business Affairs Records, 1914-1978

1.37 cubic ft.
Contains budget and administrative planning records from the Business Office and the Office of the Dean for Administration, primarily dating from the mid- to late-1960s.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap126

New York Public Welfare Association Records, 1928-1995

10.6 cubic ft.
The collection documents a sixty-seven year time span (1928-1995) of the New York Public Welfare Association and contains a wealth of material related to the history and diverse functions of the organization including correspondence, memos, minutes of meetings, expenditures, and other files.
University Archives: ua630

School of Business Records, 1937-2003

14.17 cubic ft.
Contains inactive records from the School of Business, including: planning documentation, reports and budgets, MBA proposals, and faculty meeting minutes.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap148

Bethlehem Work On Waste Records, 1989-1996

1.99 cubic ft.
This collection is about the Bethlehem Work on Waste (BWOW) and its opposition of the American Ref-Fuel/BFI incinerator from 1989 to 1995.