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Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss037

Albany, New York Jewish Community Collection, 1905-1990

Greater Albany Jewish Federation
2.03 cubic ft.
The Jewish Community of the Albany, New York area is featured in the Collection which was brought together to show community involvement in the region by the Greater Albany Jewish Federation and the University Libraries of the University at Albany, SUNY. This collection contains photographs, meeting minutes, commemoration papers, local area newspapers, academic articles, community reports, and a prayer book.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger096

Alfred Werner Papers, 1903-1979

Werner, Alfred, 1911-1979
23 cubic ft.
The Alfred Werner Papers contain typescripts of his writings on artists and art topics, as well as a small amount of correspondence, student papers, notes and research materials used for his writing. Werner’s main focus was on Jewish art and artists.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap205

Bill Pelke Papers, 1965-2005, Undated

Pelke, Bill
18.32 cubic feet
Bill Pelke is a leader in the national death penalty abolition movement. This collection documents Bill Pelke's involvement with Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing, Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation (MVFR), National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), Amnesty International, and other organizations committed to ending capital punishment in the United States.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap321

Catholics Against Capital Punishment Records, 1972-2010

Catholics Against Capital Punishment
0.80 cubic ft.
The Catholics Against Capital Punishment Records is a small collection that contains several articles, statements, and pamphlets making a case against the death penalty from a Catholic standpoint.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap332

Elisabeth Semel Papers, 1977-2012

Semel, Elisabeth A.
8.66 cubic ft.
Elisabeth Semel's papers primarily consist of articles published from the 1990s to early 2000s used by Semel in her research and work concerning the death penalty.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap233

E. Ogden Bush Papers, 1884, 1958-1965

Bush, E. Ogden
9.6 cubic ft.
The E. Ogden Bush Papers document Bush's service as a New York State Senator in the early 1960s.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger071

Henry M. Pachter (Heinz Paechter) Papers, 1907-1987

Pachter, Henry Maximilian, 1907-
8.49 cubic ft.
The collection contains Pachter’s writings in history, economics, current events, the social sciences and other topics. The bulk of the collection consists of Pachter’s published essayistic writings, both for journals (including numerous articles for Dissent) and for newspapers.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap070

Howard Palfrey Jones Papers, 1917-1973

Jones, Howard Palfrey, 1899-1973
27 cubic ft.
This collection documents many aspects of the career of Howard Palfrey Jones, including work in the civil service in New York State, foreign service, and with local governments.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap219

Ivan Steen Papers, 1928-2013

Steen, Ivan D., 1936-
5.29 cubic ft.
The Ivan Steen Papers document Steen's service as a Professor of History at the University at Albany as well as his oral history projects.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap100

Lawrence S. Wittner Papers, 1977-2007

Wittner, Lawrence S.
3.16 cubic ft.
The Lawrence S. Wittner Papers document Dr. Wittner's activism in politics and his work with the Albany Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, the United University Professions Solidarity Committee, and various other organizations in the Capital Region.