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University Archives: ua400.003

Accent on Research Collection, 1972-1997

1 cubic ft.
This collection is made up of the Accent on Research newsletter, a university publication focused on faculty research.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger022
online content

Adolph Lowe Papers, 1915-1996

5 cubic ft.
Biographical material includes biographies; personal papers from teaching at the University of Kiel, 1926–31 and University of Manchester, 1933–40; papers from Lowe's 80th birthday (1973); Veblen–Commons Award, 1979; interview with Die Zeit, 1988; correspondence, 1928–91; writings by Lowe, including lectures, speeches, published and unpublished works. Lowe was one of the founders of the New School for Social Research comprised mostly of the German intellectual Émigrés to the USA prior to WWI.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap166

Albany Friends Meeting Records, 1969-1991

1.0 cubic ft.
This collection includes material related to the Albany Friends Meeting's social justice activities, specifically having to do with injustices within the New York State judicial system.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss037

Albany, New York Jewish Community Collection, 1905-1990

2.03 cubic ft.
The Jewish Community of the Albany, New York area is featured in the Collection which was brought together to show community involvement in the region by the Greater Albany Jewish Federation and the University Libraries of the University at Albany, SUNY. This collection contains photographs, meeting minutes, commemoration papers, local area newspapers, academic articles, community reports, and a prayer book.
University Archives: ua809.001
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Albany Student Press Records, 1967-1999

1.17 cubic ft.
Comprised mainly of photographs documenting students, faculty, and campus events, as well as administrative papers relating to the organization's independence from the Student Association, the Albany Student Press Records offer a glimpse into the newspaper's activities from the late 1960s to 1990s.
University Archives: ua902.028

Alfred H. Woodcock Papers, 1930-1995

7.25 cubic ft.
Atmospheric researcher and oceanographer from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the University of Hawaii, Woodcock collaborated with Duncan Blanchard and the U.S. Navy on research such as Project Shower, atmospheric sea salt and volcanic mountain breathing.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap136

Alice P. Green Papers, 1960-2001

1.89 cubic ft.
This collection contains records of the activities of Dr. Alice P. Green from her days as a student of criminal justice at the University at Albany, SUNY, through her career as founder and executive director of the Center for Law and Justice in Albany.
University Archives: ua902.076

Allen B. Ballard Papers, 1970-2015

8 cubic ft.
This collection documents the career of Allen B. Ballard as Professor of Government at City College of New York (CUNY), and Professor of History and Africana Studies at the University at Albany, SUNY. During his time at CUNY, Ballard also served as Dean of the Faculty where he developed the SEEK program than later influenced both CUNY and SUNY equal opportunity programs.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap159

Alvin Ford Papers, 1965-1995

5.4 cubic ft.
This collection documents the seventeen-year period (1974-1991) concerning the Florida capital punishment case of Alvin Ford. The collection primarily contains the court records and research material of Ford's attorney, Laurin A. Wollan, Jr., as well as other members of the Ford defense team who began work on the case in 1981. The legal records include official court proceedings from the initial trial in 1974, appeals, attempts at clemency, and several cases by Ford against the Florida Department of Corrections. Other legal records include psychological reports, background reports, biographies of Ford, as well as his prison and medical records.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap002

American Association of University Women, Albany Branch Records, 1913-1992

5.9 cubic ft.
These records document the history of the Albany Branch of the American Association of University Women from 1913 - 1992. The records relate chiefly to women's issues; particularly higher education, general education, membership, international relations, legislation, World War II, employment, teaching, community projects and Albany, NY.
University Archives: ua932

Annual Reports Collection, 1844-2005

0.83 cubic ft.
Collection is made up of annual reports from the Executive Committee and President of the College as well as several reports presented to the President of the College.
University Archives: ua902.084

Arthur Applebee Papers, 1965-2014

4 cubic ft.
This collection is made up of the papers of Arthur N. Applebee, Distinguished Professor of Education and founder of Center on English Learning And Achievement (CELA), covering his professional career in Albany.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap043

Associated Industries of New York State/Business Council of New York State Records, 1996 December 19 - 2017 March 27

10.02 cubic ft.
The Associated Industries of New York State/ Business Council of New York State Records contains documents which were created during the group's 66 years of business. Among the contents are files on the group's former directors, correspondence and legal council records. The records of the association also contain some publications from other sources.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap311

Atlantic States Legal Foundation Records, 1966-2009

179.74 cubic ft.
The Atlantic States Legal Foundation Records document the environmental not-for-profit organization's pollution reduction and environmental remediation projects and cases throughout the United States and territories.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap366

Audrey Seidman Papers, 1988-1998

1.0 cubic ft.
This collection documents the activism and interests of Audrey Seidman of Albany, especially her work with Holding Our Own, a foundation dedicated to supporting feminist social justice.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger114

Aufbau Records, 1957-1998

6 cubic ft.
This collection contains issues of Aufbau, which began publication in 1934 as a newsletter for the German-Jewish Club of New York.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap170

Bernard Burton Papers, 1940-1991

0.4 cubic ft.
The collection includes material related to Bernard Burton's service in World War II and newspaper articles he wrote in opposition to anti-abortion laws.
University Archives: ua902.068
online content

Bernard Vonnegut Papers, 1828-1997

39.04 cubic ft.
The Bernard Vonnegut Papers document Vonnegut's career as a researcher in the field of atmospheric science with a focus on his time at GE, Arthur Little, and the State University of New York at Albany. The collection includes technical memoranda, research, data, inventions and patent forms, equipment specifications, drawings, figures, handwritten notes, manuscripts, reports, correspondence, publicity materials, course materials, news clippings, photographs, memorabilia, and audio/video materials
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap148

Bethlehem Work On Waste Records, 1989-1996

1.99 cubic ft.
This collection is about the Bethlehem Work on Waste (BWOW) and its opposition of the American Ref-Fuel/BFI incinerator from 1989 to 1995.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap204

Bill Babbitt Collection, 1967-2016

4.82 cubic ft.
The Bill Babbitt Collection documents nearly ten years of legal efforts to spare Manny Babbitt's life from execution, and two decades of advocacy activities to try to abolish the death penalty.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap205

Bill Pelke Papers, 1965-2005, Undated

18.32 cubic feet
Bill Pelke is a leader in the national death penalty abolition movement. This collection documents Bill Pelke's involvement with Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing, Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation (MVFR), National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), Amnesty International, and other organizations committed to ending capital punishment in the United States.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss129

Bridge Line Historical Society Collection, 1870-2020

37.1 cubic ft.
The collection consist of the Bridge Line Historical Society's newsletter, as well as original maps, drawings, and related material documenting the Delaware & Hudson Railway, a railroad that operated in the northeastern United States.
University Archives: ua934

Campus Directories Collection, 1925-2006

2.06 cubic ft.
This collection is made up of directories to campus faculty and staff at the new York State College of Teachers and the University at Albany.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap162

Capital Area Archivists of New York Records, 1982-2006

0.9 cubic ft.
The purpose of Capital Area Archivists of New York is to support the education of, and provide for professional discourse between, members of the archival profession and users and supporters of archives residing in and around New York's Capital Region. The collection includes board meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, financial records, and subject files.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap129

Capital Area Council of Churches Records, 1941-2002

9 cubic ft.
This collection contains administrative files, correspondence, newsletters, subject files and meeting minutes from the Capital Area Council of Churches, an organization designed to promote cooperation between different religious institutions in the Albany, N.Y. area.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap309

Capital Defender Office Records, 1975-2007, bulk 1995-2007

116.73 cubic ft.
The Capital Defender Office (1995-2008) (CDO) was established as part of New York States 1995 death penalty legislation which took effect on September 1, 1995. Under the new law, the State expanded the crime of first degree murder and introduced two new penalties, death and life in prison without possibility of parole, for those convicted. Working from offices in Albany, New York City, and Rochester, the CDO sought to ensure that defendants being tried by the State, who could not afford representation, receive skilled counsel in capital cases. The CDO closed its Rochester office in 2005, and, as no state death penalty cases remain, the Albany and New York City offices in 2008. This collection consists of news clips (filed by subject), subject files, bound records of appeal in the cases of the People v. Cahill, Harris, LaValle, Mateo, McCoy, and Taylor, notebooks with appellate briefs, New York county court papers arranged by county, government studies, reports and debates on capital punishment, annual reports, and a small number of VHS tapes recording court proceedings. There are defendant case files, some with correspondence, court papers, and news clips and others with just news clips.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap011

Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism Records, 1981-1995

6 Reels
Founded by a group of Albany area residents who organized to prevent the Springboks, the all-white South African national rugby team representing the apartheid South African government, from playing a game against the American all-star rugby team in Albany scheduled in 1981.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap196

Capital Jury Project, 1941-2011

81.8 cubic ft.
The Capital Jury Project (CJP) was started in 1991 under the direction of principal investigation, William J. Bowers. The project was funded by an NSF grant to conduct surveys of juror who participated in capital trials. There are three phases to the project.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap321

Catholics Against Capital Punishment Records, 1972-2010

0.80 cubic ft.
The Catholics Against Capital Punishment Records is a small collection that contains several articles, statements, and pamphlets making a case against the death penalty from a Catholic standpoint.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap072

Center for Law and Justice Records, 1985-2000

12.75 cubic ft.
This collection documents the day-to-day activities of the Center for Law and Justice in Albany, New York, founded by its Executive Director Dr. Alice P. Green in 1985.
University Archives: ua680.010

Center for Legislative Development Records, 1966-2000

82 cubic ft.
Contains the inactive records of the Center for Legislative Development (formerly the Comparative Development Studies Center), which delivers training and technical assistance programs to strengthen governmental institutions around the world.
University Archives: ua806

Chi Sigma Theta Sorority Records, 1914-2014, Undated

15.58 cubic ft.
The Chi Sigma Theta Sorority Records contain documents related to the history, activities and alumnae of the Chi Sigma Theta Sorority at the University at Albany.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap341

Citizen Action of New York Records, 1986-2008

11.1 cubic ft.
This collection contains the records Citizen Action of New York. Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots membership organization that fights for social, racial, economic, and enviornmental justice. Working closely with New York State politicans, community organizers, and activists, Citizen Action members hope to end the oppression of marginalized groups.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap201

Citizens Budget Commission Records, 1931-1999

12.92 cubic ft.
The Citizens Budget Commission contain information on the financial outlook of New York City from the 1930's to the 1990's.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap197

Citizens' Environmental Coalition Records, 1973-2005

44.25 cubic ft.
The records of Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC) document its research and activism, from its infancy as part of the New York Environmental Institute, through its independent chartering in 1991, and continuing into the new millennium.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap015
online content

Civil Service Employees Association, Inc. (CSEA), American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 1000 Records, 1918-2015

64.26 cubic ft.
This collection documents the day-to-day activities of the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) from 1918 to the present. There is no documentation of the organization's initial years of existence, but significant material about administration, meetings, membership, agreements, publications, and organizational history.
University Archives: ua396

Commencement Videos Collection, 1981-2005

5.0 cubic ft.
The Commencement Videos Collection contain video footage of winter and spring commencement ceremonies at the University at Albany between 1981-2005.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap123

Committee For Progressive Legislation Records, 1950-1993

1.2 cubic ft.
The Committee for Progressive Legislation records document the efforts of the group in bringing attention to issues important to many New Yorkers, especially abortion, family planning, welfare rights, and the attack on separation of church and state.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap132

Communications Workers of America Education Division Local 1104 Records, 1969-2001 (bulk 1983-1999)

17.0 cubic ft.
The Education Division of Communication Workers of America, Local 1104 represents "employees eligible for union membership who are employed as: graduate students holding State-funded positions as Graduate Assistants or Teaching Assistants employed by the State University of New York." The collection includes news clippings, contracts, photographs, administrative records, as well as ephemera such as t-shirts, buttons, hats, and cup holders.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap060

Conservative Party Of New York State Records, 1962-2004

40.5 cubic ft.
The Conservative Party Of New York State Records contain files kept for the chairmen of the New York State Conservative Party: Kiernen O'Doherty, 1962; J. Daniel Mahoney, 1962-86; and Serphin Maltese, 1986-88. The strength of the records is in its documentation of New York State politics and elections (including the State Legislature and other state offices), the Conservative Party's political endorsements and candidates (including writer William F. Buckley, Jr., and Sen. James Buckley), and the political goals and ideological positions on contemporary issues.
University Archives: ua902.089

Cornelius Robbins Papers, 1979-2006

1 cubic ft.
A long-time administrator at two-year and four-year colleges throughout the Northeast, Robbins was employed from 1992 through 2008 as a professor in the Department of Educational Administration at the State University of New York at Albany.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap329

David Baldus Papers, 1965-2011, bulk 1965-2011

192.3 cubic ft.
The David C. Baldus Papers document the distinguished legal research career of David C. Baldus, which includes the most sophisticated challenges to capital punishment in the United States since the reinstatement of the Death Penalty in 1976. Included is material from the Georgia Charging & Sentencing Study, which was used as evidence in the McCleskey v. Kemp (1987) decision. Similar studies involving capital sentencing in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Military are also detailed, as is Baldus's formal reports to the supreme courts of a number of other states. Also present is material documenting Baldus's long career as the Joseph B. Tye Professor of Law at the University of Iowa Law School. This includes teaching material, presentations, publications, and material documenting faculty service.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger121

David Lehr Papers, 1935-2005

13 cubic ft.
This collection contains the papers of Dr. David Lehr.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap213
online content

David Von Drehle Papers, 1897-2003

7.5 cubic ft.
The David Von Drehle Papers contain information on the death penalty, primarily in Florida. Von Drehle compiled the materials while researching his 1995 book Among the Lowest of the Dead: Inside Death Row.
University Archives: ua746
online content

Department of Athletics Records, 1940-2014

45.75 cubic ft.
Records of the University at Albany Athletics Department, including adminsitrative records, photographs, and other memorobilia.
University Archives: ua603

Department of English Records, 1939-2000

9.33 cubic ft.
Contains inactive records of the Department of English, including syllabi and course materials, annual reports, departmental correspondence, department publications, and administrative records.
University Archives: ua615

Department of History Records, 1943-2018

6 cubic ft.
The Department of History Records contains documents related to the Bachelor of Arts degree, a Doctor of Philosophy degree, a Masters of Arts Degree, and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Public History. Documents also relate to the changing thematic and geographic focus of various degree tracks.
University Archives: ua671

Department of Information Studies Records, 1912-2004

18.47 cubic ft.
Documents the administrative, curricular, and social activities of the Department of Information Studies from its establishment as a one year undergraduate school for librarians in 1926 through the early part of the twenty-first century.
University Archives: ua600.005

Department of Women's Studies Collection, 1972-2000

0.33 cubic ft.
This collection contains materials relating to the founding and administration of the Women's Studies Program, including course descriptions, meeting records, and ephemera.
University Archives: ua902.035

DeWitt Ellinwood Papers, 1964-1993

2 cubic ft.
Personal Papers of East Asian Historian and UAlbany faculty member. Includes lecture notes and documentation of the East Asian and International programs, as well as Ellinwood's service on senate committees and Phi Beta Kappa.
University Archives: ua395
online content

Digital Media Department Records, 1921-2016

12 GB
This collection consists of both physical photographic materials and digital photography created by the campus photographer that documents the University at Albany, SUNY.
University Archives: ua400
online content

Division for Research Records, 1974-2013

42.88 cubic ft.
This collection contains records from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, which oversaw research and graduate education at the University between 1971 and 1998.
University Archives: ua300

Division of Finance and Business Records, 1972-2000

4 cubic ft.
Contains the records of the Division of Finance and Business, which preceded the current Division of Finance and Administration. It was overseen by the Vice President of Finance and Business and was responsible for many administrative functions at the University: budget and accounting, personnel, facilities, security, and internal audit.
University Archives: ua730

Division of Student Affairs Records, 1926-2005

18.33 cubic ft.
Contains the records of the Division of Student Affairs, its subordinate offices, and its predecessor bodies, including the Office of the Dean of Students. Materials include: planning and policy documentation, admissions and financial aid statistics, correspondence, and meeting minutes.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap202

Donald B. Rosenthal Papers, 1982-2004

1.8 cubic ft.
Documents twenty years of Dr. Rosenthal's research into the history of gay and lesbian activism and the AIDS crisis.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap080

Donald M. Blinken Papers, 1969-2003

5.95 cubic ft.
Donald M. Blinken was chairman of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York from 1978-1990. These records pertain to his tenure in that position.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap209

Donald Schein Papers, 1954-2005

40 cubic ft.
Born in Leavenworth, Kansas, Schein was a pioneer in the development of educational television and radio in New York State. During graduate study at Boston University, he became active in fundraising to help establish Boston's educational television station, WGBH and served on the Massachusetts Citizens Committee on Educational Television. In 1955, Schein came to Schenectady and served as associate producer and first president of the Mohawk-Hudson Council on Educational Television, where he produced instructional programs for in-school use broadcast over WRGB-TV. Schein led the effort to launch the second public television station in New York State, Schenectady's WMHT in 1962, and was executive director and later general manager. He was instrumental in the addition of the all classical music radio station WMHT-FM in 1972 and the Radio Information Service (RISE), a radio reading service for the blind and print handicapped in 1978. He retired in 1986 as general manager, after concluding negotiations for the acquisition of Channel 45, WMHQ. The collection contains newsletters, programs and schedules, meeting minutes, photographs, and Schein's files as president of Mohawk-Hudson Council on Educational Television, and files as executive director and general manager of WMHT.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss135

Dorothy L. Sweeney Papers, 1941-2004

0.66 cubic ft.
Dorothy (nee Langley) Sweeney graduated from St. Mary's Institute in Amsterdam, New York in 1941. After graduation, Sweeney accepted an office position at General Electric in Schenectady. In her off hours she spent time at WGY, GE's AM radio station, where her brother Edward Langley acted and wrote for the station's dramatic productions. She later worked at WGY and in radio in New York City. Sweeney provided sound effects for several programs and her scripts from this work form the bulk of this collection.
University Archives: ua902.065

Duncan Blanchard Papers, 1789-2003

35.8 cubic ft.
The Duncan Blanchard papers document Blanchards career as a research associate at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and as a senior research associate at the State University of New York at Albany.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap115

Edward J. Bloch Papers, 1931-2001

5.41 cubic ft.
This collection contains the papers of Edward J. Bloch (1924-2014), a native of New York who served in the military between 1943 and 1946 with assignments in Okinawa during World War II and post-war North China, taught science in Istanbul, Turkey (1947-1950), and dedicated the majority of his career to labor concerns as a representative for the labor union United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (1950-1984). Edward Bloch also served as President of the Labor Action Coalition of New York (1975 to the late 1990s), Director of the Interfaith Impact for the New York State Council of Churches (1987-1995), and ran unsuccessfully for two different congressional district seats (1984, 1986, 1995-1996). Among the many honors Bloch received during his lifetime is the Purple Heart, which he was awarded for his actions during World War II.
University Archives: ua902.087

Edward S. LeComte Papers, 1940-2003

6 cubic ft.
Contains the papers of Edward S. LeComte, who served as a professor of English at the University at Albany from 1964 until his retirement in 1981. Materials in this collection include personal correspondence, course planning materials, publications and administrative documents from the Department of English, newsxpaper clippings, manuscripts of LeComte's writing, and communications with publishers.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap383

Eleanor Stein Papers, 1962-2018

16.0 cubic ft.
The Eleanor Stein Papers contain professional and personal materials primarily related to Stein's commitment to enviornmental justice and her work in the field of climate change law.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap071

Eliot H. Lumbard Papers, 1943-2006

52.15 cubic ft.
This collection documents the professional and personal life of Eliot H. Lumbard.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap332

Elisabeth Semel Papers, 1977-2012

8.66 cubic ft.
Elisabeth Semel's papers primarily consist of articles published from the 1990s to early 2000s used by Semel in her research and work concerning the death penalty.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap041

Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs Records, 1938-1991

3.46 cubic ft.
These records document the activities and membership of the Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs (ESFWC) - the umbrella organization of New York State African-American women's groups - from 1938-1991. The collection also includes records from affiliated organizations: the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs (NACWC) and the Northeast Federation of Women's Clubs (NFWC).
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap120

Employee Ownership Project Records, 1967-2000

10.17 cubic ft.
Records of independent, non-profit organization which promotes the creation and growth of micro-enterprises and small business ventures to improve the lives of low and moderate income residents of the Capital Region.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap104

Environmental Advocates of New York Records, 2001 April 28 - 2017 June 1

90.81 cubic ft.
The Environmental Advocates of New York Records document the legislative activities of the organization from the 1980s through the late 1990s. The collection consists of correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, reports, memorandums, publications, news clippings, promotional material, as well as administrative files.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap358

Equal Justice USA Records, 1991-2016

11.0 cubic ft.
This collection documents Equal Justice USA's efforts to abolish capital punishment and reform the criminal justice system nationwide.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap135

Ernest Van Den Haag Papers, 1935-2000

11.45 cubic ft.
This collection is predominantly composed of Ernest van den Haag's publications from 1950-2000, including articles in published form, drafts, and related correspondence.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap346

Eugene G. Wanger and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty Collection, 1754-2015

147.2 cubic ft.
Over the course of 50 years, Eugene G. Wanger created or collected the materials about capital punishment that comprise the Eugene G. Wanger and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty Collection. The collection includes a wide range of materials on the death penalty documenting its history, efforts to abolish or reinstate the practice, its psychological impact, compatibility on religious, moral or ethical grounds, and its operation.
University Archives: ua902.031

Eugene McLaren Papers, 1940-2001

7.8 cubic ft.
The Eugene McLaren Papers document his academic pursuits as well as research he conducted while on the faculty at the University at Albany.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap025

Eugene P. Link Papers, 1907-1993

7 cubic ft.
History Professor and activist for unionism, this collection contains correspondence and rsearch files on Harry F. Ward, American medical history, and other subjects.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap145

Eunice Baird Whittlesey Papers, 1924-2001

1.88 cubic ft.
Eunice Baird Whittlesey was born in Yorkville, New York. She married Joseph I. Whittlesey on August 30, 1947, and had one daughter, Anne Whittlesey Donlan. Mrs. Whittlesey graduated from the University at Albany (then known as the New York State College for Teachers) in 1944. Mrs. Whittlesey began her professional life as an English, Speech and Drama teacher in Connecticut and Massachusetts. She has also held several prominent positions in the New York State and national Republican parties.