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1. Page 161: Graduates of the Educational Opportunities Program from the Class of 1974

2. Page 217: Chancellor of the State University of New York D. Bruce Johnstone presents the Presidential Medallion to H. Patrick Swygert at the President's Inauguration.

4. Page 45: Front Cover of Vol. 16 No. 2 of The Echo

5. Page 71 A-Top: Panoramic view of campus highlighting 1929 addition of (l-r) Milne, Page and Richardson Halls.

6. Page 98 B-Bottom: Ellen Stokes, Dean of Women.

7. Page 31: Kate Stoneman, '66; New York suffragist and first women to pass the bar exam in New York State

8. Page 194: Dr. David Axelrod addressing the crowd at Commencement.

9. Page 142: "The Cave" in Husted Cafeteria.

11. Page 68 B-Bottom: Women's Gymnastics Class.

12. Page 32 E-Bottom Right: Andress B. Hull, '62 Civil War Captain

13. Page 138 A-Top Left: Merlin Hathaway joined the staff in 1944 and oversaw the rapid expansion of physical education and intercollegiate athletics in the 1960s.

14. Page 89 B-Bottom Left: Jack Smith, '43, later a long-time physics professor at Albany, was present at the explosion of the first atomic bomb in New Mexico in 1945.

15. Page 104 B-Bottom: Faculty member Vivian Hopkins (English and comparative literature).

16. Page 183 A-Top: Collins Fellow and Psychology Professor Shirley C. Brown.

17. Page 77 B-Bottom: "Dean Pierce's Idea of Sigma Nu Kappa House," a cartoon from the Psi Gamma Sorority publication The Pretzel.

18. Page 189 B-Bottom: Zoraida Davis, '91, star player on the women's softball team.

20. Page 85 E-Middle Right: Faculty member Mattie Green (physician)

21. Page 59 C-Bottom Right: Anna Boocheever de Beer, '12

22. Page 174 A-Left: Michael Lampert, '73, became a prominent litigator in New York and New Jersey.

23. Page 122 A-Top: Quarter Century Club members Henrietta Brett, '15, Jacob Epstein, '15 and Florence Linindoll Hilton, '31 on Alumni Day.

24. Page 90: Kappa Beta reunion dinner to commemorate the final State College servicemen having been discharged from war service.

25. Page 50: Professor Wetmore's Natural Sciences Laboratory in the Willett Street Building

26. Page 143: U.N. Secretary General U Thant visited the campus in 1966 as part of a University Seminar Series on Peaceful Change.

28. Page 71 B-Bottom: Class of 1920 and 1922 at a Halloween Party.

29. Page 176: Physics Professor Alain Kaloyeros with graduate students.

30. Page 35 B-Bottom: Edward B. Horton, '86

31. Page 110 B-Bottom: Christmas Formal dance, sponsored by the Inter-Sorority and Inter-Fraternity Councils

32. Page 115 B-Top Right: Clarence Rappleyea, '57

33. Page 214 B-Bottom Left: Susan Molinari, '80, '81, the first Albany graduate ever elected to Congress.

34. Page 99 A-Top Left: Construction of Brubacher Hall.

35. Page 159: A protest on Alumni Quad against the state's action during the Attica Prison uprising.

36. Page 147 B-Bottom: Action shot of the men's soccer team.

37. Page 152: Sigma Tau Beta, winners of the prize for best float in the 1969 Homecoming Parade.

38. Page 127 A-Top: The laying of the cornerstone on Dutch Quad.

39. Page 73 B-Bottom: Men's Tennis Team.

40. Page 81: Agnes Futterer

41. Page 158: A protest in support of the Black Panthers at the State Capitol.

44. Page 140 A-Top: Members of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center on a field trip to Yellowstone.

45. Page 183 C-Bottom Right: Edward Crowley of the Art Department.

46. Page 105 B-Bottom: Faculty member Josiah Phinney (economics).

47. Page 107 B-Bottom: A biology laboratory.

48. Page 69 A-Top: Leanard Anderson Blue, first Dean of the College.

49. Page 164: Seth Spellman of the School of Social Welfare led the James E. Allen Collegiate Center.

50. Page 21: Phoebe Ann Barnard, '47

51. Page 83: Members of the Class of '35 clowning around for the camera.

52. Page 209 A-Left: William Kennedy, Professor of English at the Albany premiere of the film based on his novel Ironweed.

53. Page 186 B-Bottom: Students and Faculty set a Guinness World Record for largest game of musical chairs.

54. Page 136: Webb Fiser, Vice President for Academic Affairs

55. Page 216: Torch night continues as one of the most enduring student traditions at Albany. It was renewed and enlarged in the 1980s.

56. Page 130: Torch Night.

57. Page 201 A-Top: Distinguished Service Professor Edna Acosta-Belen, '69, Ph.D. '77, is a member of the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

58. Page 85 C-Top Right: Faculty member Harry Birchenough (math)

59. Page 200: President Swygert and Mrs. Sonja Swygert with members of Purple and Gold.

60. Page 179 A-Top: Jeanna Gullahorn, Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies.

61. Page 120: Students protest at the State Capitol over the imposition of tuition.

62. Page 151 B-Bottom: Harriet Dyer Adams, MLS '60 and former head of the University Libraries Special Collections in the 1970s.

63. Page 170 A-Top: Harry Crull, teacher of the astronomy department, lost in the financial crisis of the 1970s

64. Page 173 C-Bottom Left: Eric Clapton

65. Page 165: Dr. Nathan Wright was among the earliest members and the first chair of the Afro-American Studies Department.

66. Page 89 C-Right: Marjorie Bishop, '42 and another alumni serving in the WAVES.

67. Page 192 B-Bottom: Carson Carr Jr., Associate Dean and Director of the Educational Opportunities Program.

68. Page 139 A-Top: Randolph Gardner and Richard Teevan.

69. Page 74: Syddum Hall in its second location in Englewood Place.

70. Page 70: History Professor Adna Wood Risley in class circa 1922. Professor Risley is said to have owned the first automobile in Albany.

71. Page 89 A-Top Left: Lt. Zollie Privett in the cockpit of his Tenth Air Force plane.

72. Page 86: A field trip in the Pine Bush with Dr. Gertrude Douglas.

73. Page 149 A-Top: Students in a dorm room with a guitar.

75. Dust Jacket: Stained Glass Window

76. Page 9: President-elect Cleveland at the Closing Exercises of the State Normal School

77. Page 75 B-Bottom: The Chi Sigma Theta Sorority House on State Street.

78. Page 207 B-Bottom: The 1993 Alumni(ae) leadership team.

79. Page 55 A-Top: State Normal College Varsity Baseball Team

81. Page 166: Philip Sirotkin, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

82. Page 140 B-Bottom: Professor Ray Falconer of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center.

83. Page 108 A-Top: Rivalry tug-of-war.

84. Page 102: The dining room at Sayles Hall.

85. Page 79 A-Center: Gladys Newell, '30; a social studies teacher for 40 years and the President of the New York State Teachers' Association in 1966.

86. Page 95: Male students playing pool in Vanderzee Hall.

87. Page 150 B-Bottom: Robert Peterkin, '66, MA '76, formerly superintendent of Milwaukee schools.

88. Page 157: Attorney William Kunstler speaking to a crowd of 6,000 on campus.

89. Page 39 B-Bottom: Mary F. Hyde, '69; Teacher of Arithmetic, Geometry and Rhetoric

90. Page 160: Carl Martin, a counselor in the Educational Opportunities Program meets with a student.

91. Page 115 D-Bottom Right: Betty Duda, '59

94. Page 196: Sheri Dinkelsohn was Commencement student speaker in 1989.

95. Page 110 A-Top: The Boulevard Café was the meeting place for the Philosophy Club.

96. Page 128 B-Bottom: Homecoming Queen Harriet Tucker.

97. Page 96 A-Top: President Evan Revere Collins with his wife and faculty.

98. Page 190 A-Top: State Sen. Kenneth LaValle, Lisa LaValle, '86, President O'Leary and Governor Mario Cuomo at Commencement

100. Page 59 A-Top Middle: Aurelia Hyde, '95; first grade teacher 1895-1907