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University Archives: ua950.014

University Update Collection, 1999-2006

State University of New York at Albany
1.0 cubic ft.
This collection consists of the University Update publication, as well as its predecessor publications produced by the same office.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap312

Leigh B. Bienen Papers, 1872, 1935, 1951-2011, Undated, bulk 1971-2011

Leigh B. Bienen
23.2 cubic ft.
The Leigh Bienen Papers include the records of the New Jersey Proportionality Review Project, the Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Study Commission, and the academic research papers of legal scholar Leigh Bienen. The New Jersey records contain material from New Jersey Public Defender Homicide Study directed by Bienen in the mid-1980s. The collection also includes the records from Bienen’s involvement with the New Jersey Proportionality Review Project headed by Special Master David C. Baldus. Also present is material from Leigh Bienen's tenure on the Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Study Commission which resulted in the abolition of the death penalty in that state in 2011. Finally the collection contains Leigh Bienen's scholarly research material during her career teaching at both Princeton University and Northwestern University. Her research focused on proportionality review, the death penalty's monetary costs, and the role of prosecutor discretion.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap029

National Organization for Women (NOW), New York State Chapter Records, 1961-2011

55.09 cubic ft.
The New York State chapter of NOW aims to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society in order to exercise all privileges and responsibilities in an equal partnership with men. Working close with the Senate, political candidates,other women organizations, and community activists, NOW-NYS members work to defend women from inequality.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap248
online content

Guy Gabrielson Papers, 1925-1967

5.5 cubic ft.
The Guy Gabrielson Papers contain materials that document the political career of Guy George Gabrielson from his start in New Jersey state politics through his years as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Many of the materials document the 1952 U.S. Presidential election and Republican National Committee Convention which Gabrielson presided over as chairman.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap229

Frederic S. Berman Papers, 1962-1975

2.0 cubic ft.
The Frederic S. Berman Papers predominantly document his service in the New York State Senate through correspondence, newsclippings, bills, research material and campaign literature. In addition, there are files pertaining to his post-Senatorial career as the Commissioner of the New York City Rent and Housing Department and as a New York City Criminal Court Judge.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap263

Norman F. Lent Papers, 1962-1970

34 cubic ft.
Norman Frederick Lent was a U.S. Representative from New York. He was an associate police justice in East Rockaway, NY from 1960-1962, as well as a confidential law secretary to New York Supreme Court Justice. Lent was a member of the New York State Senate from 1962-1970; executive committeeman in East Rockaway, NY, 1962-1984; a delegate to the New York State Republican convention, 1968; and a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1972. Lent was elected as a Republican-Conservative to the Ninety-second and ten succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1971-January 3, 1993) and was not a candidate for re-nomination to the One Hundred Third Congress in 1992. Lent died on June 11, 2012. His papers contain materials related to his political career.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap296

Sherwood Boehlert Papers, 1980-2006

656 cubic ft.
This collection contains materials from Sherwood Boehlert's service in the United States Congress from the State of New York.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap358

Equal Justice USA Records, 1991-2016

11.0 cubic ft.
This collection documents Equal Justice USA's efforts to abolish capital punishment and reform the criminal justice system nationwide.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap141

Jackson Davis Papers, 1952-1997

9.83 cubic ft.
The papers of Jackson Davis document his environmental activism and work with environmental organizations.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap002

American Association of University Women, Albany Branch Records, 1913-1992

5.9 cubic ft.
These records document the history of the Albany Branch of the American Association of University Women from 1913 - 1992. The records relate chiefly to women's issues; particularly higher education, general education, membership, international relations, legislation, World War II, employment, teaching, community projects and Albany, NY.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap028

NAACP Schenectady Branch Records, 1949-1982

4 Reels
The NAACP Schenectady Branch Records document concerns for discrimination in housing and employment and for the recruitment of black professionals from colleges and universities to the area. The records also show the Branch's involvement with area social service providers, labor unions, and other community organizations, as well as with General Electric, as the area's major employer.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap134

Preservation League of New York State Records, 1975-2002

1.0 cubic ft.
This collection contains the Preservation League of New York State's official newsletters, annual reports, materials for and from its annual awards ceremony, correspondence, various publications and manuals created by its members, grant materials, directories of members and preservation programs and organizations, and a timeline of the Preservation League's history ranging from 1975-2002.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap084

Perry B. Duryea Jr. Papers, 1961-1972

.2 cubic ft.
The Perry B Dunyea, Jr. Papers is a collection documenting Dunyea's years as Republican Majority Leader of the State Assembly. This collection includes news clippings, a weekly column published about significant issues, Dunyea press releases, and other publicity materials released by his staff. This collection does not include any of his personal papers. The collection appears to be composed of material assembled for research about Duryea around 1972.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap319

Sandy Galef Papers, 1991-2009

38 cubic ft.
This collection contains the papers of Sandy Galef, New York State Assemblywoman.
University Archives: ua760
online content

Office of University Relations Records, 1960-1999

36.5 cubic ft.
Contains records form the Office of University Relations and its predecessors, including the Office of Public Relations and Office of Community Relations.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap327

North Country James Bay Group Records, 1966-1998

1.2 cubic ft.
The North Country James Bay Group records document efforts of this upstate New York environmental organization to stop Hydro-Québec's Great Whale (Grande Baleine) River/James Bay II development efforts in the early 1990s.
University Archives: ua380

Department of Public Safety Records, 1965-1981

0.83 cubic ft.
This collection contains the records of the Department of Public Safety, which oversaw campus security. The bulk of the collection consists of crime and incident reports.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap356

William J. Murray Papers, 1927-1990

4.83 cubic ft.
This collection documents the professional work of William J. Murray, who served as assistant administrative director of the New York State Department of Civil Service from 1946-1952 and then administrative director of the Department from 1952 until his retirement in 1971.
University Archives: ua311

University Auxiliary Services Records, 1976-1985

0.4 cubic ft.
Contains inactive records of University Auxiliary Services (which succeeded the Faculty-Student Association in 1976), including annual and monthly financial reports, meeting minutes, and ephemera.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap162

Capital Area Archivists of New York Records, 1982-2006

0.9 cubic ft.
The purpose of Capital Area Archivists of New York is to support the education of, and provide for professional discourse between, members of the archival profession and users and supporters of archives residing in and around New York's Capital Region. The collection includes board meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, financial records, and subject files.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap226

William Stiles Bennet Papers, 1884-1959

12.42 cubic ft.
The William Stiles Bennet Papers document some of his public service and political campaigns as well as his time as a lobbyist and advocate for the lumber industry.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap216

Joan Schultz Papers, ca. 1968-1980

1.4 cubic ft.
The collection includes materials related to the women's issues with a particular emphasis on the University at Albany, SUNY. Records of particular interest are those of the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee, Capital District Women, and the Caucus on Women's Rights at SUNY.
University Archives: ua800.014

Pride Alliance Collection, 1984-2009

1.0 cubic ft.
This collection is made up of programs and advertisements for events hosted by various LGBTQ groups on campus.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger053

Walter Maria Kotschnig Papers, 1920-1984

22.5 cubic ft.
The Walter Maria Kotschnig Papers, 1920-1984, focus on two major aspects of Kotschnig's life, his early career with the International Student Service, 1936-1944, and his diplomatic career with the United States Department of State and the United Nations, 1945-1971, in particular his representation on the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap343

Sierra Club, Eastern Region Records, 1997-2013

6.5 cubic ft.
The Sierra Club is a national environmental organization founded in California in 1892 by naturalist and explorer John Muir. This collection features records related to environmental campaigns from New York State and the Northeastern region documented by the organizations Eastern Region Office. Topics include the Adirondacks and Hudson River PCB dredging. The collection contains correspondence, reports, plans, maps, subject files, audio and video, and memorabilia, such as posters, banners and bumper stickers. Please see the Sierra Club, Atlantic Chapter Records (APAP130) for related materials about environmental work in the Adirondacks.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap112

Paul H. Appleby Papers, 1944-1956

0.17 cubic ft.
The Paul H. Appleby collection is composed of correspondence and Appleby's writings and speeches from his experience in government service.
University Archives: ua950.005
online content

Campus Construction Collection, 1951-1987

1.5 cubic ft.
This collection contains planning documents used in the development and construction of the University at Albany, SUNY's Uptown campus.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap090

Thomas E. Mulligan Papers, 1941-1973

1 cubic ft.
The Thomas E. Mulligan Papers document Mulligan's life from 1941 to 1973 including his two unsucessful political campaigns, one for Mayor of Albany and the other for assemblyman.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss021

Francoise Madeleine Mesnil Papers, 1756

1 Vol.
An inventory and bequest. A notarial document done for Thomas Maurice Bronod, an attorney in Paris.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger015

John H. Herz Papers, 1917-2005

31 cubic ft.
The John H. Herz Papers consist of documents and autobiographical materials, professional and personal correspondence, copies of Herz's published and unpublished writings, texts of numerous speeches and lectures, teaching materials, as well as Herz's research collections on topics relating to his writings and lectures.
University Archives: ua800.008

Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Alpha Chapter Records, 1940-1992

1.2 cubic ft.
The Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Alpha Chapter Records contain documents related to the formation and activities of the Alpha Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at the University at Albany.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss028

Thomas Smith Papers, Undated

1 Vol.
Sir Thomas Smith served in official positions during the reigns of Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. This collection contains the manuscript entitled, "A Discourse for the Common Welthe of England," which was one of five known early manuscripts of a political treatise completed in 1549 in response to socio-economic problems in Tudor England at the time and first published in 1581.
University Archives: ua802.008
online content

Caroline Smith Page Family Papers, 1867-1905

0.17 cubic ft.
Autobiography and photos of Caroline Smith Page who was an early student at the New York State Normal School. She later taught in Troy, NY and Natchez, MS.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap360

James Connolly Irish Republican Club Records, 1972-2015

0.2 cubic ft.
The collection documents the activism of the Albany-based James Connolly Irish Republican Club during the mid-late 1970s through the Club's revival in 2015.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap158
online content

Otsego County Conservation Association Records, 1967-2001

6.4 cubic ft.
Records of association dedicated to the protection, appreciation, and enhancement of natural resources in and around Otsego County. The group is concerned about numerous issues including the preservation of the Otsego Lake watershed, solid waste management, land-use planning, and water quality.
University Archives: ua802.002

Edward E. Potter Papers, 1918-1966

0.17 cubic ft.
Papers of World War I pilot and State College for Teachers student. Potter died in a plane crash Paris, France.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap104
online content

Environmental Advocates of New York Records, 2001 April 28 - 2017 June 1

90.81 cubic ft.
The Environmental Advocates of New York Records document the legislative activities of the organization from the 1980s through the late 1990s. The collection consists of correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, reports, memorandums, publications, news clippings, promotional material, as well as administrative files.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger033

Paul Frank and Hans Adler Papers, Undated

0.1 cubic ft.
This collection contains a corrected first draft of the English translation of Paul Frank and Hans Adler's play, "The Golden Ladder: A Comedy in Eleven Scenes."
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger100

George Wronkow, 1973

0.25 cubic ft.
This collection contains a corrected manuscript of "Kleiner Mann in grossen Zeiten: Reportagen eines Lebens" by George Wronkow.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss114

Henri L. Stuart Papers, 1869

1 Vol.
The collection contains a volume of clippings documenting the 38th National Industrial Exhibition of the American Institute, which took place in New York City from August to October 1869. The volume bears the stationer's label of W. Reid Gould, New York City.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss068

Farrar and Boardman Records, 1862-1870

1 Vol.
This collection contains an account book for a general store in Manchester, New Hampshire.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap114

New York State Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO, Environmental Conservation Division 169 (PEF/ENCON) Records, 1975-2000

23.17 cubic ft.
The Public Employees Federation (PEF) was founded in 1979 to represent members of the Professional, Scientific, and Technical (PS&T) bargaining unit of New York State. PS&T employees had formerly been represented by CSEA, the state's largest public employee union. PEF founders believed that the concerns of the PS&T unit were not adequately represented by CSEA, the majority of whose members were non-professional state employees. PEF's stated mission is to "provide the leadership necessary for PEF members to achieve employment security, higher wages, better working conditions, and improved retirement benefits." Materials in this collection document PEF activities at both the state and division level. There is extensive coverage of executive board activities from 1978 through mid-2000, annual conventions, committee meetings, and contract negotiations. Also included are files for PEF Division 169, PEF's Environmental Conservation Division. These include correspondence, agendas and minutes for labor/management meetings, material on committees, and administrative files. This collection also documents the activities of reform groups and political parties within PEF (most notably, the Statewide Coalition for a Democratic Union) and PEF's relationships with its national affiliates, the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of Teachers. Particularly strong is the collection of bulletin board postings, which includes almost everything posted on Division 169 PEF bulletin boards from 1979 through 2000. There are also official PEF publications, including a near-complete run of PEF's official monthly newsletter to members, The Communicator.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss018

Andrew Lang Papers, 1898-1912

1 Vol.
Andrew Lang was an English writer and folklorist. This collection, which was assembled by an unknown compiler, contains a scrapbook that includes printed materials and clippings pertaining to the life and work of Lang.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger081

Franz Schoenberner, 1935-1994

0.25 cubic ft.
The collection contains the papers of Franz Schoenberner, writer and editor.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap346

Eugene G. Wanger and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty Collection, 1754-2015

147.2 cubic ft.
Over the course of 50 years, Eugene G. Wanger created or collected the materials about capital punishment that comprise the Eugene G. Wanger and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty Collection. The collection includes a wide range of materials on the death penalty documenting its history, efforts to abolish or reinstate the practice, its psychological impact, compatibility on religious, moral or ethical grounds, and its operation.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger027

Gunther Anders Papers, 1955-1971

0.15 cubic ft.
The collection contains correspondence of Gunther Anders with two individuals.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap329

David Baldus Papers, 1965-2011, bulk 1965-2011

192.3 cubic ft.
The David C. Baldus Papers document the distinguished legal research career of David C. Baldus, which includes the most sophisticated challenges to capital punishment in the United States since the reinstatement of the Death Penalty in 1976. Included is material from the Georgia Charging & Sentencing Study, which was used as evidence in the McCleskey v. Kemp (1987) decision. Similar studies involving capital sentencing in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Military are also detailed, as is Baldus's formal reports to the supreme courts of a number of other states. Also present is material documenting Baldus's long career as the Joseph B. Tye Professor of Law at the University of Iowa Law School. This includes teaching material, presentations, publications, and material documenting faculty service.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap320

John J. Mcenery Papers, 1992-2009

11.25 cubic ft.
This collection contains the papers of John J. McEneny's tenure in the New York State Assembly.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger014

John H. E. Fried Papers, 1911-1990

40 cubic ft.
The John H. E. Fried Papers consist of his professional correspondence, copies of his published and unpublished writings (manuscripts, typescripts, reprints and books), texts of numerous speeches and lectures (published and unpublished), personal documents, teaching materials, as well as Fried's research collections on topics relating to global human rights problems and remedies.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap011

Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism Records, 1981-1995

6 Reels
Founded by a group of Albany area residents who organized to prevent the Springboks, the all-white South African national rugby team representing the apartheid South African government, from playing a game against the American all-star rugby team in Albany scheduled in 1981.
University Archives: ua902.071
online content

Tae Moon Lee Photographs, 1964-1972

1.82 cubic ft.
This collection is made up of photographs, negatives and prints taken by faculty member Tae Moon Lee of members of the university community and the university itself.
University Archives: ua684

Department of Political Science, 1970-1988

1 cubic ft.
Contains inactive records from the Department of Political Science, including correspondence, course materials, and planning documents.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger090

Storm Publishers Records, 1940-1968

5.5 cubic ft.
The collection contains correspondence between Alexander Gode von Aesch (Oesch) and Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann, Hans Speier, Manfred George, and others, 1940-1968, manuscripts of works by Fritz von Unruh, Friderike Zweig, and others, reviews and publicity materials pertaining to books published, contracts, and financial records. Storm Publishers was located in New York City.
University Archives: ua535

Office of Information Systems and Technology Records, 1984-1994

9 cubic ft.
Contains records from the Office of Information Systems and Technology, which oversaw Computing Services, the Educational Communication Center, the University Libraries, and other information services on campus. The collection includes administrative correspondence, planning documentation, budget materials, and other administrative records.
University Archives: ua690
online content

School of Social Welfare Records, 1964-2000

23.4 cubic ft.
The School of Social Welfare Records document the history and day-to-day operations of the School at the University at Albany since its first full year of operation in 1964 through 2000.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap129

Capital Area Council of Churches Records, 1941-2002

9 cubic ft.
This collection contains administrative files, correspondence, newsletters, subject files and meeting minutes from the Capital Area Council of Churches, an organization designed to promote cooperation between different religious institutions in the Albany, N.Y. area.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap291

Robert Gross Papers, 1973-1997

10.85 cubic ft.
This collection includes materials created or collected during Robert (Bob) Gross' work with the organizations National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing as well as the Lighting the Torch of Conscience initiative.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger099

Wolff, Victoria Manuscript, 1973

1 Vol.
Wolff was born in Heilbronn, Germany in 1908. After moving to the United States, she was a screen writer and wrote film scripts for both 20th Century Fox and MGM, was a foreign correspondent for Madame and served as a contributor to Swiss and German magazines. This collection contains the manuscript "Hass Liebe Hollywood: Meine dreissig Jahre als Underhund."
University Archives: ua390
online content

University Photograph Collection, 1847-2005

4,347 items
This artificial collection documents the history of the University at Albany, SUNY and its predecessors through photographs and moving images. Images often depict the school's campus, university events, students, or faculty and staff.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger007
online content

Fritz Neugass Papers, 1913-1979

60 cubic ft.
The collection documents the professional life of photographer and journalist Fritz Neugass.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap186

The Abraham Bonowitz Papers, 1977-2015, bulk 1977-2015

86.49 cubic ft.
For nearly two decades, Abe Bonowitz has worked to educate the public about human rights problems, in particular the death penalty and the need for alternatives to the death penalty. During this time he served in numerous director, consultant, managerial, and activist roles with leading advocacy and death penalty abolitionist organizations.
University Archives: ua580.020

Friends of the Libraries Records, 1981-2006

5 cubic ft.
The Friends of the Libraries Records contain the day-to-day activities of this University at Albany organization comprised of faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.
University Archives: ua780

Office of University Advancement Records, 1973-2000

23 cubic ft.
This collection contains records from the Office of University Advancement which oversaw development and public events programs. Also includes records from subordinate offices, including the Community Events Office. Materials include financial records, commencement and inauguration planning documentation, and task force records.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap313

Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation Records, 1977-2007, bulk 1994-2003

13.5 cubic ft.
The Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation Records document the organization's efforts to abolish the death penalty in all cases. The organization includes family members of both homicide victims and those executed as well as their respective supporter. Included in the collection are handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, programs, information packets, photographs, flyers, proofs, drafts, manuscripts, correspondence, memos, transcripts, mailing lists, schedules, meeting agenda, meeting minutes, meeting summaries, by-laws, manuals, checklists, worksheets, evaluation forms, resumes, applications, forms, financial summaries, budgets, contracts, court proceedings, legislative bills, amici curiae, memorabilia, audio/video materials.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap108

Rick Halperin Papers, 1982-2000

11.1 cubic ft.
Death penalty abolitionist who worked with many anti-death penalty organizations, capital defense attorneys, representatives of various communities of faith, newspaper editorial boards, victims' rights groups, members of the families of the condemned, and many death row inmates throughout the country.
University Archives: ua902.059

Donald Mochon Collection, 1972-1977

0.3 cubic ft.
Watercolor art done on memos by Donald Mochon, founding director of the SUNY Albany Art Museum.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap325

Kiepper, James Papers, 1964-1988

9 cubic ft.
Dr. James "Jim" Kiepper served on the faculty in the School of Education at the University at Albany for 35 years. During the 1960s, he also was special assistant to Michigan Governor George Romney, and New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller in his national bid for the U.S. Presidency in 1968. This collection documents Kiepper's long-time interest and work in politics. It includes a significant amount of memorabilia (dresses, stickers, pins, balloons, posters, fans) related to the Romney and Rockefeller presidential campaigns in 1964 and 1968. It also features Kiepper's personal notebooks from the 1964 Republican National Convention and from his work as an advance man for Rockefeller in 1968 as he traveled the country seeking a presidential bid. There also are materials from other 20th Century U.S. Presidential and Congressional political campaigns. In addition, the collection features news clips, calendars and schedules, notes, lectures and teaching materials. Kiepper is the author of Styles Bridges: Yankee Senator (2001) and previously edited the papers of Bridges and U.S. Representatives Perkins Bass and James Cleveland.
University Archives: ua800.013

Pi Omega Pi, Beta Eta Chapter Records, 1942-1986

1.66 cubic ft.
The Pi Omega Pi Records contain documents pertaining to the National Business Education Teacher Honor Society's Beta Eta chapter at the University at Albany.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap295

Meltsner, Michael Papers, 1973-2005

3 cubic ft.
Michael Meltsner is a prominent lawyer and civil rights activist. Meltsner is also an opponent of the death penalty. The collection contains assorted capital punishment materials including clippings, journal articles, correspondence and files used in writing the death penalty chapters of Michael Meltsner's book, The Making of a Civil Rights Lawyer.
University Archives: ua609
online content

Department of Theatre Records, 1948-1984

7.167 cubic ft.
Originally the Department of Speech and Dramatic Art, it encompassed the disciplines of Dramatic Art; Rhetoric and Public Address; Radio, Television and Film; and Speech Pathology and Audiology. The Department is responsible for the operation of the State University Theatre, is closely affiliated with the Northeastern New York Speech Center, and is the sponsor of a number of course-related student organizations
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap039
online content

United University Professions (UUP) Records, 1964-2000

161.17 cubic ft.
The records of United University Professions (UUP) document the activities of the union and collective bargaining agent for the faculty and non-teaching professionals of the State University of New York. They begin in the 1960s with UUP's antecedents, the State University Professional Association (SUPA) and the Senate Professional Association (SPA), and continue through June 2000 for the materials produced by UUP's Communications Department, and through May 1993 for most other series.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger043

Helmut Hirsch Papers, 1947-1980

3 cubic ft.
This collection contains the papers of Helmut Hirsch.
University Archives: ua902.070

Kermit Hall Papers, ca. 1980-2006

45 cubic ft.
Personal papers of former University at Albany President Kermit Hall, who passed away suddenly in 2006.