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Collection William Kennedy Papers, 1926-2003

The William Kennedy Papers document nearly a half century of research, writing, and publishing efforts of the internationally recognized, Pulitzer Prize winning author, playwright, essayist, journalist, script writer, professor, and champion of the arts. The collection consists of records related to all of Kennedy's fiction and nonfiction books through 2002, including his "Albany Cycle" of novels, film scripts, essays, and newspaper articles from the Albany <em>Times-Union</em>. In addition, there is correspondence with other significant authors of American literature, biographical materials, and records documenting a trip to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with President Bill Clinton.

Collection Eugen Spiro Papers, 1940-1972

German-Jewish painter interned in the French concentration camp at Gurs, painted portraits of Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, and other notables. The collection includes correspondence, photographs of Spiro's artwork, and exhibit catalogues.

Collection Walter A. Friedländer (Friedlaender) Papers, 1914-1984

The Walter A. Friedländer (Friedlander) Papers consist of 45 archival boxes of materials, dating primarily from 1932 to 1984, with the bulk of material comprising Friedländer's voluminous correspondence (30 boxes). The collection also contains biographical materials, manuscripts and publications by Friedländer, as well as course materials and materials pertaining to national and international social welfare conferences, publications by other scholars, and materials collected by Friedländer on topics of interest, particularly social welfare topics.

Collection Saul K. Padover Papers, 1947-1972

This very small collection consists of Saul Padover's writings, course materials, and research materials. Padover was an Austrian-American political scientist, scholar of Soviet propaganda and American foreign policy, and professor at the New School for Social Research.

Collection Henry M. Pachter (Heinz Paechter) Papers, 1907-1987

The collection contains Pachter's writings in history, economics, current events, the social sciences and other topics. The bulk of the collection consists of Pachter's published essayistic writings, both for journals (including numerous articles for Dissent) and for newspapers.