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National Death Penalty Archive: apap301
online content

M. Watt Espy Papers, 1730-2008

Espy, M. Watt, 1933-2009
88.76 cubic ft.
The M. Watt Espy papers chronicle the extensive research efforts that led to the creation of the Capital Punishment Research Project and the database known as the Espy File. Espy spent three decades gathering and indexing documentation of legal executions in the United States. His papers contain both primary and secondary sources used to catalog thousands of instances of capital punishment in the United States and its territories since the 1600s. The collection includes material from corrections records, newspapers, county histories, legal proceedings, and books. In addition to the records pertaining specifically to the death penalty, there is also a selection of magazines collected by Espy that cover true crime stories as well as life in the American Old West.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap346

Eugene G. Wanger and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty Collection, 1754-2015

Wanger, Eugene G.
147.2 cubic ft.
Over the course of 50 years, Eugene G. Wanger created or collected the materials about capital punishment that comprise the Eugene G. Wanger and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty Collection. The collection includes a wide range of materials on the death penalty documenting its history, efforts to abolish or reinstate the practice, its psychological impact, compatibility on religious, moral or ethical grounds, and its operation.
University Archives: ua902.065

Duncan Blanchard Papers, 1789-2003

Blanchard, Duncan C.
35.8 cubic ft.
The Duncan Blanchard papers document Blanchards career as a research associate at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and as a senior research associate at the State University of New York at Albany.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap287

Michael Mello Papers, 1800-2008, bulk 1970-2004

Mello, Michael
42.2 cubic ft.
Michael A. Mello (1957-2008) was an internationally recognized authority on the death penalty and capital punishment issues. He was a lawyer, professor, and author. Michael Mello served as counsel or informal advisor to many significant cases, including Joseph Robert Crazy Joe Spaziano, Theodore Kaczynski, Theodore Bundy, Rolando Cruz, Alvin Ford, Stephen Todd Booker, and Robert Straight.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss081

John G. Hurtin Papers, 1806-1821

Hurtin, John G.
1 cubic ft.
Letters, financial accounts, deeds, and other legal documents from John G. Hurtin, an attorney from Cortland Village, Cortland County, New York.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss035

Abraham Bell and Son Collection, 1809-1917

Abraham Bell and Son
22 cubic ft.
The collection consists of 157 volumes of business books and three boxes of financial materials, correspondence, books, scrapbooks and diaries relating to the Bell Family and the Abraham Bell and Son Company.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss122

Troy and Rutland Rail Road Company Records, 1814-1919

Troy and Rutland Rail Road Company
1.8 cubic ft.
The Troy & Rutland Rail Road Company Records contain legal and financial papers, board member correspondence, as well as voting certificates, ballot slips, & engineering drawings.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap116
online content

Norman Studer Papers, 1817-2012

Norman Studer
18.84 cubic ft.
The Norman Studer Papers document his career as both an educator and ardent Catskill folklorist. The collection includes significant material relating to his work as director of the Downtown Community School in New York City and Camp Woodland in the Catskills.
University Archives: ua000
online content

Office of the President Records, 1827 - 2017 July 17

State University of New York at Albany. Office of the President
427 cubic ft.
Administrative records from the Office of the President, which guides the overall direction and leadership of the school. This collection documents major university initiatives and trends since it's beginning in the 19th century.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss120

William Titus Papers, 1828-1914

Titus, William
0.20 cubic ft.
The William Titus Papers collection contains a wide range of activities generally focusing on Titus' personal businesses including land ownership and his representation of clients before the US War Department's Pension Office. The collection also contains personal correspondence as well as some records from his role as warden of the Auburn Prison.
University Archives: ua902.068

Bernard Vonnegut Papers, 1828-1997

Vonnegut, Bernard
39.04 cubic ft.
The Bernard Vonnegut Papers document Vonnegut's career as a researcher in the field of atmospheric science with a focus on his time at GE, Arthur Little, and the State University of New York at Albany. The collection includes technical memoranda, research, data, inventions and patent forms, equipment specifications, drawings, figures, handwritten notes, manuscripts, reports, correspondence, publicity materials, course materials, news clippings, photographs, memorabilia, and audio/video materials
University Archives: ua950.002
online content

General Reference Collection, 1828-2015

M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives
33 cubic ft.
A reference collection created by archivists that includes clippings, copies of official records, publications that document the University, students, alumni, and members of the faculty.
University Archives: ua902.003

Vivian C. Hopkins Papers, 1842-1980, bulk 1930-1978

Hopkins, Vivian C.
23.5 cubic ft.
This collection consists of the papers of Dr. Vivian Constance Hopkins, documenting both her career in academia and her personal correspondence.
University Archives: ua305

Financial Secretary Records, 1844-1965

State College for Teachers (Albany, N.Y.)
15.2 cubic ft.
This collection consists primarily of the records of the Treasurer for the State College for Teachers. Also included are some financial records from earlier iterations of the College (New York State Normal School and New York State Normal College) and records of the Financial Secretary, which succeeded the position of Treasurer. Materials include cash books, budget documents, and correspondence.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap014

Correctional Association of New York Records, 1844-1988

Correctional Association of New York
30.97 cubic ft.
The Correctional Association of New York Records includes records from the Board of Directors, annual reports, prison visit files, Narcotics Committee files, program and bureau files, project files, subject files, and publications. The only records of the organization available from the nineteenth century are the annual reports, which have been microfilmed and are available in the University Library.
University Archives: ua932

Annual Reports Collection, 1844-2005

State University of New York at Albany
0.83 cubic ft.
Collection is made up of annual reports from the Executive Committee and President of the College as well as several reports presented to the President of the College.
University Archives: ua100
online content

University Council Records, 1844 - 2018 January 17

State University of New York at Albany--University Council
17 cubic ft.
Includes meeting minutes and supporting documentation of the Executive Committee of the New York State Normal School, 1844-1990; the Board of Trustees 1890-1928; and Board of Visitors, 1928-1939, of the New York State College for Teachers; and minutes, correspondence, reports, and publications of the University Council, 1965-2015. The power of the original Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors extended to the hiring and firing of all employees, prescribing the curriculum including the texts used in courses. These bodies reported jointly to the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York and the Superintendent of Education, the later individual serving as Chairman of successive bodies. The powers of the University Council, created by the SUNY Board of Trustees in 1954, are far more restricted, being limited to nominating presidents, naming buildings, and reviewing and approving major policy changes and initiatives.
University Archives: ua801.004
online content

University at Albany, SUNY Alumni Memorabilia Collection, 1845-2014

University at Albany, SUNY
12.21 cubic ft.
The collection documents the day-to-day student life at the University at Albany and its predecessor institutions, including the State Normal School (1844-1890), the New York State Normal College (1890-1914), the New York State College for Teachers (1914-1959), and the State University of New York at Albany (1962-1986).
University Archives: ua500
online content

Office of the Senior Vice President For Academic Affairs And Provost Records, 1845 - 2017 May 17

State University of New York at Albany. Office of the Provost
92.29 cubic ft.
Includes the records of the Office of the Provost which oversees the academic mission of the University. Materials in this collection address all aspects of academic policy at the University: program planning and review, faculty policies and salary practices, grading policies, long-range planning, and budgeting.
University Archives: ua390
online content

University Photograph Collection, 1847-2005

State University of New York at Albany.
4,347 items
This artificial collection documents the history of the University at Albany, SUNY and its predecessors through photographs and moving images. Images often depict the school's campus, university events, students, or faculty and staff.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap178

Henry S. Manley Papers, 1849-1960

Manley, Henry S. (Henry Sackett), 1892-1967
2.26 cubic ft.
The Henry S. Manley Papers contain materials related to Manley's legal career, research materials related to Native American issues (including material used for Manley's book The Treaty of Fort Stanwix, 1784), and some of his personal papers.
University Archives: ua902.022

Melvin Urofsky Papers, 1850-1978, bulk 1870-1940

Urofsky, Melvin I.
14.83 cubic ft.
The Melvin Urofsky Papers discuss his research and editing of his multi-volume series on the letters of Louis Brandeis. The papers consist of copies of Brandeis' letters, drafts of the volumes co-edited by Urofsky, and several of Urofsky's notebooks.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger058
online content

Paul Leser Papers, 1850-1984

Leser, Paul, 1899-
95 cubic ft.
The Paul Leser Papers document not only the life and career of anthropologist Paul Leser, but also contain materials pertaining to Leser's sister, Maria Lingemann and her husband Heinrich Lingemann, and earlier members of the Leser family. Although the collection contains correspondence between Paul and his brother, Albert (Leser) Lestoque, a separate collection, the Albert (Leser) Lestoque Papers, documents the life and career of Paul Leser's brother as well as providing additional Leser family documents and material.
University Archives: ua801
online content

University at Albany, SUNY Alumni Association Records, 1851-2011

Alumni Association of the University at Albany, SUNY
60.08 cubic ft.
The State University of New York at Albany Alumni Association Records document the day-to-day operations of the Alumni Association from the 1850s to the early 21st Century.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss080

William Higbie Papers, 1854-1858

Higbie, William
1 Volume
Letters kept by William Higbie, a resident of Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York, concerning local land transaction, 1854-1858.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap259

Eugene James Keogh Papers, 1854-1858, bulk 1937/1972

Keogh, Eugene J. (Eugene James), 1907-1989
171 cubic ft.
This collection consists of papers from Keough's career as a New York State Assemblyman and U.S. Representative from New York.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss025

Leona Train Rienow Papers, 1856-1988

Rienow, Leona Train
2.78 cubic ft.
This collection documents Leona Train Rienow's professional career as a writer. The papers contain a significant number of drafts of Leona Train Rienow's manuscripts, papers concerning her research for her books and articles, and correspondence files.
University Archives: ua933

Autograph Book Collection, 1857-1890

State Normal School (Albany, N.Y.)
0.66 cubic ft.
Collection is made up of autograph books from the New York State Normal School.
University Archives: ua935
online content

Commencement Programs Collection, 1857-2019

State University of New York at Albany
2 cubic ft.
This collection is made up of programs for commencement ceremonies at the University at Albany.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss128

Richard Varick DeWitt Papers, 1862

DeWitt, Richard Varick
1 Volume
The collection consists of a journal kept by Richard Varick DeWitt on a journey across England and western Europe, May 15-June 26, 1862, by a resident of Albany, New York.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger059

Albert (Leser) Lestoque Papers, 1862-1963, bulk 1899-1960

Lestoque, Albert
15 cubic ft.
Records from legal battles and restitution claims of Albert (Leser) Lestoque and his two siblings, for family properties in the Plittersdorf section of Bonn, Germany. Also contains manuscripts and published versions of Lestoque’s writings, including the manuscripts from lecture engagements, and materials from organizations as Citizens for Victory, the International Committee for the Study of European Questions and the German American Writers’ Association (GAWA)
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap137

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Of Albany, New York Records, 1863-1996

Young Women's Christian Association (Albany, N.Y.)
20.21 cubic ft.
The collection documents the history of the YWCA of Albany, which was founded in 1888 by a group of women led by Mrs. Acors Rathbun in order to provide housing and recreational activities for young women searching for work. Through the years, the organization expanded to include classes, childcare, athletics, essay contests, teen issue programs, and an annual awards dinner honoring women. Strengths include the extensive photographic material and meeting minutes from the board of trustees and directors. The collection is weakest at the beginning and end of the YWCA of Albany's existence.
New York State Modern Political Archive: apap286

Lee (Leland) N. Vedder Papers, 1865-1960

Lee (Leland) N. Vedder--1887-1963
14 cubic ft.
The Lee N. Vedder Papers contain 79 scrapbooks documenting the local histories of Montgomery and Schenectady Counties in the early to mid 20th century; the history of the Vedder Family; local, national, and international news; and Mr. Vedder's domestic and international travels.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger024
online content

Arnold Brecht Papers, 1865-1974

Brecht, Arnold, 1884-1977
14.67 cubic ft.
Correspondence in German and English with Otto Braun, Heinrich Bruning, Jürgen Fehling, Theodore Heuss, and others, 1933–1970; lectures, notes, and syllabi, 1934–1938; offprints; and manuscripts of published and unpublished works, 1950–1970. Brecht was a Prussian official who was dismissed after defying Hitler in the last free speech in the German parliament. He was a professor of political science, public finance, and international law at the New School for Social Research. His principal work was Political Theory (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1959). This manuscript group was photocopied by the University Libraries with Brecht's permission before the originals were sent to the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz, Germany.
University Archives: ua950.024

Veterans Project Collection, 1866-2019

M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives
0.66 cubic ft.
This artificial collection documents university students who served in the military during armed conflicts, particularly during World War II.
University Archives: ua802.008
online content

Caroline Smith Page Family Papers, 1867-1905

Page, Caroline Smith
0.17 cubic ft.
Autobiography and photos of Caroline Smith Page who was an early student at the New York State Normal School. She later taught in Troy, NY and Natchez, MS.
Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts: mss129

Bridge Line Historical Society Collection, 1870-2019

Bridge Line Historical Society
37.1 cubic ft.
The collection consist of the Bridge Line Historical Society's newsletter, as well as original maps, drawings, and related material documenting the Delaware & Hudson Railway, a railroad that operated in the northeastern United States.
University Archives: ua950.008
online content

University Historical Reference Collection, 1871-1995

State University of New York at Albany
2.31 cubic ft.
This collection is made up of reference material related to the history of the University at Albany and its earlier iterations.
National Death Penalty Archive: apap312

Leigh B. Bienen Papers, 1872, 1935, 1951-2011, Undated, bulk 1971-2011

Leigh B. Bienen
23.2 cubic ft.
The Leigh Bienen Papers include the records of the New Jersey Proportionality Review Project, the Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Study Commission, and the academic research papers of legal scholar Leigh Bienen. The New Jersey records contain material from New Jersey Public Defender Homicide Study directed by Bienen in the mid-1980s. The collection also includes the records from Bienen’s involvement with the New Jersey Proportionality Review Project headed by Special Master David C. Baldus. Also present is material from Leigh Bienen's tenure on the Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Study Commission which resulted in the abolition of the death penalty in that state in 2011. Finally the collection contains Leigh Bienen's scholarly research material during her career teaching at both Princeton University and Northwestern University. Her research focused on proportionality review, the death penalty's monetary costs, and the role of prosecutor discretion.
University Archives: ua902.009

Robert Rienow Papers, 1875-1984, bulk 1955-1979

Rienow, Robert, 1907-1989
15.72 cubic ft.
Correspondence with publishers and environmental groups including the Constitutional Council for Forest Preserves, 1970–71; Defenders of Wildlife, 1970–76; Albany Environmental Council, 1965–76; draft manuscripts and typescripts, 1956–79, of texts, scholarly and popular articles and books relating to local, state, national, and international government and to environmental issues such as the anti-nuclear movement, forest preservation, wildlife preservation, the Adirondack Mountains, lecture notes taken as a student and given to his classes, 1930–70, scripts for his television series "Man Against His Environment", 1970–71, drafts of speeches on environmental concerns, tape cassettes on environmental issues created as staff lecturer for the Center for Cassette Studies, clippings files on government and environmental issues, photographs of Rienow and his wife. Robert Rienow was educated at Carthage College (B.A., 1930), and Columbia University (M.A., 1934; Ph.D., 1937), served as Instructor, 1936–41, Assistant Professor, 1941–47, and Professor, 1947–80, of Social Science at the State University of New York at Albany, now the University at Albany. Through out his career Rienow maintained an active interest in environmental issues and a belief in the need to popularize issues of public concern. (See also papers of his wife Leona Train Rienow).
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections: ger005

Karl Pribram Papers, 1877-1973

Pribram, Karl, 1877-1973
10 cubic ft.
Pribram was an Emigre economist from Austria and an expert on economic thought and policymaking. He served in the Austrian Ministry for Social Administration, the International Labour Office, Geneva, the Brookings Institution, the U.S. Social Security Board, and the U.S. Tariff Commission, as well as on the faculty of the University of Frankfurt am Main and American University.
University Archives: ua950.020

New York State Education Department Collection, 1879-1974

University of the State of New York
0.33 cubic ft.
Reference collection with materials relating to the New York State Education Department, including: convocation programs, publications, and documentation of State education rules.