Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts

Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts

Manuscripts, records, and papers primarily related to businesses and people of New York and New England.
Chiefly 19th-century New York and New England local history manuscripts and business records, primarily for craftsmen and railroads; papers of children's book writer and illustrator Marcia J. Brown and two original manuscripts by Maud and Miska Petersham; papers of Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Kennedy; papers of Anthony Ashley Cooper, the 19th century social reformer; and papers of Benito Perez Galdos, Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, Evengi Zamyatin, and other writers.

Business, Literary, and Local History Manuscripts Collections

Collection Abbe Family; Papers 1773-1896

The Abbe (Abbey) family papers include records relating to the Abbe family. The Abbe family, which consisted primarily of Richard T. Abbe, his wife Helen Woods Abbe, and their daughter Olive Abbe Jones, corresponded with many family members and business associates before and during the Civil War. This collection contains deeds, legal records, correspondence, business records, and other papers of the family.

Collection Adams, Harriet Dyer; Papers 1942

This collection contains materials related to World War II rationing and price controls on the U.S. homefront.

Collection Albany General Store; Records 1784-1786

The Albany General Store Records contain business records kept by an unidentified proprietor of a general store which sold dry goods, rum, and other merchandise.

Collection Albany Jewish Community; Collection 1905-1990

The Jewish Community of the Albany, New York area is featured in the Collection which was brought together to show community involvement in the region by the Greater Albany Jewish Federation and the University Libraries of the University at Albany, SUNY. This collection contains photographs, meeting minutes, commemoration papers, local area newspapers, academic articles, community reports, and a prayer book.

Collection Aleksander, Irina Kunina (Zamiatin); Papers 1937-1978

The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, and manuscripts which reflect Irina Aleksander's association with a number of literary notables such as Anaïs Nin, Miroslav Krlea, Marijan and Zora Matkovi, Lon Pierre-Quint, Claude Aveline, and Evgenii Zamiatin.

Collection Ancient and Honourable Company of Fellmongers; Records 1820-1859

The Ancient and Honourable Company of Fellmangers was a trade guild located in Richmond, Yorkshire, England. This collection includes the Company's minutes of annual meetings, membership lists, and financial accounts.

Collection Armstrong-Dunn; Collection 1819-1886, Undated

This collection contains 19th century correspondence and financial records created by the Armstrong and Dunn families of Johnsburg in Warren County, New York. There is more material from the Dunn family than that of the Armstrongs, especially from John Dunn.

Collection Bannon, William G.; Papers 1920-1966

This collection includes writings on regional political affairs of Siberia and China in the 1920s by U.S. Department of War representative William G. Bannon.

Collection Bell, Abraham, and Son; Collection 1809-1917

The collection consists of 157 volumes of business books and three boxes of financial materials, correspondence, books, scrapbooks and diaries relating to the Bell Family and the Abraham Bell and Son Company.

Collection Benedict, Edward H.; Papers 1832-1853

This is a one volume collection kept by a textile dyer in Woodbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Collection Braden, Forrest D.; Papers 1922-1925

The collection contains the scrapbook retained by a police chief from Louisville, Kentucky and and Terre Haute, Indiana.

Collection Bridge Line Historical Society; Collection 1870-2023

The collection consist of the Bridge Line Historical Society's newsletter, as well as original maps, drawings, and related material documenting the Delaware & Hudson Railway, a railroad that operated in the northeastern United States.

Collection Brown, Fred R.; Papers 1882-1966

Methodist missionary and science teacher in the Kiansi Province of China from 1910 to 1931. He and his wife, a fellow missionary, later settled in DeWitt, New York.

Collection Brown, Marcia Joan; Papers 1940-2000

A 1940 graduate of the New York State College for Teachers, Brown was a respected children's book writer and illustrator, and a three-time Caldecott Medal winner.

Collection Carrara, Dolores I.; Papers 1946

Dolores Carrara was a radio actress and dancer. This collection includes scripts from programs broadcast on the radio station WGY and television station WRGB based in Schenectady, NY.

Collection Chadwick, Captain C. W.; Papers 1873-1888

This collection contains the business records and correspondence of a late 19th century Maine sea captain.

Collection Chase, Henry M. and William L.; Records 1877-1901

Business records for a company in Pascoag and Woonsocket, Rhode Island, which specialized in the manufacture of windows, doors, blinds, and moldings.

Collection Clark, David M.; Papers 1804-1812

This collection contains an account book kept by a saddle and harness maker in Hillsboro County, New Hampshire the early 19th century.

Collection Cleavland, L.E.; Papers 1844-1849

This collection contains daybooks of a general store in Oak Hill, Greene County, New York in the mid-19th century.

Collection Cogswell, John H.; Papers 1866-1873

The collection consists of daybooks of a mid-19th century lumber dealer in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Collection Colfax, James; Papers 1808-1813

This collection includes shipping and related records from a dock operator in New York City in the early 19th century.

Collection Coloney, Thomas D.; Papers 1827-1852

This collection contains the account book of a mid-19th century farmer in Farmington, Connecticut.

Collection Cooper, Anthony Ashley; Papers 1877-1884

This collection contains a large series of letter between Anthony Ashley Cooper, seventh earl of Shaftesbury, and a Miss Marsh.

Collection Cooper, George; Papers 1876-1880

Account records of a saddle- and harness-maker in Burrillville, Rhode Island in the late 19th century.

Collection Crosby, B.L.; Papers 1887-1888

This collection contains a photograph album depicting the buidling of Nebraska City's (Nebraska) pontoon bridge spanning the Missouri River in 1887 and 1888.

Collection Crounse, Johannes; Papers 1796

This collection consists of a manuscript including treatments for ailments of horses, written in German, from a farmer living west of Albany, New York in the late 18th century.

Collection David, Meginnei; Papers Undated

This collection contains a late-nineteenth-century Hebrew manuscript commentary on the Book of Psalms, including an explanation of the Mogen David symbol.

Collection De Gress, Francis; Papers 1874

Francis De Gress was a member of the import-export firm of Wexel and De Gress, which had offices in New York City and Mexico City. This collection contains correspondence of De Gress.

Collection De Grey, Thomas; Papers 1809-1813

Thomas de Grey, Baron Waslingham was the Archdeacon of Winchester. This collection contains a record book of day laborers' compensation and services on the Merton estate in Norfolk, England in the early 19th century.

Collection DeWitt, Richard Varick; Papers 1862

The collection consists of a journal kept by an Albany resident on a journey across England and western Europe in 1862.

Collection Delmar Progress Club; Records 1903-2020

The Delmar Progress Club Records document the day-to-day operations and communitiy activities of this Bethlehem-N.Y. based organization founded in 1901.

Collection Dey, Pierson; Papers 1810-1816

This collection includes a diary and business records kept by an early 19th century farmer and rural laborer in Passaic County, New Jersey.

Collection Dickinson, John Dean; Papers 1796-1834

This collection contains letters, deeds, and retained copies of legal documents kept by John Dean Dickinson as an attorney and landowner in Lansingburg and Troy, New York in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Dickinson served in the New York State Assembly and the United States Congress.

Collection Dietze, Max; Papers 1907

Includes manuscript writings on the life and works of Johann W. von Goethe (1749-1832) by Max Dietze.

Collection Eastman, Cora; Papers 1877-1886

This collection contains a 19th century scrapbook maintained by the daughter of the mayor of Poughkeepsie, New York.

Collection Eddy, Jesse; Papers 1834-1859

This collection contains the account book of a late 19th century wagon maker from Rhode Island.

Collection Eden, William; Papers 1828

This collection includes a journal of a journey through North America in 1828.

Collection Edwin Adams et al v. William Rockefeller; Records 1889-1921

Includes trial evidence, topical indexes to testimony, transcriptions of business records, legal briefs, and other materials compiled by V. N. Roadstrum of New York City, attorney for the J. P. Morgan Estate, in a 1915–18 lawsuit brought in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York against William Rockefeller, the Executors of the J. P. Morgan Estate, and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company for "conspiracy to monopolize" railroad, streetcar, and water transportation of the "common-carrier business of transporting passengers and property" in New York, New Jersey, and New England.

Collection Falk, Richard; Papers Undated

Richard Falk was a conductor from Albany, NY who worked in New York City.

Collection Fane, John, Lord Privy Seal; Papers 1801-1808

John Fane, tenth earl of Westmorland, was a British Tory politician who served as Lord Privy Seal of Great Britain. This collection contains documents for inventions that were submitted to Fane while he was Lord Privy Seal.

Collection Farrar and Boardman; Records 1862-1870

This collection contains an account book for a general store in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Collection Fisher, Charles; Papers 1831-1841

This collection contains tax assessments and petitions pertaining to School District No. 6 of Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Collection Fitch, Ebenezer; Papers 1812-1846

Ebenezer Fitch was a justice of peace in Oneida, New York. This collection contains a docket of cases he handled, personal items, and manuscripts.

Collection Frank, Joachim; Papers 1953-2016

The Joachim Frank Papers document Frank's artistic pursuits and accomplishments.

Collection Freligh Family; Papers 1773-1955

This collection documents the activities of the members of the Freligh family who lived primarily in the Niskayuna area during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Collection Gansevoort, Leonard, Jr.; Papers 1780-1801

Leonard Gansevoort Jr. was an attorney in the Albany, New York area in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This collection contains a register of cases handled by Gansevoort in the New York State Supreme Court, Albany Mayor's Court, and various county courts.

Collection Gardner, Charles K.; Papers 1835-1860

This collection contains correspondence of Charles K. Gardner invlolving a dispute over land, taxes, and railroad damages in Black Rock, Erie Canal, New York.

Collection Gay, G.F., and A.E.; Papers 1883-1896

This collection contains the late 19th century financial records of building contractors in Killingly, Connecticut.

Collection Great Britain. Commissioners of Excise; Records 1684-1764

This collection contains an abstract of the Gross and Net- produce of the several Branches of his Majesty's Revenues under the Receipt and Management of the Commissioners of Excise from the respective Times of the Commencement together with their respective Appropriations. The volume covers tax revenues through November 6. 1762. The collection also contains the bookplate of William Dowdeswell who served as chancellor of the Exchequer from July 1765 to July 1766.

Collection Great Britain. Common Law; Case Book 1701-1706

This collection consists of several cases concerning the public revenues referred by the Treasury to the attorney general. This collection also contains revenue cases from the reign of Queen Anne (1665-1714), with legal opinions rendered in reports by Sir Edward Northey (1652-1723). In addition, this collection includes a 1705, "state of proceedings against the Good Seized upon Captain Kidd the Pirate in the High Court of Admiralty of England."

Collection Great Western Railway; Records Undated

This collection contains records of locomotive engines built between 1861 and 1921 and used by the Great Western Railway.

Collection Hallowell, Caleb S.; Papers 1843

Caleb S. Hallowell was an educator from Alexandria, Virginia. This collection contains a journal that documents Hallowell's journey from Washington D.C. to Niagara Falls, New York.

Collection Harlow Estate; Records 1685-1694

The Harlow Estate was located in Essex, England. This collection includes proceedings of manorial courts and records of quit rents, tithes, and other income received.

Collection Hathaway, Abraham; Papers 1825-1870

This collection contains the account book of a 19th century shoemaker and leather dealer near Taunton, Massachusetts.

Collection Hawks, Daniel; Papers 1930-1951

Daniel Hawks was an attorney from Cortland Village, Cortland County, New York. This collection contains letters, financial accounts, deeds, and other legal documents, as well as copies of minutes, calendars, and other court records of the Cortland County Court.

Collection Hendricks, Frederick; Papers 1709-1891

Frederick Hendricks worked for the Globe Insurance Company of London. During the years 1848-1890, Hendricks collected 164 autograph letters and holographic manuscripts of 18th and 19th century British actuaries, some of whom were also astronomers and mathematicians. This collection includes letters, manuscripts, printed materials, and portraits pertaining primarily to 18 British insurance companies and to the Institute of Actuaries.

Collection Hettger, Henry T.; Papers 1990-2008

The Henry T. Hettger Papers document Hettger's interest in numismaticsacs and his writings about coins and coin collecting.

Collection Higbie, William; Papers 1854-1858

Letters kept by a resident of Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York concerning local land transactions, 1854-1858.

Collection Hurtin, John G.; Papers 1806-1821

This collections contains legal and administrative materials from the early 19th century from Orange County, New York.

Collection Huth, Geoffrey A.; Papers 1960-2006

The majority of these papers focus on Geof Huth's artistic activities: his creation of artworks, his involvement in the fields of visual and experimental poetry, his productions as a micropublisher, and his work as an active blogger in the worldwide network of online poets. They also document his personal life and professional career in archives and records management.

Collection Jackson, F.D.; Day book 1881-1882

The collection consists of a daybook, 1881-1882, kept by the proprietor of a general store in Derby, Connecticut.

Collection Kennedy, William; Papers 1926-2003

The William Kennedy Papers document nearly a half century of research, writing, and publishing efforts of the internationally recognized, Pulitzer Prize winning author, playwright, essayist, journalist, script writer, professor, and champion of the arts. The collection consists of records related to all of Kennedy's fiction and nonfiction books through 2002, including his "Albany Cycle" of novels, film scripts, essays, and newspaper articles from the Albany <em>Times-Union</em>. In addition, there is correspondence with other significant authors of American literature, biographical materials, and records documenting a trip to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with President Bill Clinton.

Collection Kessler, Herbert; Papers Undated

This collection contains a hand-corrected typescript of a novel later published in 1983, Tdische Anstsse.

Collection Lane, Edward E.; Record Book 1889-1890

The collection contains a late 19th century record book listing the technical specifications and dimensions of wagons, carriages, fire engines, and other horse-drawn vehicles from places in New England and New York.

Collection Lang, Andrew; Papers 1898-1912

Andrew Lang was an English writer and folklorist. This collection, which was assembled by an unknown compiler, contains a scrapbook that includes printed materials and clippings pertaining to the life and work of Lang.

Collection Lindquist, Jennie D.; Papers 1937-1978

The Jennie D. Lindquist papers document the professional life of Lindquist, an editor, author, lecturer, and librarian. The collection is cheifly composed of copies of personal correspondances, printed materials, transcripts from her radio program, and an advanced publisher's copy of her book.

Collection Liturgical Music; Collection Undated

This collection contains anonymous manuscript masses and other liturgical music dating from approximately the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.

Collection Locker, Peyton B.; Business Papers 1920-1951

The collection contains the business records of Peyton B. Locker from his time in the petroleum, gas, and mining business.

Collection Lotteries; Collection 1790-1883

This artifical collection contains materials about eighteenth and nineteenth state and private lotteries held in the eastern and midwestern United States.

Collection Lyon Family; Papers 1872-1886

The Lyon Family wood lots were located near Port Lynden, Lewis County, New York. This collection includes records related to the family's lands and personnel.

Collection Maguire, Gregory; Papers 1929-2022

The Gregory Maguire Papers are a collection of materials from the American novelist. He is the author of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Out of Oz, and several dozen other novels for adults and children.

Collection Menands Book Club; Records 1881-2009

The majority of the Menands Book Club Records consists of meeting and treasurer notes and program schedules. There also is correspondence, club histories and an information packet of the village of Menands, NY Anniversary.

Collection Meriam, George and Charles; Papers 1833-1863

Letters, publisher's catalogs, book dealers' announcements, and stationer's circulars received by mid-19th century booksellers in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Collection Miller, E. Melton; Papers 1904-1910

Journal kept in 1904 describing a trip in 1901 to Ecuador by E. Melton Miller of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Collection Miscellaneous Manuscripts; Collection Undated

Includes autograph letters and signed documents of John Jacob Astor, Erskine Caldwell, Richard Cobden, Charles Cornwallis, DeWitt Clinton, Jefferson Davis, Albert Einstein, Richard J. Gatling, Horace Greeley, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Eugene Ionesco, Andrew Jackson, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Amy Lowell, Arthur Pinero, Ezra Pound, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Sir Walter Scott, George Bernard Shaw, Charles Sumner, Horatio Seymour, Edwin M. Stanton, William Howard Taft, Daniel D. Tompkins, William B. Yeats, and others.

Collection Muzzey General Store; Records 1833-1903

Includes 32 volumes of day books and ledgers kept by J. A. Muzzey for his general store in Jamaica, Vermont.

Collection New York Canals; Collection 1828-1883

Collection contains a variety of 19th century materials related to several New York State canals.

Collection New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company; Records 1849-1926

The New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company (NH) operated from 1872-1968. This collection records names, builders, repairs, renumbering, and dates of service of New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company locomotive engines since.

Collection New York, Newfoundland, and London Telegraph Company; Records 1854-1867

Founded in 1852 in New York City, the New York, Newfoundland, and London Telegraph Company was a company that preluded the first trans-Atlantic cable. This collection contains the minutes of meetings of this company's "corporators," including Peter Cooper, Cyrus W. Field, Frederick N. Gisborne, Moses Taylor, and others.

Collection Newburgh, Dutchess, and Connecticut Railroad; Records 1887-1890

The Newburgh, Dutchess, and Connecticut Railroad was chartered on September 4, 1866 under the original name of the Dutchess and Columbia Railroad. This collection contains monthly statements of passengers and tons of freight carried over the railroad by the New York and New England Railroad. Kept by W. H. Moore, the railroad's general passenger agent, in Matteawan, New York.

Collection Nichols, Humphry; Papers 1844-1847

The collection contains an account book from a farmer from the vicinity of Waterbury, Connecticut.

Collection Nine Partners General Store; Records 1767-1776

Day books kept by the proprietor(s) of a general store selling dry goods and products from the West Indies in the Hudson Valley of New York and Connecticut. The store may have been located in the Nine Partners Tract, in the vicinity of what is now Hyde Park, New York.

Collection Norwood, J.H. and J.B.; Papers 1866-1880

J.H. Norwood and J.B. Norwood were physicians in Preston Hollow, New York. This collection contains their day books.

Collection Oseola (Ship); Records 1842-1843

Log book kept by Arthur Child, master of the Oseola merchant ship, on voyages between New Orleans, Liverpool, and Le Havre.

Collection Perez, Galdos Benito; Papers 1887-1898

Galdos Benito Perez was born on May 10, 1843 and was a Spanish writer and realist novelist. This collection includes a series of 50 letters written by Perez to Manuel Tolosa Latour, a physician and writer. This collection also includes a photograph of the exterior and a pencil sketch of the interior of Perez Galdos's Villa San Quintin at Santander.

Collection Petersham, Maud Sylvia Fuller and Miska; Papers 1932-1945

This collection contains manuscripts of two children's books by Maud and Miska Petersham. The Petershams were a Caldecott Medal winning married couple who wrote and illustrated children's books together, primiarly between the late 1920s and mid-1950s.

Collection Phoenix Insurance Company of New York; Records 1807-1838

This collection includes minutes of board meetings, lists of stockholders, inventory of property, and other records of a New York City company specializing in maritime insurance.

Collection Prospect Hill Cemetery; Records 1854

Prospect Hill Cemetery was founded in 1854. This collection contains records of burial plots in this cemetery located in Guilderland, New York.

Collection Rand, E.C.M.; Papers 1909

This collection contains a report on Investigation of Books and Records of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company from 1870 to 1899, inclusive showing value to it of the leases of the Albany & Susquehanna and Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroads. This collection also contains a 510-page typescript report, including a 22-page subject index and numerous manuscript corrections and emendations. E.C.M. Rand was a New York City attorney and authority on the railroad business.

Collection Reynolds, Thomas; Papers 1858

An account addressed to Robert Gill, president of the Great Western Railway Company of Canada (London, Ontario), dated September 20, 1858, from Thomas Reynolds in Hamilton, Ontario.

Collection Rienow, Leona; Papers 1856-1988

This collection documents Leona Train Rienow's professional career as a writer. The papers contain a significant number of drafts of Leona Train Rienow's manuscripts, papers concerning her research for her books and articles, and correspondence files.

Collection Robinson, John H.; Papers 1912-1919

This collection includes correspondence with Sen. Jonathan Bourne, Jr. (chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads) and A. S. Burleson (U.S. Postmaster General), maps, and other materials pertaining to the establishment of the U.S. Postal Service parcel post zoning areas sent by John H. Robinson.

Collection Rochester Central Power Corporation; Records 1928

Includes bylaws, stock certificates, and other documents pertaining to the Rochester Central Power Corporation. The New York Central Railroad is described in the volume as the principal owner of the Mohawk Valley Company, which in turn owned all "outstanding common stock" of the Rochester Gas and Electric Company.

Collection S.J. Salisbury and Company; Records 1861-1863

Day book kept by S. A. Kelsey as agent for S.J. Salisbury and Company, a dry-goods firm, in the vicinity of Hartford, Connecticut.

Collection Saltus and Company; Records 1825-1835

Day book kept by a New York City firm selling varieties of iron and steel bars; nails, hoops, and other iron products; and coal and salt to customers around New York State. Includes many entries for Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, the Troy Iron and Nail Factory, and companies in Albany and Syracuse.

Collection Sartori, Herbert; Papers 1915-1969

Manuscript and typescript volume of poetry and several letters written in German by a writer in New York State.

Collection Schanz, Ludwig; Papers Undated

A hand-corrected carbon copy of a dissertation on the economic philosophy of National Socialism, which was written, probably in the late 1920s, for a doctorate at Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.

Collection Scheider, George; Papers 1940-1947

The collection includes copies of Nazi documents with translations, 1940-1947, and photographs (with personal information) of 63 inmates at the Dachau and Ravensbruck concentration camps. Items were retained by George Scheider, a refugee from Czechoslovakia who served as a translator at the Nuremberg tribunals.

Collection Schultz; Harry E., Jr; Papers 1913-2000

The collection contains a significant amount of material pertaining to the Delaware and Hudson Railroad (D&H) where Harry E. Schultz, Jr. was employed as a civil engineer for more than 40 years.

Collection Schultze, John S.; Papers 1872-1901

John S. Schultze was president of the president of the Sylvan Lake Ore and Iron Company. This collection contains the business correspondence, 1875-1901 and financial accounts of the Sylvan Lake Ore and Iron Company, 1881-1884, as well as printed materials, 1872-1873.

Collection Semmler, Alexander; Papers 1914-1977

The Alexander Semmler Papers contain music written by Alexander Semmler, both published and unpublished, as well as some of his notes and correspondence.

Collection Smith, Thomas; Papers Undated

Sir Thomas Smith served in official positions during the reigns of Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. This collection contains the manuscript entitled, "A Discourse for the Common Welthe of England," which was one of five known early manuscripts of a political treatise completed in 1549 in response to socio-economic problems in Tudor England at the time and first published in 1581.

Collection Socialist Party of the USA. Dover, New Hampshire Local; Records 1894-1923

The Socialist Party of the United States of America Dover, New Hampshire Local Records contain records that document the range of activities of the Local. Records include correspondence that highlight the contacts of the local and its place within the broader Socialist Party movement in the United States.

Collection Stuart, Henri L.; Papers 1869

The collection contains a volume of clippings documenting the 38th National Industrial Exhibition of the American Institute, which took place in New York City from August to October 1869. The volume bears the stationer's label of W. Reid Gould, New York City.

Collection Sullivan, James; Papers Undated

James Sullivan was the principal of the Boy's High School in Brooklyn, New York, 1907-1916. The collection contains photographs compiled by Sullivan of the interiors of high school libraries in Albany, Buffalo, and New York City from 1916-1929. In 1940 the Department of Librarianship at the New York State College for Teachers (a predecessor of the Information Science program at the University at Albany) added photographs of high school libraries in Albany, Elmira, Glens Falls, and Malverne, as well as several school libraries in Detroit, Michigan.

Collection Sweeney, Dorothy L.; Papers 1941-2004

Dorothy (nee Langley) Sweeney graduated from St. Mary's Institute in Amsterdam, New York in 1941. After graduation, Sweeney accepted an office position at General Electric in Schenectady. In her off hours she spent time at WGY, GE's AM radio station, where her brother Edward Langley acted and wrote for the station's dramatic productions. She later worked at WGY and in radio in New York City. Sweeney provided sound effects for several programs and her scripts from this work form the bulk of this collection.

Collection Tash, Thomas J.; Papers 1857-1886

Thomas J. Tash was a real-estate investor in Pittsburgh. This collection contains ledgers that he kept.

Collection Terwilliger Family; Collection 1912-1919

The Terwilliger Family Collection contains numerous letters written by Harvey Beebe, an American soldier from southwestern New York during World War I.

Collection Thayer, Littlejohn and Company; Records 1827

Records goods received from the firm of Thayer, Littlejohn and Company in Albany, New York, for shipping aboard Erie Canal boats. The volume bears the stationer's label "Packard & Van Benthuysen, Printers and Blank Book-Binders."

Collection Thompson, Israel; Papers 1800-1810

Day book kept by the proprietor of a general store in Stonington, Vermont.

Collection Titus, William; Papers 1828-1914

The William Titus Papers contains a wide range of activities generally focusing on Titus' personal businesses including land ownership and his representation of clients before the US War Department's Pension Office. The collection also contains personal correspondence as well as some records from his role as warden of the Auburn Prison.

Collection Troy and Rutland Railroad Company; Records 1814-1919

The Troy & Rutland Rail Road Company Records contain legal and financial papers, board member correspondence, as well as voting certificates, ballot slips, & engineering drawings.

Collection Van Kleeck, Edwin Robert; Papers 1946-1965

Collection consists of correspondence concerning Van Kleeck genealogy, 1946-1965; correspondence with Kenneth Hasbrouck on history and education, 1951-1956; and printed materials on New York State and Albany history, 1950-1965.

Collection Vought, Sabra W.; Papers 1924

This collection contains the manuscript "The Story of the Mohawk Valley,"(1924); addresses on history; (undated); and two articles on school libraries, (undated). Sabra W. Vought was supervisor of school libraries in Albany, New York.

Collection Walders, Joseph; Collection 1949-1977

This collection contains television and film scripts, movie posters, still photographs, lobby cards, and pressbooks collected by Joseph Walders.

Collection Webb, Sidney; Letters 1890-1929

Sidney Webb, 1st Baron Passfield, was a leading British economist. This collection includes 16 letters from Webb about the publication of his work, economic measures being considered for enactment in Parliament, and the Fabian Society's support of political candidates.

Collection Williams, Ezra; Record Book 1798-1804

Collection includes financial records kept by a merchant seaman from East Hartford, Connecticut, who served on schooners trading with the West Indies and Spain.

Collection Woman's Club of Albany; Records 1908, 1910-2010

The Woman's Club of Albany Records document the day-to-day operations of the first 100 years of this community organization founded in 1910.

Collection Woodbury, Mark; Account Book 1818-1843

Mark Woodbury was a proprietor of a general store in Antrim, New Hampshire. This collection contains his account book for the store.

Collection Zenner Family, Walter; Papers 1938-1990

The collection consists of correspondence and transcripts of interviews which Walter Zenner conducted with his family concerning their life in Germany and the United States. In addition, there are other materials pertaining to the life and work of the Zenner Family.
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Collection Woman's Club of Albany Records, 1908, 1910-2010

The Woman's Club of Albany Records document the day-to-day operations of the first 100 years of this community organization founded in 1910.

Collection Bridge Line Historical Society Collection, 1870-2023

The collection consist of the Bridge Line Historical Society's newsletter, as well as original maps, drawings, and related material documenting the Delaware & Hudson Railway, a railroad that operated in the northeastern United States.

Collection Henry T. Hettger Papers, 1990-2008

The Henry T. Hettger Papers document Hettger's interest in numismaticsacs and his writings about coins and coin collecting.

Collection Delmar Progress Club Records, 1903-2020

The Delmar Progress Club Records document the day-to-day operations and communitiy activities of this Bethlehem-N.Y. based organization founded in 1901.

Collection E. Melton Miller Papers, 1904-1910

Journal kept in 1904 describing a trip in 1901 to Ecuador by E. Melton Miller of Plymouth, Massachusetts.