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New York State Modern Political Archive: 3

International Labor Organizing, Undated, bulk 1980-1994

This series contains materials related to labor organizing in Latin America, South America and the Caribbean, with a strong collection of correspondence, clippings, government documents, and organizing materials about El Salvador. The folder on Free Trade contains records on local organizing efforts. Pfeiffer was engaged with international labor organizing through unions and activist organizations in the Albany area.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1

Union and Community Organizing, Undated, bulk 1973-2001

1.43 cubic ft.
This series is composed of meeting minutes, personal notes, correspondence, newsletters, event plans, agendas, and other materials related to organizing efforts or union business. Fred Pfeiffer worked with CSEA, SEIU, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District, and the Campaign for a Livable Minimum Wage. The largest amount of material is from his experiences with AFSCME, CSEA and SEIU.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1

Projects, Undated, bulk 1967-2009

118.92 cubic ft.
This series documents ASLF’s numerous projects to seek compliance with pollution discharge regulations and remediation of the environment. Projects include the research into and court proceedings of companies, individuals or government officials, and a few ASLF sponsored workshops. The materials in this series contain: correspondence, compliance reports, discharge monitoring reports (DMR), court documents, drawings, intent to sue, laboratory analysis, notes, news clippings, National Discharge Elimination Permit System (NPDES) permits, photographs, quarterly non-compliance reports (QNCR), remediation programs, citizen standing and workshops. The projects are divided into subseries based on geographic regions.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 2

Publications, Undated, bulk 1966-2009

This series contains primarily environmental, scientific and legal journals, magazines, newsletters, reports, analyses, studies, and other publications collected by the ASLF. The majority of materials address environmental issues or geographic areas specific to New York State, although the Midwest is well represented. The series is divided into four subseries - serials, New York publications, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation publications and publications about issues outside of New York.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 2

Energy and Labor, Undated, bulk 1962-1996

This series' biggest concentration of materials spans the late 1970s to the mid-1980s and contains Fred Pfeiffer's founding and organizing work with the Labor Committee for Safe Energy. The clippings, notes, publications, pamphlets, reports, official government documents, and flyers related to NL Industries are extensive. The folders for the PSC/CUB and GE PEP include materials related to Pfeiffer's work with the International Union of Electrical Workers (IUE) Local 301.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 4

Subject Files, Undated, bulk 1937-1996

This series includes a box of pins and buttons related to political campaigns (including ones for Democratic U.S. Presidential candidates), union programs, protests and marches. Most of the buttons are undated, although some are stamped with the date of the election or related special event. There also is a collection of contracts and workers' agreements, historically significant publications from national AFL-CIO meetings, and U.S. Senate Reports related to organized labor.
German and Jewish Intellectual Émigré Collections

Letter of Walter Ulbricht, Chairman of the Council of State of the GDR, to Federal Chancellor Professor Ludwig Erhard / Draft Treaty between the Government of the German Democratic Republic and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on the Total Renunciation of Nuclear Weapons / Multilateral Atomic Force – Torpedo Against the Reunification of Germany (n.d., 1964)., Undated, 1964