New York State Modern Political Archive

New York State Modern Political Archive

Elected officials, interest groups, and activists from New York State.
The New York State Modern Political Archive (NYSMPA) was established in 1982 to document the work of individuals and private interest groups concerned with New York State public policy issues in the 20th century. Originally named the Archives of Public Affairs and Policy, the NYSMPA collects, preserves, and facilitates access to primary sources pertaining to New York State public affairs and policy, and now includes the personal papers of members of the gubernatorial administrations of Nelson A. Rockefeller; papers of former New York Congressional members and elected officials who served in New York State Legislature; and the official records and papers of numerous private groups, professional associations, individuals, public-sector labor unions, community groups, and other organizations concerned with Empire State public-policy issues.

New York State Modern Political Archive Collections

Collection ARISE; Records 1969-1970, 2002-2003, 1999, 2007

This collection contains a small amount of materials documenting the day-to-day activities of ARISE (A Regional Initiative Supporting Empowerment) primarily during 2002-2003 as well as related research material.

Collection Abramowitz, Howard; Papers 1937-1985

This collection contains research files created by and several typescript essays written by sociologist Howard D. Abramowitz. The collection amply documents his interest in the American labor movement and, in particular, the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) and sheds light on the scholarly research that he completed during the final years of his life.

Collection Abrams, Albert J.; Papers 1961, 1964-1965, 1970-1976, 1980

Albert Jack Abrams was born in Stamford, Connecticut, on May 29, 1915. Abrams began his university studies at the University of Michigan in 1932, and he attended the National Institute for Public Affairs in Washington, D.C., in 1935. He received an A.B. from New York University in 1936, and he continued his studies at Columbia University (1940) and the Cornell School of Labor and Industrial Relations (1946). The records in this manuscript collection were originally arranged in a numerically classified subject file under the general subject of legislative administration.

Collection Adams, William E.; Papers 1966-1970

The collection consists of materials from William E. Adams' service in the New York State Senate.

Collection Albany County Civic Center; Collection 1984-1988

The Albany County Civic Center Collection documents the policy decisions that went into planning an arena in downtown Albany. Originally named the Knickerbocker Arena, it was later known as the Pepsi Arena and the Times Union Center.

Collection Albany Friends Meeting; Records 1969-1991

This collection includes material related to the Albany Friends Meeting's social justice activities, specifically having to do with injustices within the New York State judicial system.

Collection Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU), Hudson Valley Area Joint Board; Records 1919-1990, Undated

The Hudson Valley Area Joint Board was formed in 1957 through the merger of the Columbia County and Mid-Hudson Valley Joint Boards. At that point, the two joint boards were affiliated of the Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA), which merged with the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (ACWA) in 1976 to form the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU). The collection documents the organization, administration, and activities of the Hudson Valley Area Joint Board and its predecessor organizations.

Collection American Association of University Women, Albany Chapter; Records 1913-1992

These records document the history of the Albany Branch of the American Association of University Women from 1913 - 1992. The records relate chiefly to women's issues; particularly higher education, general education, membership, international relations, legislation, World War II, employment, teaching, community projects and Albany, NY.

Collection American Marketing Association, New York Capital Region Chapter; Records 1992-2013

The American Marketing Association, Capital District Chapter works for the advancement of business and management in the region. The collection includes publications concerning programs sponsored by the organization as well as administrative records. Also included are descriptions and handouts from businesses in the Capital District.

Collection Appleby, Paul H.; Papers 1944-1956

The Paul H. Appleby collection is composed of correspondence and Appleby's writings and speeches from his experience in government service.

Collection Associated Industries of New York State / The Business Council of New York State; Records 1996 December 19 - 2017 March 27

The Associated Industries of New York State/ Business Council of New York State Records contains documents which were created during the group's 66 years of business. Among the contents are files on the group's former directors, correspondence and legal council records. The records of the association also contain some publications from other sources.

Collection Atlantic States Legal Foundation; Records 1966-2009

The Atlantic States Legal Foundation Records document the environmental not-for-profit organization's pollution reduction and environmental remediation projects and cases throughout the United States and territories.

Collection Bardacke, Gregory; Papers 1937-1938

This collection contains material related to Gregory Bardacke's work as a labor organizer for the International Ladies' Garment Worker's Union (ILGWU) and about the Derby Sportswear factory strike which began in August 1937 in Herkimer, New York.

Collection Becker, Frank J.; Papers 1953-1964, 1974

The Frank J. Becker Papers document Becker's service in the U.S Congress, as a representative of Nassau County (N.Y.), where he served from 1953-1964. The collection includes correspondence, subject files, and legislation from his tenure.

Collection Bender, Violet and Irwin F.; Papers 1941-2012

The Violet and Irwin F. Bender, Sr. Papers document the Pennsylvania couple's shortwave radio monitoring and subsequent correspondence about prisoners of war during World War II. The papers also contain correspondence about Axis Sally, an American radio broadcaster who was working for the Third Reich during the war and was later tried and convicted of treason in the United States.

Collection Bennet, Augustus W.; Papers 1935-1948

The collection contains materials from Augustus Bennet's campaigns for the House of Representatives and files from his subsequent service in Congress.

Collection Bennet, William Stiles; Papers 1884-1959

The William Stiles Bennet Papers document some of his public service and political campaigns as well as his time as a lobbyist and advocate for the lumber industry.

Collection Berking, Max; Papers 1964-1984

The Max Berking Papers, 1964-1965 collection contains materials related to Max Berking's service in the New York State Senate from 1964 to 1965.

Collection Berman, Frederic S.; Papers 1962-1975

The Frederic S. Berman Papers predominantly document his service in the New York State Senate through correspondence, newsclippings, bills, research material and campaign literature. In addition, there are files pertaining to his post-Senatorial career as the Commissioner of the New York City Rent and Housing Department and as a New York City Criminal Court Judge.

Collection Bethlehem Work on Waste; Records 1989-1996

This collection is about the Bethlehem Work on Waste (BWOW) and its opposition of the American Ref-Fuel/BFI incinerator from 1989 to 1995.

Collection BirthNet; Records 1994-2020

This collection documents the founding and day-to-day activities of BirthNet, a birth justice organization located in the Capital District of New York.

Collection Black Studio Inc.; Records 1960-1987

This collection consists of photographic negatives taken by the Black Studio, Inc., a commercial photography studio located in Schenectady, New York.

Collection Blandy, Tom; Papers 1980-1999

The Tom Blandy Papers document the group Concerned Citizens for the Environment's legal and political opposition to the proposed Green Island Solid Waste Incinerator

Collection Blinken, Donald M.; Papers 1969-2003

Donald M. Blinken was chairman of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York from 1978-1990. These records pertain to his tenure in that position.

Collection Bloch, Edward J.; Papers 1931-2001

This collection contains the papers of Edward J. Bloch (1924-2014), a native of New York who served in the military between 1943 and 1946 with assignments in Okinawa during World War II and post-war North China, taught science in Istanbul, Turkey (1947-1950), and dedicated the majority of his career to labor concerns as a representative for the labor union United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (1950-1984). Edward Bloch also served as President of the Labor Action Coalition of New York (1975 to the late 1990s), Director of the Interfaith Impact for the New York State Council of Churches (1987-1995), and ran unsuccessfully for two different congressional district seats (1984, 1986, 1995-1996). Among the many honors Bloch received during his lifetime is the Purple Heart, which he was awarded for his actions during World War II.

Collection Blumenthal, Albert H.; Papers 1963-1976

This collection consists of materials from Albert Blumenthal's service in the new York State Assembly.

Collection Boehlert, Sherwood; Papers 1980-2006

This collection contains materials from Sherwood Boehlert's service in the United States Congress from the State of New York.

Collection Boyd, Ralph F.; Papers 1943-1992

The Ralph Boyd, Sr. Papers contain personal and professional correspondence, news clippings, work manuals and agendas that document his career as a General Electric employee, community activist and member of the Schenectady branch of the NAACP.

Collection Brothers, The; ead 1966-1999

The Brothers was a civil rights group that was active in Albany, New York for several years beginning in 1966.

Collection Brydges, Earl W.; Papers Undated

The collection consists of photographs from Earl W. Brydges' service in the New York State Senate.

Collection Burton, Bernard; Records 1940-1991

The collection includes material related to Bernard Burton's service in World War II and newspaper articles he wrote in opposition to anti-abortion laws.

Collection Bush, E. Ogden; Papers 1884, 1958-1965

The E. Ogden Bush Papers document Bush's service as a New York State Senator in the early 1960s.

Collection Business and Professional Women's Club of Albany, New York; Records 1934-1988

The Business and Professional Women's Club of Albany, New York, (BPW) was founded in 1934 with 22 charter members as a chapter of the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of New York State, Inc. (founded in 1919) and a member of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc. The objectives of the club, according to its by-laws, were "To elevate the standards for women in business and in the professions; To promote the interests of business and professional women; To bring about a spirit of cooperation among business and professional women of the United States; [and] To extend opportunities to business and professional women through education along lines of industrial, scientific, and vocational activities."

Collection Butcher, Joan; Papers 1981-2019

This collection contains material related to Joan Butcher's lesbian and feminist activism and other work in New York State and the Capital Region.

Collection Button, Daniel Evan; Papers 1962-1971

The Daniel Evan Button Papers contain Button's records of his terms as a U.S. Representative of the 29th Congressional District of New York.

Collection Cabot, Lawrence; Papers 1964-1965

The Lawrence A. Cabot Papers document Cabot's service in the New York State Assembly where he served for one term in 1964-1965. The collection includes correspondence, subject files, and legislation from his tenure.

Collection Campbell, Donald A.; Papers 1946-1968

This collection contains bills, correspondence, supplemental materials, and committee papers from Donald A. Campbell's tenure as a New York State Assemblyman from 1951-1968.

Collection Campus Action; Records 1992-2006

Campus Action was formed in April of 1992 as a multi-cultural, multi-issue organization with a mission to promote activism and support activist organizations on university campuses in New Yorks Capital Region.

Collection Capital Area Archivists of New York; Records 1982-2006

The purpose of Capital Area Archivists of New York is to support the education of, and provide for professional discourse between, members of the archival profession and users and supporters of archives residing in and around New York's Capital Region. The collection includes board meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, financial records, and subject files.

Collection Capital Area Council of Churches; Records 1941-2002

This collection contains administrative files, correspondence, newsletters, subject files and meeting minutes from the Capital Area Council of Churches, an organization designed to promote cooperation between different religious institutions in the Albany, N.Y. area.

Collection Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid & Racism; Records 1981-1995

Founded by a group of Albany area residents who organized to prevent the Springboks, the all-white South African national rugby team representing the apartheid South African government, from playing a game against the American all-star rugby team in Albany scheduled in 1981.

Collection Capital Region Planning; Collection 1949-2008

This collection contains project plans, designs, and recommendations. The materials discuss plans for cities and towns in New York's Capital Region as well as for the state overall.

Collection Casatelli, Jeanne; Papers 1966-2002, bulk 1996-2002

Jeanne Casatelli is a native of East Greenbush, New York, who has fought sprawl in her hometown for more than twenty years.

Collection Casier, Frank; Papers 1974-1994

This collection documents Frank Casier's, and his fellow local residents, campaigns against the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) Act and the actions of the Agency from the 1970s through the 1990s.

Collection Center for Law and Justice; Records 1985-2000

This collection documents the day-to-day activities of the Center for Law and Justice in Albany, New York, founded by its Executive Director Dr. Alice P. Green in 1985.

Collection Citizen Action of New York; Records 1983-2008

This collection contains the records Citizen Action of New York. Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots membership organization that fights for social, racial, economic, and enviornmental justice. Working closely with New York State politicans, community organizers, and activists, Citizen Action members hope to end the oppression of marginalized groups.

Collection Citizens Budget Commission Records 1931-1999

The Citizens Budget Commission contain information on the financial outlook of New York City from the 1930's to the 1990's.

Collection Citizens Environmental Coalition; Records 1973-2005

The records of Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC) document its research and activism, from its infancy as part of the New York Environmental Institute, through its independent chartering in 1991, and continuing into the new millennium.

Collection City Club of Albany; Records 1945-1961

The collection documents the City Club of Albany and primarily contains organizational records from 1957-1959, mainly concerned with issues of the Citizen's Platform. The collection is composed chiefly of files retained by Harriet D. Adams as vice president of the club when it was particularly interested in urban planning.

Collection City of Newburgh Urban Renewal; Collection 1935-2000

This collection contains materials from the City of Newburgh Engineering Department and the Newburgh Urban Renewal Agency, documenting the City's redevelopment efforts in the mid-late 20th century.

Collection Committee for Progressive Legislation; Records 1950-1993

The Committee for Progressive Legislation records document the efforts of the group in bringing attention to issues important to many New Yorkers, especially abortion, family planning, welfare rights, and the attack on separation of church and state.

Collection Communications Workers of America (CWA), Local 1104, Education Division; Records 1969-2001 (bulk 1983-1999)

The Education Division of Communication Workers of America, Local 1104 represents "employees eligible for union membership who are employed as: graduate students holding State-funded positions as Graduate Assistants or Teaching Assistants employed by the State University of New York." The collection includes news clippings, contracts, photographs, administrative records, as well as ephemera such as t-shirts, buttons, hats, and cup holders.

Collection Concerned Citizens Against Crossgates; Records 1979-1984

Concerned Citizens Against Crossgates (CCAC) was organized as an informal group opposed to the construction of the Pyramid Crossgates mall in the summer of 1979.

Collection Conference of Large City Boards of Education; Records 1968-1981

The Conference of Large City Boards of Education Records include some of the day-to-day operations of the Special Task Force on Equity and Excellence in Education as documented through files kept by Eugene Samter, Executive Director of the Conference. The collection also includes Samter's testimony from the 1976 Levittown vs. Nyquist case argued before the New York State Supreme Court.

Collection Conservative Party of New York State; Records 1960-2019

The Conservative Party Of New York State Records contain files created and used the chairmen of the New York State Conservative Party: Kieran O'Doherty, 1962; J. Daniel Mahoney, 1962-86; Serphin Maltese, 1986-88; and Michael R. Long, 1989-2019. The strength of the records is in its documentation of New York State politics and elections (including the State Legislature and other state offices), the Conservative Party's political endorsements and candidates (including writer William F. Buckley, Jr., and Senator James Buckley), and the political goals and ideological positions on contemporary and 20th century issues.

Collection Coplon, David; Papers 1955-1980

The collection includes material related to pro-peace organizations retained by Schnectady resident David Coplon.

Collection Corliss, Robert; Papers 1967-1991

The Robert Corliss Papers contain reports and other publications pertaining to criminal justice.

Collection Costa, Cheryl Ann; Papers 1992-2020

This collection documents the life, professional work, and topics of interest to Cheryl Ann Costa, including her life and experiences as a transgender woman; her writing; her radio, theater, and television work; and her UFO research.

Collection Crone, Michelle; Papers 1927-2000, bulk 1982-1995

The Michelle Crone Papers document her experience as a feminist and lesbian activist from the early 1980s until the mid-1990s. The collection includes material from here position as National Civil Disobedience Coordinator for the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, and as a member of the Executive Committee for the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. Also present are records from Michelle Crone's management of a number of women's festivals from 1982 to 1996—most notably Rhythm Fest and the Cultural Festival at Gay Games IV—and records from her Capital District production company, Elword Productions. The collection also includes the records from her experience with the Seneca Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the National Lesbian Conference. Also included are her personal correspondence, records of her undergraduate studies with the theater and women's studies programs at the University at Albany, SUNY, and political literature from a number of progressive causes at the national and local levels.

Collection Cross, Vincent; Papers 1986-1993

Documentation on Dr. Anna Perkins, a physician from Westerlo, NY noted for her 65 year career caring for residents of the Northern Catskills.

Collection Crossgates Regional Shopping Mall; Collection 1979-1985

Materials relating to the application of the Pyramid Crossgates Company to the New York State DEC and DOT for permits to build the Crossgates Regional Shopping Mall in the Albany Pine Bush.

Collection Curran, Henry; Papers 1961-1968

The Henry Curran Papers contain materials from Curran's decade of service in the New York State Senate from 1961-1968. The collection includes committee work, sponsored legislation, correspondence, reports, and news clippings from his tenure.

Collection Curto, Ernest; Papers 1944, 1946-1965

The Ernest Curto Papers document Curto's service in the New York State Assembly, as a representative of Niagara County (N.Y.), where he served from 1946-1964. The collection includes correspondence, subject files, and legislation from his tenure.

Collection Davidson, Richard C.; Collection 1937-1960

This collection includes the by-laws and regulations, correspondence, meeting minutes, and other administrative records and records of the political activities of The Sentinel Rifle and Revolver Club of New York from the late 1930s to 1960.

Collection Davis, Jackson; Papers 1952-1997

The papers of Jackson Davis document his environmental activism and work with environmental organizations.

Collection Day, Theodore; Records 1961-1972

The collection consists of materials from Theodore Day's service in the New York State Assembly and New York State Senate in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Collection DeLuca, George; Papers 1949-1964

The collection consists of materials from George De Luca's professional career and personal life.

Collection DeSalvio, Louis; Papers 1958-1978

This collection contains materials from Louis DeSalvio's service in the New York State Assembly.

Collection DeSole, Gloria; Papers 1969-1988

The collection pertains to the Women's movement during the 1960s-1980s, with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ women. Other subjects of interest include the experiences of working and professional women, and women who either worked in, or attended institutions of higher education. Many items in the collection are focused on women in the Capital Region of New York State.

Collection Death Row Support Project; Records 1988-2023

This collection documents the Death Row Support Project, a project of the Church of the Brethren, which connects individuals incarcerated on Death Row with pen pals.

Collection Delaney, James Joseph; Papers 1950-1978

The James Joseph Delaney Papers, 1950-1978, document Delaney's extensive tenure in Congress. Elected in November 1948, Delaney remained in Congress until his retirement in December 1978. Delaney served as Congressman from Queens, New York and his three decades in Washington are distinguished by consecutive elections to chairman of the House Rules Committee and the addition of the 1958 Delaney Clause to the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Collection Desmond, Thomas C.; Papers 1930-1972

Press releases about his work and concerns as a New York State Senator, clippings about Senator Desmond and his wife, correspondence with Albert J. Abrams and reports and drafts on the Presidential primary system.

Collection Donovan, Hope; Papers 1970-2003

This collection consists of a variety of materials collected by Hope Donovan during her work as an environmental activist and prominent member of the League of Women Voters of New York State. Most of the collection consists of publications, reports, conference proceedings, guides, and papers from such subject as Adirondack Park, development issues, and the Smart Growth Conferences.

Collection Doran, Robert; Papers 1970-2004

This collection contains the writings of Robert Doran as well as materials he collected related to social justice, political and environmental issues.

Collection Dow, John Goodchild; Papers 1967-1971

John Goodchild Dow was a U.S. Representative from New York. Dow was an unsuccessful candidate for the New York state legislature in 1954 and 1956 before being elected as a Democrat to the 89th and 90th Congresses (January 3, 1965-January 3, 1969). Dow was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the 91st Congress in 1968, but was elected to the 92nd Congress (January 3, 1971-January 3, 1973) before being an unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the 93rd Congress in 1972, an unsuccessful candidate for election to the 94th Congress in 1974, and an unsuccessful candidate for nomination to the 98th Congress in 1982. Dow died on March 11, 2003, in Suffern New York. His papers contain materials related to his political career.

Collection Dunne, John R.; Papers 1943-1970

This collection documents John R. Dunne's first years of service in the New York State Senate, from the mid-1960s until 1970.

Collection Duryea, Perry B., Jr.; Papers 1961-1972

The Perry B Dunyea, Jr. Papers is a collection documenting Dunyea's years as Republican Majority Leader of the State Assembly. This collection includes news clippings, a weekly column published about significant issues, Dunyea press releases, and other publicity materials released by his staff. This collection does not include any of his personal papers. The collection appears to be composed of material assembled for research about Duryea around 1972.

Collection Eighth Step, The; Records 1975-2003

The collection contains records of the the Eighth Step, an independent, non-profit organization which held held concerts of folk, traditional, ethnic, blues, and jazz music and was originally involved in and influenced by late 1960s politics.

Collection Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs; Records 1938-1991

These records document the activities and membership of the Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs (ESFWC) - the umbrella organization of New York State African-American women's groups - from 1938-1991. The collection also includes records from affiliated organizations: the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs (NACWC) and the Northeast Federation of Women's Clubs (NFWC).

Collection Employee Ownership Project; Records 1967-2000

Records of independent, non-profit organization which promotes the creation and growth of micro-enterprises and small business ventures to improve the lives of low and moderate income residents of the Capital Region.

Collection Environmental Advocates of New York; Records 1970 - 2017 June 1

The Environmental Advocates of New York Records document the legislative activities of the organization from the 1980s through the late 1990s. The collection consists of correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, reports, memorandums, publications, news clippings, promotional material, as well as administrative files.

Collection Environmental Clearinghouse, Inc. (ECOS); Records 1962-2004

The Environmental Clearinghouse, Inc. also known as ECOS, is a regional environmental organization founded in Schenectady, New York in October 1971 by members of the Junior League of Schenectady, Inc. and supported since 1974 by membership contributions, donations, and volunteers.

Collection Equal Justice USA; Records 1989-2016

This collection documents Equal Justice USA's efforts to abolish capital punishment and reform the criminal justice system nationwide.

Collection Estabrook, Arthur H.; Papers 1908-1962

Papers of eugenics researcher Arthur Estabrook focus on racial integrity, sterilization of the mentally defective, venereal disease, intelligence, and criminality. Limited material is availible on the Jukes of New York state, the "Tribe of Ishmael" of Indiana, and the Carrie Buck trial.

Collection Family Planning Advocates of New York State; Records 1976-2004

Family Planning Advocates of New York State was established in the 1970's by the affiliates of Planned Parenthood of New York State in an effort to expand the capacity of its organization to affect public policy through lobbying and education.

Collection Farbstein, Leonard; Papers 1955-1970

Leonard Farbstein was a U.S. Representative from New York. Farbstein was born in New York City on October 12, 1902. He graduated from High School of Commerce, attended City College of New York, attended Hebrew Union Teachers College, and graduated from New York University Law School in 1924. During the World War I, Farbstein served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve and later as vice chairman of the East River Day Camp, a philanthropic organization. Farbstein was a lawyer in private practice. Farbstein served as a member of the New York State Assembly from 1932 through 1956. He was elected as a Democrat to the 85th and the six succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1957-January 3, 1971) before being an unsuccessful candidate for renomination to the 92nd Congress in 1970. Farbstein died on November 9, 1993, in New York, NY and his interment is in Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus, NJ.

Collection Fetterley, Judith; Papers 1971-1993

The collection includes materials related to the women's issues with a particular emphasis on the University at Albany, SUNY. Records of particular interest are those of Albany Women Against Rape, Capital District Women, and the Caucus on Women's Rights at SUNY. Also included are issues of the publication The Spokeswoman (1971-1981).

Collection Filler, Judith; Papers 1991-2010

This collection contains material related to the dealth penalty abolitionist work of Judith "Jude" Filler in Texas.

Collection Fino, Paul A.; Papers 1949-1969

Paul A. Fino was a United States Representative from Bronx, New York. Fino was a member of the New York State Senate from January 1945 to May 1950. He was then member of the New York City Civil Service Commission from June 1, 1950, to December 31, 1952. Fino was elected as a Republican to the 83rd and to the seven succeeding Congresses and served from January 3, 1953, until his resignation December 31, 1968, to become a New York Supreme Court Justice having been elected November 5, 1968. Fino assumed his duties as a justice on January 1, 1969. Fino passed away in 2009. This collections contains records related to Fino's time in office. These records include constituent files, legislative files, and records related to the national lottery that Fino tried to implement.

Collection Freedom Forum; Records 1959-1978

This collection documents the activities of the Freedom Forum from 1959-1978. It includes information about administrative practices, meeting minutes, letters between members, and two photographs.

Collection Gabrielson, Guy George; Papers 1925-1967

The Guy Gabrielson Papers contain materials that document the political career of Guy George Gabrielson from his start in New Jersey state politics through his years as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Many of the materials document the 1952 U.S. Presidential election and Republican National Committee Convention which Gabrielson presided over as chairman.

Collection Galef, Sandy; Papers 1991-2018

This collection documents the legislative career of New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef.

Collection Glove Cities Area Joint Board, ACTWU; Records 1933-1989

The Glove Cities Area Joint Board of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (ACWA) was founded in Gloversville, N.Y., 1954. This Joint Board originally had jurisdiction over the clothing workers unions in Gloversville and Johnstown, N.Y., and nearby villages. These locals were primarily locals of glove and leather goods workers.

Collection Goldstein, Nathaniel Lawrence; Papers 1922-1973

This collection contains documents, materials, and memorabilia spanning the life and career of former New York Attorney General Nathaniel L. Goldstein, who served the state from 1943 to 1954. Goldstein, a Republican, is largely remembered for his work to delegitimize the Ku Klux Klan and contributions to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (once part of Yeshiva University), as well as other facets of American security, philanthropy, and Jewish life in the mid-20th century. After his time in office, Goldstein continued his lifelong love of litigation by working in a private law firm.

Collection Gould, Samuel; Papers 1933-1997

The Samuel B. Gould Papers document his personal life as well as his many professional positions in education, including his tenure as chancellor of the State University of New York.

Collection Graphic Communications International Union, Local 10-B (Bookbinder); Records 1892-1989

The Correctional Association of New York Records includes records from the Board of Directors, annual reports, prison visit files, Narcotics Committee files, program and bureau files, project files, subject files, and publications. The only records of the organization available from the nineteenth century are the annual reports, which have been microfilmed and are available in the University Library.

Collection Graphic Communications International Union, Local 259-M; Records 1941-1988

This collection includes records from Graphic Communications International Union, Local 259-M and the three previously independent unions that merged to form GCIU Local 259-M - Utica Graphic Communications Union, Local 58-C; Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union Local 21-P; and Local 59 of the Amalgamated Lithographers of America (ALA).

Collection Graves, Rhoda Fox; Papers 1906-1948

This collection documents Rhoda Fox Graves' service in the New York State Assembly and Senate. It also contains some personal materials from her life.

Collection Green, Alice P.; Papers 1960-2001

This collection contains records of the activities of Dr. Alice P. Green from her days as a student of criminal justice at the University at Albany, SUNY, through her career as founder and executive director of the Center for Law and Justice in Albany.

Collection Halpern, Seymour; Papers 1958-1972

Seymour Halpern was a U.S. Representative from New York. Halpern served as a member of the New York State Senate from 1941-1954. While Halpern was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for election to the Eighty-fourth Congress in 1954, he was elected to the Eighty-sixth and to the six succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1959-January 3, 1973). Halpern was not a candidate for reelection in 1972 to the Ninety-third Congress and he died on January 10, 1997. This collection contains records pertaining to Halpern's political career.

Collection Hancock, Clarence; Papers 1929-1946

The Clarence Eugene Hancock Papers document Hancock's time in the House of Representatives in the United States Congress. He was the representative of the 35th District of New York from 1927 to 1945 but came to represent the 36th district from 1945 to 1947 after New York State was redistricted. The collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, Congressional bills, transcripts of Congressional hearings, telegrams, and handwritten notes.

Collection Hanks, Paul; Papers 1944-1966, Undated

Paul B. Hanks Jr.'s papers document his last years as a Republican assemblyman in the New York State Legislature for Monroe County (N.Y.)'s 3rd District (1960-1964).

Collection Harris, Raymond and Sara; Papers 1942-2009

This collection documents the personal and professional lives of Dr. Raymond and Sara Harris and their involvment in the Albany, N.Y. community.

Collection Hastings, James F.; Papers 1959-1965

James F. Hasting was a member of the New York State Assembly from 1962-1965, and went on to serve in the New York State Senate in 1965 for two terms. Hastings was elected as a Republican to the Ninety-first Congress on January 3, 1969. Hasting was elected to the three succeeding Congresses, and served until his resignation on January 20, 1976. Hasting's collection contains records to his time in office.

Collection Hatfield, Ernest I; Papers 1949-1968

The Ernest I. Hatfield Papers document Hatfield's service in the New York State Senate, where he served from 1948-1964, and the years immediately following. The collection includes correspondence, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, speeches, and bills he introduced.

Collection Helsby, Robert D.; Papers 1966-1987

The Robert D. Helsby Papers include materials that document his work as first chair of the New York State Public Employment Relations Board from 1967-1977 and include publications on labor relations, New York's Taylor Law and collective bargaining.

Collection Hinchey, Maurice; Papers 1974-2012

This collection documents Maurice Hinchey's service as a member of the New York State Assembly and then a United States Congressman from the Hudson Valley of New York.

Collection Holding Our Own; Records 1983-2006

This collection documents the day-to-day activities of Holding Our Own, an organization established to incite and support feminist social justice in New York's Capital Region.

Collection Horton, S. Wentworth; Papers 1933-1958

S. Wentworth Horton was born in Greenport, NY on October 16, 1885. Horton was a Republican member of the New York State Senate (1st District, 1947-1956) and an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention from New York in 1948. Horton was a Presbyterian and a member of Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon. His collections contains records relating to his time in the New York State Senate.

Collection Hudson Valley District Council of Carpenters; Records 1887-1990

On November 14, 1946 the Carpenters' District Council of Ulster County and Vicinity was chartered. This council had local chapters in Kingston and Ellenville, New York. During the late 1940's local unions in the area began affiliating with the district council and eventually the district council, on May 4, 1949, was rechartered as the Hudson Valley District Council of Carpenters, the change of name more closely describing its jurisdiction. New local unions continued to be created, and independent local unions continued to affiliate with the district council. By the early 1950's the district council represented carpenters in Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Sullivan, and Ulster counties.

Collection Hunger Action Network of New York State; Records 1979-2003, bulk 1979-2003

The Hunger Action Network of New York State was founded at the Food, Famine and Federalism conference on May 20th, 1982. The statewide membership organization is comprised of direct food providers, advocates, and others with the same goal of ending hunger and poverty in New York State. Today, HANNYS has more than 200 member organizations fighting in unison. The organization holds offices in New York City and Albany, New York.

Collection Hurd, T. Norman; Papers 1975-1976

The Thomas Norman Hurd collection includes his 1975 testimonies before the New York State Moreland Act Commission on Nursing Homes and Residential Facilities. The remainder of the collection is composed of Hurd's 1976 contributions to the weekly reports submitted to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller on New York City's budget crisis and progress toward resolution. These reports were also presented to President Gerald Ford.

Collection Hyman, William; Papers Undated

William Abramowitz Hyman was born on July 29, 1893 in Baltimore. Hyman was a partner of Hyman & Harris and served as special deputy attorney general of New York under Governor Alfred E. Smith. Hyman is best known for his legal theories on the use of space which he propounded in his 1961 book, The Magna Carta of Space. This collection contains records relating to his career in law and politics.

Collection IUE-CWA Local 301; Records 1939-2001

Union founded at General Electric's Schenectady, NY plant after the passage of the Wagner Act.

Collection International Typographical Union; Collection 1870-1936

The International Typographical Union (ITU) was founded on May 3, 1852 in New York City. The ITU was a US trade union for the printing trade for newspapers and other media. This collection contains proceedings of the annual meetings (1870-1887, 1902) and convention photographs (1927, 1936).

Collection James Connolly Irish Republican Club; Records 1972-2015

The collection documents the activism of the Albany-based James Connolly Irish Republican Club during the mid-late 1970s through the Club's revival in 2015.

Collection Jones, Howard Palfrey; Papers 1917-1973

This collection documents many aspects of the career of Howard Palfrey Jones, including work in the civil service in New York State, foreign service, and with local governments.

Collection Kelsey, William; Papers 1977-2001

The collection contains materials from William Kelsey's career working for New York State government especially related to the Public Employees Federation (PEF).

Collection Keogh, Eugene James; Papers 1854-1858, bulk 1937/1972

This collection consists of papers from Keogh's career as a New York State Assemblyman and U.S. Representative from New York.

Collection Kerr Ross, Patricia; Papers 1967-1997

This collection contains records of Patricia Kerr Ross as Director, State University of New York (SUNY) Programs in the Arts.

Collection Kiepper, James; Papers 1964-1988

Dr. James "Jim" Kiepper served on the faculty in the School of Education at the University at Albany for 35 years. During the 1960s, he also was special assistant to Michigan Governor George Romney, and New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller in his national bid for the U.S. Presidency in 1968. This collection documents Kiepper's long-time interest and work in politics. It includes a significant amount of memorabilia (dresses, stickers, pins, balloons, posters, fans) related to the Romney and Rockefeller presidential campaigns in 1964 and 1968. It also features Kiepper's personal notebooks from the 1964 Republican National Convention and from his work as an advance man for Rockefeller in 1968 as he traveled the country seeking a presidential bid. There also are materials from other 20th Century U.S. Presidential and Congressional political campaigns. In addition, the collection features news clips, calendars and schedules, notes, lectures and teaching materials. Kiepper is the author of Styles Bridges: Yankee Senator (2001) and previously edited the papers of Bridges and U.S. Representatives Perkins Bass and James Cleveland.

Collection Kingston, John E.; Papers Undated

John E. Kingston of Westbury, Nassau County, NY was born in 1920. Kingston was commonly known as Jack Kingston. He was a Republican member of the New York State Assembly, 1960-1974 (Nassau County 3rd District 1960-1965, 16th District 1966, 17th District 1967-1972, 15th District 1973-1974); a district judge in New York, 1990-1994; and a Justice of the New York Supreme Court, 1995. Kingston died on May 5, 1996, with interment at Nassau Knolls Cemetery, Port Washington, Long Island, NY.

Collection Knolls Action Project; Records 1969-1994

These records document the day-to-day activities and interests of the Knolls Action Project (KAP).

Collection Kupferman, Thomas; Papers Undated

Theodore Roosevelt Kupferman was a Representative from New York. Kupferman was born in New York City on May 12, 1920. Kupferman was elected as a Republican to the Eighty-ninth Congress by special election to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of U.S. Representative John V. Lindsay. Kupferman was reelected to the Ninetieth Congress (February 8, 1966-January 3, 1969), but was not a candidate for reelection to the Ninety-first Congress in 1968. Kupferman was also a justice of the New York State Supreme Court, 1969-1996. Kupferman died on September 23, 2003, in New York, NY. This collection contains materials related to Kupferman's political career.

Collection Kuykendall, Mary; Papers 1920-1970

The collection documents workers at General Electric and the city of Schenectady. The materials includes a pamphlet for the General Electric alumni association, a book about the Steinmetz family, and other material about General Electric.

Collection League of Women Voters of Albany County; Records 1940-2001

The records of the League of Women Voters of Albany County (LWVAC), include material produced by the LWVAC as well as material that was produced by the League of Women Voters of New York State and the League of Women Voters of the United States. The most comprehensive series in the collection is the Administrative Files. There are meeting minutes, annual reports, and Board of Directors lists from 1940-2001. A large portion of the LWVAC collection relates to the two main purposes of the organization: voter service and "study and action." Records relating to voter service include pamphlets with information about candidates and citizen voting rights published by the LWVAC and material used to increase voter participation. Records related to "study and action" include material used by the LWVAC to inform citizens about public policy issues locally, statewide, and nationally. A strength of the LWVAC collection is the amount of material related to various public policy issues and how they affected the local community.

Collection League of Women Voters of Saratoga County; Records 1965-2016

Founded in 1920, the League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that informs citizens about government, encourages their participation, and seeks to influence public policy through education and advocacy. One of nearly 60 local leagues in New York State, the League of Women Voters of Saratoga County (formerly the League of Women Voters, Saratoga Springs Area) formed in early 1965. This collection documents the operation and activities of this local league from its founding through 2010.

Collection Lent, Norman F.; Papers 1962-1970

Norman Frederick Lent was a U.S. Representative from New York. He was an associate police justice in East Rockaway, NY from 1960-1962, as well as a confidential law secretary to New York Supreme Court Justice. Lent was a member of the New York State Senate from 1962-1970; executive committeeman in East Rockaway, NY, 1962-1984; a delegate to the New York State Republican convention, 1968; and a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1972. Lent was elected as a Republican-Conservative to the Ninety-second and ten succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1971-January 3, 1993) and was not a candidate for re-nomination to the One Hundred Third Congress in 1992. Lent died on June 11, 2012. His papers contain materials related to his political career.

Collection Lewis, Nahum H.; Papers 1896-2003

The collection documents the Jewish community in New York's Capital Region and the creation of the Albany Jewish Community Center.

Collection Link, Eugene P.; Papers 1907-1993

History Professor and activist for unionism, this collection contains correspondence and rsearch files on Harry F. Ward, American medical history, and other subjects.

Collection Lombardi, Tarky; Papers 1966-1967

The Tarky Lombardi, Jr. Papers contain correspondence documenting Lombardi's first term in the New York State Senate from 1966-1967.

Collection Lumbard, Eliot H.; Papers 1943-2006

This collection documents the professional and personal life of Eliot H. Lumbard.

Collection Lurie, Andrea; Papers 1967-1986

This collection contains materials related to the women's movement and lesbian rights in New York State, especially the Capital Region in the 1970s.

Collection M.C. Lawton Civic & Cultural Club; Records 1921-2004

The M.C. Lawton Civic and Cultural Club Records showcase the operations of the first black organization in Albany that was actively involved in community service and educational advancement, which was founded in 1919.

Collection MacCrate, Robert; Papers 1958-1962

Robert MacCrate was a lawyer who served as counsel to New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller. This collection contains correspondence and legislation sent to the Governor by MacCrate concerning pending bills in the New York State Senate and Assembly. There also are background reports and summaries on major topics of interest including transportation, health, economic trends, education, and discrimination in New York State.

Collection Madej, Henry M.; Papers 1975-2008

The Henry M. Madej papers contain documents pertaining to his work with the Albany City Charter Revision Commission, the Pine Hills Neighborhood Association, and the Albany Tricentennial Commission. The documents in this collection include professional correspondence, newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, agendas, document drafts, press releases, newsletters, pamphlets, memorabilia, magazines, invitations, schedules, event plans, and handwritten notes as well other materials that document his involvement with the city of Albany, New York and the University at Albany community.

Collection Maltese, Serphin R.; Papers 1935-2021

The Serphin R. Maltese Papers document his career as a State Senator in the New York's 15th Senate District and his pre- and post-Senate service.

Collection Manley, Henry S.; Papers 1849-1960

The Henry S. Manley Papers contain materials related to Manley's legal career, research materials related to Native American issues (including material used for Manley's book The Treaty of Fort Stanwix, 1784), and some of his personal papers.

Collection Manley, Martin K.; Papers 1969-2014

This collection contains material related to the social and political activism of Martin Manley, a longtime Schenectady, New York resident.

Collection Martens, Freda R. H.; Papers 1961-1985

The Freda R. H. Martens Papers contain reports and papers about her work in higher education in both California and New York.

Collection Matos, Elba; Collection 1983-2007

The materials were gathered by Ms. Matos from marches, protests, and rallies of U.S. social movements and organizations which promote social justice, peace, human rights, revolution, socialism, and anti-imperialism, and other causes. The collection consists of monographs, pamphlets, periodicals, posters, and miscellaneous ephemera.

Collection McEneny, John; Papers 1992-2009

This collection contains the papers of John J. McEneny's tenure in the New York State Assembly.

Collection McNulty, Michael R.; Papers 1988-2008

The collection contains the records from Michael Robert McNulty's tenure as a U.S. Representative from New York from 1989 to 2009. He served in Congress for 10 terms and was a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, where he was chairman of the Subcommittee on Social Security. He chose not to run for reelection in 2008.

Collection Melich, Tanya M.; Papers 1912-2018

The Tanya M. Melich Papers contain materials relating to the political landscape of the United states throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, as well as various social movements with a particular emphasis on Women's rights.

Collection Mennillo, David J.; Papers 1950-1980

David Mennillo was a longtime employee of General Electric in Schenectady, New York. The collection includes material related to Mennillo's career such as training materials and his resume.

Collection Metcalf, George; Papers 1950-1967

George R. Metcalf was born in Auburn, NY on February 5, 1914. Metcalf was a newspaper publisher and served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was a Republican member of the New York State Senate fro, 1951-1965. Metcalf served the 47th District from 1951-1954, and then the 48th District from 1955 to 1965. Metcalf was also a member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Freemasons, Eagles, Elks, and Lions. He died in Auburn Memorial Hospital on May 30, 2002. This collection contains records relating to Metcalf's time in the New York State Senate.

Collection Michelson, Vera. P.; Papers 1921-2018

This collection documents the lifelong activism of Albany, N.Y. resident Vera Michelson, especially her work with the Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism.

Collection Miles, Rufus E., Jr.; Papers 1934-1985

Miles served fifteen years as a top level administrator at the Federal Security Agency and the Department of Health Education and Welfare.

Collection Miller, Howard F.; Papers 1939-1983

Miller was an expert on institutional budgetary finance. He served on the faculty of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University (1947-1969), as deputy director of the New York State Division of the Budget (1971-1978), and director of the budget, (1978-1980).

Collection Mishler, Mark; Papers 1975-2008

This collection contains the papers of Mark Mishler, a practicng attaorney in Albany, New York.

Collection Moffat, Abbot Low; Papers 1929-1943

New York Republican Politician and proponent of the NYS Thruway, Moffat served on the State Assembly 1929-1943, U.S. State Department South-East Asia Division, 1944-1947, and later as a U.S. diplomat in Greece, the United Kingdom, Burma, and Ghana.

Collection Monday Musical Club; Records 1924-1988

The Monday Music Club was formed in 1904 among twenty women, to practice their music skills. The women practiced their skills in workshops and other artistic excerices. Even though they were founded in 1904, the collection does not cover the first twenty years of the club.

Collection Moore, Frank C.; Papers 1881-1978

The records in this collection document Frank Moore's career as a New York State public servant. They consist primarily of the records of Moore's service in various elected and appointed positions.

Collection Mulligan, Thomas E., Jr.; Papers 1941-1973

The Thomas E. Mulligan Papers document Mulligan's life from 1941 to 1973 including his two unsucessful political campaigns, one for Mayor of Albany and the other for assemblyman.

Collection Murphy, Joseph; Papers Undated

Joseph Murphy of Manhattan was a Republican candidate for New York State Senate (25th District) in 1956 and 1958.

Collection Murray, William J.; Papers 1927-1990

This collection documents the professional work of William J. Murray, who served as assistant administrative director of the New York State Department of Civil Service from 1946-1952 and then administrative director of the Department from 1952 until his retirement in 1971.

Collection Myers, Malinda; Papers 1951-2003

This collection contains materials from Malinda Myers' work with the NAACP, Schenectady branch, and Schenectady County Community College.

Collection NAACP, Schenectady Branch; Records 1949-1982

The NAACP Schenectady Branch Records document concerns for discrimination in housing and employment and for the recruitment of black professionals from colleges and universities to the area. The records also show the Branch's involvement with area social service providers, labor unions, and other community organizations, as well as with General Electric, as the area's major employer.

Collection National Organization for Women, Albany Chapter; Records 1971-2005

The National Organization for Women--Albany, N.Y. Chapter Records document the daily activities and special events involving the chapter as well as the chapter's interactions with the state and federal organizations.

Collection National Organization for Women, New York State Chapter; Records 1961-2011

The New York State chapter of NOW aims to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society in order to exercise all privileges and responsibilities in an equal partnership with men. Working close with the Senate, political candidates,other women organizations, and community activists, NOW-NYS members work to defend women from inequality.

Collection Nattell, Tom; Papers 1956-2002

The Thomas Nattell papers document the life of a mental health worker and political activist active during the 1980s and 1990s in Albany, New York. He created and participated in organizations like the Albany Peace and Energy Council (APEC) and the Three Guys From Albany poetry troupe. He also acted as promoter and event coordinator for movie showings, poetry open mics and an annual 24-hour poetry reading alongside a coinciding international postcard art event. Nattell used poetry and other arts to advance world peace, anti-nuclear power and proliferation, and environmental issues. This collection contains videos of events, photographs, scrapbooks full of art and poetry mailed from around the world to Nattell, subject files with research on topics related to his professional work as well as his activism, poetry, correspondence, and clippings.

Collection New York Civil Liberties Union; Records 1998 December 5 - 2017 July 28

The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) is the preeminent statewide organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of individual civil liberties and civil rights in New York State. Founded in 1951, the NYCLU's mission is to defend and uphold the basic rights and liberties articulated in the Bill of Rights and to advocate, litigate and educate for the protection of civil liberties. Through litigation, legal counsel, advocacy and legislative lobbying, the NYCLU has, among many issues, protected political freedom during the McCarthy era, argued against the constitutionality of the Vietnam War, created the first project focused on the rights of mentally disabled, and was the first civil liberties organization to advocate for reforming the foster care placement system. Over the last thirty years, the NYCLU has advocated for issues surrounding voting rights and censorship, fought to end gender discrimination and school segregation in New York State schools, and defended the separation of church and state. The collection consists of legal case files, administrative records and other archival materials. The collection is being processed and is currently closed, unless permission to access is granted in writing from the NYCLU Executive Director.

Collection New York Friends of Midwives; Records 1978-2010

This collection documents the day-to-day activities of former advocacy organization, New York Friends of Midwives. New York Friends of Midwives advocated for the birthing rights of mothers and practicing midwives.

Collection New York Public Welfare Association; Records 1928-1995

The collection documents a sixty-seven year time span (1928-1995) of the New York Public Welfare Association and contains a wealth of material related to the history and diverse functions of the organization including correspondence, memos, minutes of meetings, expenditures, and other files.

Collection New York Republican State Committee; Records 1888-2001

The New York Republican State Committee (NYRSC) is a representational legislative branch for the New York Republican Party which nominates Republican candidates for state and federal positions.

Collection New York State Coalition for Criminal Justice; Records 1971-1986

Formed in reaction to the Rockefeller Administration's crack-down following the Attica Prison riot, the New York State Coalition For Criminal Justice's primary mission was to reform what it regarded as an excessively harsh criminal justice system in New York.

Collection New York State Common Cause; Records 1972-1987

The records of New York State Common Cause document campaigns against political action committees, election reform, civil service reform, and accountability issues.

Collection New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors; Records 1950-2009

The records of the New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors trace the development of mental healthcare throughout the state from the early 1950s through the beginning of the twenty-first century. Established in the mid-1970s, the Conference's records include correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, reports, and manuals that chronicle the efforts of mental health professionals as they encourage local, county, and state agencies to provide quality, affordable services for persons living with mental illness, chemical dependency, and/or developmental disability.

Collection New York State Executive Advisory Committee on the Administration of Justice; Records 1981-1983

The New York State Executive Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice Records is composed of materials retained by Vincent O'Leary, a past president of the State University of New York at Albany and member of the commission. The collection provides insight into the inner workings and public exchanges of the commission members as they discussed and dealt with problems associated with the criminal justice system.

Collection New York State Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO, Environmental Conservation Division (PEF/ENCON); Records 1975-2000

The Public Employees Federation (PEF) was founded in 1979 to represent members of the Professional, Scientific, and Technical (PS&T) bargaining unit of New York State. PS&T employees had formerly been represented by CSEA, the state's largest public employee union. PEF founders believed that the concerns of the PS&T unit were not adequately represented by CSEA, the majority of whose members were non-professional state employees. PEF's stated mission is to "provide the leadership necessary for PEF members to achieve employment security, higher wages, better working conditions, and improved retirement benefits." Materials in this collection document PEF activities at both the state and division level. There is extensive coverage of executive board activities from 1978 through mid-2000, annual conventions, committee meetings, and contract negotiations. Also included are files for PEF Division 169, PEF's Environmental Conservation Division. These include correspondence, agendas and minutes for labor/management meetings, material on committees, and administrative files. This collection also documents the activities of reform groups and political parties within PEF (most notably, the Statewide Coalition for a Democratic Union) and PEF's relationships with its national affiliates, the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of Teachers. Particularly strong is the collection of bulletin board postings, which includes almost everything posted on Division 169 PEF bulletin boards from 1979 through 2000. There are also official PEF publications, including a near-complete run of PEF's official monthly newsletter to members, The Communicator.

Collection New York State Society for Clinical Social Work, Inc.; Records 1965-2021, Undated

Established in 1968 to assist clinical social workers in performing their duties, the New York State Society for Clinical Social Work (NYSSCSW) offers professional support to its members in the practice of clinical psychotherapy. The collection documents the founding, administration, and activities of the NYSSCSW and its various local chapters.

Collection New York State Tenants and Neighbors, Inc; Records 1970-2002, bulk 1970-2002

Tenants and Neighbors is a statewide coalition of New York's tenants and tenant associations that fight for tenants' rights and affordable housing for all people. The origins of Tenants and Neighbors dates to a meeting of tenant and housing activists from across the state in August 1972 at St. Rose College in Albany, N.Y. By December 1974, a formal organization was developed by housing and tenant activists across the state that drew up by-laws and created the original name as the New York Tenants Coalition. The first statewide membership meeting was held in February 1975. In 1995, the organization changed its name to New York State Tenants and Neighbors. The collection includes: minutes, annual reports, newsletter and other publications, legislative and organizational memoranda, press releases, clippings, video and press coverage.

Collection New York State Wetlands Forum, Inc.; Records 1993-2002

The New York State Wetlands Forum was begun in 1993 and incorporated in 1994. The Forum organizes an annual conference to bring people interested in wetlands together in a non-confrontational setting. Issues discussed include sustainable development, land use, environmental mediation, and wetland conservation. Records include: correspondence, meeting minutes, meeting topics, mailing lists, and newsletters.

Collection New York StateWide Senior Action Council; Records 1974-2001

The New York StateWide Senior Action Council records document the issues faced by senior citizens in New York State over the course of almost three decades. The bulk of the records consist of subject files in the areas of health care, Medicare, and social security issues. In addition to topical material, these records document the fundraising activities of the organization and its various sub-groups. Notably included are publications issued by the organization, including the Sentinel newsletter (1992-1996) and the Senior Action newspaper (1977-1991). The bulk of the material, found in the subject files, is useful for documenting issues about which NYSSAC was active. NYSSAC's work with New York state legislators, as well as government and private agencies in advocating for seniors and social justice issues, and their outreach efforts in education and advocacy, are well documented throughout the collection. Records of the activities of Executive Directors Michael Burgess and Bonnie Ray are the most prominent in the collection.

Collection Newspaper Guild of Albany, Local 34; Records 1936-1989

Chartered in 1934, as the Tri-City Newspaper Guild of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, the Guild signed its first contract with the Albany Times Union in 1937. The collection includes correspondence, minutes, contracts, and organizing files. The majority of material in the collection is photocpied.

Collection North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame and Museum; Collection 1970-1989

The North American Fiddler's Hall of Fame was created in 1973 in the Central New York area. Now called, the New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association and North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame and Museum, the Association's mission is to preserve, promote, and perpetuate, the art of old time fiddling and the dances pertaining to this art. This collection contains tapes of interviews with significant fiddlers. The tapes located at the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives are the preservation copies that were created in 1999, while the originals reside at the North American Fiddler's Hall of Fame.

Collection North Country James Bay Group Records; Records 1966-1998

The North Country James Bay Group records document efforts of this upstate New York environmental organization to stop Hydro-Québec's Great Whale (Grande Baleine) River/James Bay II development efforts in the early 1990s.

Collection Nowicki, Joseph; Papers 1954-1964

This collection documents the service of Joseph F. X. Nowicki of Pearl River, NY in the New York State Assembly representing Rockland County from 1961 through 1964.

Collection O'Brien, Leo W.; Papers 1939-1966

The Leo W. O' Brien Papers document O'Brien's service in the House of Representative where he served from 1952-1966 on behalf of Albany, NY. The collection includes subject files, correspondence and various communications materials from his Congressional tenure.

Collection Ohrenstein, Manfred; ead 1966-1974

This collection contains materials from Manfred Ohrenstein's early service in the New York State Senate.

Collection Otsego County Conservation Association; Records 1967-2001

Records of association dedicated to the protection, appreciation, and enhancement of natural resources in and around Otsego County. The group is concerned about numerous issues including the preservation of the Otsego Lake watershed, solid waste management, land-use planning, and water quality.

Collection Owens, Major; Papers 1988-2006

This collection contains records of Major Owens tenure in the U.S. House of Representiaives, where he served from 1982-2006.

Collection Papish, Nancy; Papers 1953-2001, bulk 1970-1994

The papers of Nancy Papish document her involvement with Clearwater, North River Friends of Clearwater (NRFC), and the campaign to stop Hydro-Quebec's development plan for James Bay. These papers document the environmental activism of Nancy Papish from the 1970s through the 1990s. Included are meeting minutes, notes, mailings, press releases, news clippings, magazine articles, programs, and publications. The Clearwater files contain near-complete runs of newsletters produced by both NRFC and the parent Clearwater organization. Evidence of NRFC's outreach activities is found in a slide show titled "This Is Clearwater" and numerous poster displays. Documentation of Clearwater's organization and administration, such as meeting minutes, internal reports, and committee files, are almost entirely absent. There is little information about the membership of Clearwater. The James Bay files contain materials from several organizations.

Collection Parks & Trails New York; Records 2004 June 10 - 2017 July 18

This collection documents the day-to-day activities of Parks & Trails New York, the leading statewide advocate for parks and trails in New York State.

Collection Parsons, Hinsdill; Papers 1890-1912

The Hinsdill Parsons Papers contain materials from Parsons' employment as general counsel at General Electric beginning in 1894, as well as personal and financial papers.

Collection Pelham, Ruth; Papers 1978-2016

This collection contains documents concerning the work of Ruth Pelham, a singer/songwriter and educator in the Albany, New York area who has been performing for decades in an effort to bring about peaceful communities through music. From the late 1970's to circa 2016, Pelham traveled in a mobile music program called the Music Mobile; singing, teaching, and writing songs with the community.

Collection Persico, Joseph; Papers 1910-2003

The papers of Joseph Persico focus on his careers as a full-time author and as a political speechwriter for New York State Commissioner of Health, Hollis Ingraham, and New York State Governor, Nelson Rockefeller.

Collection Peterson, Dutton S.; Papers 1892-1965

Dutton S. Peterson was born in Costello, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1894. Peterson served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War I and was a Methodist minister. Peterson was a member of the New York State Assembly from Schuyler County (1937-1942) and the New York State Senate (46th District 1953-1954, 50th District 1955-1964). Peterson died on October 20, 1964 and was buried at the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Odessa, New York. This collection contains materials relating to his time in the New York State Congress.

Collection Pfeiffer, Fred; Papers 1937-2007

The Fred Pfeiffer Papers document Pfeiffer's work with labor unions and activist organizations in the Albany, N.Y., area from the mid-1970s to 2007.

Collection Pine Hills Fortnightly Club; Records 1898-2003

The Pine Hills Fortnightly Club was founded by Miss Mary M. Shaw in 1898 as a woman's literary and social club. According to the Club's earliest Constitution, "Its object shall be the study of history, literature and art and the literary and social entertainment of its members."

Collection Podell, Bertram L.; Papers 1945-1970

The Bertram L. Podell Papers document Podell's service as a New York State Assemblymen and Congressmen from the mid-1950s through the early 1970s.

Collection Pollak, Peter; Papers 1942-1987

This collection documents political events and issues, predominantly from the early 1940s to the early 1970s, through publications collected by University at Albany graduate student Peter Pollak.

Collection Post, Libby; Papers 1978-2005

The Libby Post Papers contain political campaign documents, professional correspondences, news clippings, meeting minutes, agendas, document drafts, press releases, news letters, civil activism notes, and other materials that document her involvement securing various LGBT rights and with political organizations, as well as the general LGBT community in Albany, NY.

Collection Powell, David Lee; Papers 1978-2010

This collection contains materials from David Lee Powell's cell on Death Row in Texas at the time of his execution on June 15, 2010.

Collection Preservation League of New York State; Records 1975-2002

This collection contains the Preservation League of New York State's official newsletters, annual reports, materials for and from its annual awards ceremony, correspondence, various publications and manuals created by its members, grant materials, directories of members and preservation programs and organizations, and a timeline of the Preservation League's history ranging from 1975-2002.

Collection Purcell, Francis T.; Papers 1955-1965

Francis T. Purcell, Malverne, NY, was a Republican member of the New York State Assembly from 1964 through 1966 and county executive of Nassau County from 1978 to 1987. Prior to his election to the Assembly, Purcell served as a Village of Malverne Trustee, 1947-1955, and Mayor of the Village of Malverne, 1955-1963.

Collection Pyle, Ralph; Papers 1951

This collection consists of photographs of New York Governor Thomas Deweys' visit to Korea in 1951. U.S. Army Staff Sargeant Ralph Pyle took the photographs.

Collection Quirini, Helen; Papers 1898-2010

This collection documents the life, work and activism of Helen Quirini of Schenectady, New York. The collection represents Quirini's numerous activities and interests including her early work owning a local market with her brother, her 39 year employment for General Electric, her activism in unions during her employment and retirement, as well as her charitable activities where she pursued civil, housing, pension, women's and senior citizen's rights.

Collection Rabkin, Peggy A.; Papers 1970-1990

The collection includes material collected by Peggy Rabkin much of which relates to discrimination. Included are pamphlets, news articles, magazines and other publications, correspondence, and other notes.

Collection Rensselaer County Greens; Records 1979-2004

The records of the Rensselaer County Greens (RCG) contain relevant information behind its efforts to protect the Rensselaer County, New York community from the destruction of environment and historical landmarks.

Collection Resnick, Joseph Yale; Papers 1965-1968

Joseph Yale Resnick was a U.S. Representative from New York. Educated in electronics and during World War II served as a radio officer in the United States Merchant Marine. Resnick was founder and chairman of the board of Channel Master Corp. He was elected as a Democrat to the Eighty-ninth and Ninetieth Congresses (January 3, 1965-January 3, 1969). Resnick was not a candidate for reelection to the House of Representatives in 1968. Resnick was also an unsuccessful candidate for nomination to the United States Senate. Resnick returned to his business interests and died in Las Vegas, Nevada while traveling to California on a business trip on October 6, 1969. This collection contains materials related to his time in Congress.

Collection Riehlman, R. Walter; Papers 1947-1962

Roy Walter Riehlman was a U.S. Representative from New York born in Otisco, Onondaga County, NY on August 26, 1899. Riehlman operated a general store and served as postmaster of Nedrow, NY from 1921 through 1923. In 1923, he became owner and operator of a bakery in Tully. Riehlman was a member of the Tully Board of Education from 1933-1938. Riehlman sat on a variety of boards in Onondaga County. Riehlman, a Republican was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (Eightieth Congress) for eight consecutive terms from 1947-1965. After an unsuccessful reelection in 1964, he became the vice president of Lu-Mar Enterprises, Inc. and resided in Ormond Beach, Florida until his death there on July 16, 1978. He is buried in Tully Cemetery in Tully, NY. His papers contain records relating to his work in Congress.

Collection Rosenthal, Donald; Papers 1982-2004

Documents twenty years of Dr. Rosenthal's research into the history of gay and lesbian activism and the AIDS crisis.

Collection Rosenthal, Gregory; Papers 2011-2014

This collection contains publications, flyers, and notes which document the Occupy Movement and Free University of New York City, as well as other issues affecting New Yorkers at the time.

Collection Rubin, Harold; Papers 1958-2004

Subject files largely consisting of retained records of local organizations dedicated to preserving Albany, New York historic neighborhoods and architecture as well as the Pine Bush.

Collection Saratoga Springs Open Space Project; Records 1970-2003

The Saratoga Springs Open Space Project worked for the preservation of open space in Saratoga Springs. It supported the creation of nature trails, scenic walkways, and biking paths as well as vigorously opposed sprawl and loss of open space by organizing opposition to unsustainable development. In addition, the organization coordinated several programs aimed at aiding the development of Saratoga Springs and maintained a special interest in the development of the downtown area. The collection includes administrative files, grant files, material related to programs and issues, documentation of trails, and subject files.

Collection Save the Pine Bush, Inc.; Records 1977-2001

Records of Save the Pine Bush, Inc., a non profit organization concerned with protecting the rare inland pine barrens sand dunes of the Capital District, known as the Albany Pine Bush, which are home to the Karner Blue Butterfly.

Collection Schein, Donald; Papers 1954-2005

Born in Leavenworth, Kansas, Schein was a pioneer in the development of educational television and radio in New York State. During graduate study at Boston University, he became active in fundraising to help establish Boston's educational television station, WGBH and served on the Massachusetts Citizens Committee on Educational Television. In 1955, Schein came to Schenectady and served as associate producer and first president of the Mohawk-Hudson Council on Educational Television, where he produced instructional programs for in-school use broadcast over WRGB-TV. Schein led the effort to launch the second public television station in New York State, Schenectady's WMHT in 1962, and was executive director and later general manager. He was instrumental in the addition of the all classical music radio station WMHT-FM in 1972 and the Radio Information Service (RISE), a radio reading service for the blind and print handicapped in 1978. He retired in 1986 as general manager, after concluding negotiations for the acquisition of Channel 45, WMHQ. The collection contains newsletters, programs and schedules, meeting minutes, photographs, and Schein's files as president of Mohawk-Hudson Council on Educational Television, and files as executive director and general manager of WMHT.

Collection Schenectady Federation of Teachers, Local 803; Records 1918-1989

The City Teachers Association of Schenectady was founded in 1918 to promote standards of professionalism in teaching. The group was chartered as a union, the Schenectady Federation of Teachers, in 1944. Local 803 went on strike in 1975 in violation of the NYS Taylor Law. The local is affiliated with New York State United Teachers, American Federation of Teachers.

Collection Scheuerman, William; Papers 1982-2019

This collection contains material related to William Scheuerman, a local, state, and national labor leader.

Collection Schoharie Land Trust; Records 1980-2001

Founded in 1990 to to promote the preservation of agricultural, scenic, forest, natural, recreational, and open space land in Schoharie County.

Collection Schulz, Joan; Papers ca. 1968-1980

The collection includes materials related to the women's issues with a particular emphasis on the University at Albany, SUNY. Records of particular interest are those of the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee, Capital District Women, and the Caucus on Women's Rights at SUNY.

Collection Seidman, Audrey; Papers 1988-1998

This collection documents the activism and interests of Audrey Seidman of Albany, especially her work with Holding Our Own, a foundation dedicated to supporting feminist social justice.

Collection Selkirk, Russell; Papers 1944-1966

Russell Selkirk was born on his family's farm in Selkirk, Schoharie County on October 20, 1905. He worked for the first New York Power and Light Company and established a hardware store in 1935. He was active in the National Hardware Association, the New York State Retail Hardware Association and the Sterling Insurance Company. Selkirk was an elected member of the New York State Assembly in 1959 and held that position until 1965. In 1966, he joined the Joint Legislative Committee on the State's Economy, Imitation Food Products and Problems and Reapportionment. Selkirk died in 1993.

Collection Seymour, Whitney; Papers 1966-1968

Whitney North Seymour, Jr. was born in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia on July 7, 1923, Seymour served in the U.S. Army during World War II, was a lawyer, served as a Republican member of the New York State Senate (1966-1968), and was also the U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of New York (1970-1973). His papers contain records relating to his time in the New York State Senate.

Collection Shapard, Sandra; Papers 1972-2008

The Sandra Shapard Papers consist of Ms. Shapard's (largely political) button collection.

Collection Sheet Metal Workers' International Association, Local 83; Records 1892-1989

The Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local 83 Records document the day-to-day operations of the union from the years 1892-1984 using meeting minutes and other documents refrenced in the minutes including correspondence, treasurer's reports, newsletters and strike bulletins.

Collection Sierra Club, Eastern Region; Records 1997-2013

The Sierra Club is a national environmental organization founded in California in 1892 by naturalist and explorer John Muir. This collection features records related to environmental campaigns from New York State and the Northeastern region documented by the organizations Eastern Region Office. Topics include the Adirondacks and Hudson River PCB dredging. The collection contains correspondence, reports, plans, maps, subject files, audio and video, and memorabilia, such as posters, banners and bumper stickers. Please see the Sierra Club, Atlantic Chapter Records (APAP130) for related materials about environmental work in the Adirondacks.

Collection Sigma Pi Phi, Beta Psi Boulé; Records 1982-2023

The Sigma Pi Phi, Beta Psi Boulé Records document the history and day-to-day operations of the Beta Psi Boulé. A professional fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi was founded on May 15, 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its members are distinguished African American men with college and graduate degrees. Beta Psi is the fraternity's 69th Boulé founded on May 5, 1984 in the Capital District of New York.

Collection Simon, Carleton; Papers 1881-1952, 1956

The collection of papers is about drugs and drug related crimes in the United States. It is written by Carleton P. Simon. Simon is a psychiatrist by profession and is very much interested in crimes. This passion led to his next profession as a criminlogist. His writings focus on crimes and examine the motives behind the crimes. Simons has also written fiction magazines and poems.

Collection Smith, Bernard C.; Papers 1963-1969

The Bernard C. Smith Papers document the first four years of Smith's service as a New York State Senator. While Smith is most well known for his work in conservation, these papers from his early Senate career contain significant materials on the issues of abortion, education (especially for mentally handicapped children), medical treatment and penal codes and laws.

Collection Social Justice Center; Records 1981-2001

The Center was formed in 1981 by an alliance of non-profit activist organizations in order to provide a central location, office space, and basic services for activist groups in Albany, New York.

Collection Society for the Preservation of Water Resources; Records 1918-1999, bulk 1981-1999

Documents major projects the society undertook to protect water resources, including the Wilmorite project, the Bonded Concrete project, and the water supply applications of the city of Schenectady and the town of Rotterdam.

Collection Society of Bibliophiles; Records 1966-2002

From its formation in 1966 in Albany, New York, the Society of Bibliophiles aimed to encourage and foster a love of books along with an appreciation for the art of bookmaking. The Society of Bibliophiles arranged trips to various lectures and exhibits both within and outside of the Albany area, and arranged meetings and events at which books were the central focus. The collection consists of records produced between 1966 and 2002, and includes newsletters and announcements, organizational documents, materials from various sites visited and events, information about booksellers and bookbinders, as well as a number of other general administrative documents.

Collection Society of Indian Psychologists; Records 1976-2020

This collection documents the operations of the Society of Indian Psychologists. The Society of Indian Psychologists highlights and celebrates the heritage and identity of the Indigenous people of the Americas. Members create a community that supports psychologists and graduate students studying psychology.

Collection Solidarity Committee of the Capital District; Records 1978-2023

The Greyhound Strikers Solidarity Committee of the Capital District was created by Albany-area labor union activists in support of the autumn 1983 Amalgamated Transit Union strike against Greyhound Bus Lines. After the strike, the group was reconstituted as the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District (SCCD) and worked to support hundreds of strikes and labor activities in Eastern New York, across the country, and in Latin America.

Collection Solomon, Gerald B. H.; Records 1978-1999

The Gerald B. H. Solomon Papers contain records that document his career (1979-1999) as a Republican representing the 22nd District of New York.

Collection Spence, Bill and Andy; Papers 1960-2022

This collection contains materials related to the lives of Bill and Andy Spence, including folk and traditional music and materials documenting the Fox Hollow and Old Songs Festivals.

Collection Stafford, Ronald B.; Papers 1956-2002

The Ronald B. Stafford Papers document Stafford's service as a New York State Senator representing the 45th District.

Collection Steen, Ivan; Papers 1928-2013

The Ivan Steen Papers document Steen's service as a Professor of History at the University at Albany as well as his oral history projects.

Collection Stein, Eleanor; Papers 1962-2020

The Eleanor Stein Papers contain professional and personal materials primarily related to Stein's commitment to enviornmental justice and her work in the field of climate change law.

Collection Stocking Brown, Patricia; Papers 1895-2003, bulk 1981-1999

This collection documents Siena College professor Dr. Patricia Stocking Brown's (1942-2004) research and scholarship in biology as well as her breast cancer advocacy, research, and education work.

Collection Studer, Norman; Papers 1817-2012

The Norman Studer Papers document his career as both an educator and ardent Catskill folklorist. The collection includes significant material relating to his work as director of the Downtown Community School in New York City and Camp Woodland in the Catskills.

Collection Taylor, Mildred Frick; Papers 1921-1974

Mildred F. Taylor was a Republican politican from Lyons, Wayne County, New York. Taylor was a delegate to the Republican National Convention from New York in 1940, 1948, 1952 (alternate),and 1960; the chairman of the Wayne County Republican Committee, 1943-1956; and a member of the Assembly of the New York State Legislature, 1946-1960. This collection documents her vast political experiences, including her work on the Joint Lesiglative Committee on Historic Sites.

Collection Tenants PAC; Records 1994-2017

This collection documents the day-to-day activities of Tenants PAC (Political Action Committee), a tenants rights political advocacy and educational organization.

Collection Terry, John Hart; Papers 1962-1972

John Hart Terry was a U.S. Representative from New York. Terry was born in Syracuse, NY on November 14, 1924. Terry was elected and reelected to six terms on the Onondaga County Board of Supervisors, 1948-1958; appointed assistant secretary to the Governor of New York, 1959-1961; a member of the Inter-Group Relations Advisory Council of the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, 1961-1962; and elected to five terms as a member of the New York State Assembly, 1963-1970. His papers contain records relating to his work as a politician in New York State.

Collection Tevebaugh-Kenwryck, Neil A.; Records 1983-1994

This collection includes videotapes, photographs, posters, buttons, campaign advertisements, newsletters, and news clippings related to Cynthia Jenkins collected by Neil Tevebaugh-Kenwryck. Jenkins was a Democrat from Queens, NY.

Collection United Tenants of Albany 1972-2001

The United Tenants of Albany is an association dedicated to improving housing situations for Albany's low to moderate income families and businesses with safe, affordable living and working space.

Collection United University Professions (UUP), Albany, New York Chapter; Records 1968-1990

United University Professions (UUP) is the union and collective bargaining agent for the faculty and non-teaching professionals of the State University of New York (SUNY). UUP (initially named SUNY/United) was created by the 1973 merger of the Senate Professional Association (SPA) and the State University Federation of Teachers (SUFT).

Collection United University Professions (UUP); Records 1964-2000

The records of United University Professions (UUP) document the activities of the union and collective bargaining agent for the faculty and non-teaching professionals of the State University of New York. They begin in the 1960s with UUP's antecedents, the State University Professional Association (SUPA) and the Senate Professional Association (SPA), and continue through June 2000 for the materials produced by UUP's Communications Department, and through May 1993 for most other series.

Collection Urban Documentation Project Papers; Records 1984-2009

The Urban Documentation Project Records contains research related to the waste industry, the environment, and related interests in New York State and across the country.

Collection Urban League of Northeastern New York; Records 1966-1987

Since its establishment in 1966 as the Urban League of the Albany N.Y. Area, the Urban League of Northeastern New York has campaigned for voter registration, housing, education, social services and other issues of concern to African Americans and others in the New York State Capital District.

Collection Van Patten, Grant; Records 1962

The Grant Van Patten Papers contain a news conference, news clippings, and a script relating to Van Patten's documentary The South Mall in Albany: Hoax or Hope?

Collection Vedder, Lee N. (Leland) 1865-1960

The Lee N. Vedder Papers contain 79 scrapbooks documenting the local histories of Montgomery and Schenectady Counties in the early to mid 20th century; the history of the Vedder Family; local, national, and international news; and Mr. Vedder's domestic and international travels.

Collection Versatile Club; Records 1937-2011

The Versatile Club Records document the day-to-day operations of this community organization founded in 1910.

Collection Volker, Julius; Papers 1958-1966, Undated

The Julius Volker Papers document Assemblyman Volker's work related to New York State Assembly sessions and legislation from 1958-1966, including undated material. Also included are papers relating to Mr. Volker's professional development as a lawyer.

Collection WMHT; Records 1964-2004

This collection contains records of WMHT Educational Telecommunications.

Collection Weiner, Anthony; Papers 1999-2010

The collection contains records related to Anthony Weiner's tenure in the United States Congress representing New York's 9th Congressional district.

Collection Weiss, Murray; Papers 1951-1961

The Murray Weiss Papers contain photographs taken during Weiss' tenure as a counselor and swimming instructor at Camp Woodland.

Collection Wemple, Archibald C.; Papers 1950-1951

Archibald C. Wemple scrapbooked his winning campaign for the office of Mayor of Schenctady, NY.

Collection West, November Belford; Papers 1989-2006

This collection documents the activism of November Belford West and her opposition to the death penalty.

Collection Wheeler, Walter; Papers 1977-2005

This collection documents gay and lesbian publications with a particular emphasis on the Capital Region and Upstate New York. Material from New York City and neighboring states is also included.

Collection Whittlesey, Eunice Baird; Papers 1924-2001

Eunice Baird Whittlesey was born in Yorkville, New York. She married Joseph I. Whittlesey on August 30, 1947, and had one daughter, Anne Whittlesey Donlan. Mrs. Whittlesey graduated from the University at Albany (then known as the New York State College for Teachers) in 1944. Mrs. Whittlesey began her professional life as an English, Speech and Drama teacher in Connecticut and Massachusetts. She has also held several prominent positions in the New York State and national Republican parties.

Collection Willison, Malcolm; Papers 1958-1997

This collection details the social activism of Malcolm Willison in New York State's Capital Region. As an active board member of several local groups, his papers contain minutes, financial statements and budgets, programming ideas, brochures, planning notes, articles and reports, and clippings that detail the evolution of the various organizations contained in the collection. Organizational newsletters and event flyers, course and conference information planned by Willison in his capacity on executive boards, and vast amounts of correspondence about any number of events and issues are also part of the scope of the collection.

Collection Willowbrook Review Panel; Records 1968-1981, bulk 1975-1981

The Willowbrook Review Panel was a Federal monitoring group established by the U.S. District Court in 1975 and dismissed from its duties in 1987. The Willowbrook Review Panel Records provide extensive documentation of the Panel's main function: monitoring implementation of the 1975 Willowbrook Consent Decree in New York State which set new standards for the care of the facility's residents.

Collection Wilson, Kenneth L.; Papers 1953-1968

Kenneth L. Wilson of Woodstock, NY was a Republican member of the New York State Assembly from 1953 through 1968 (Ulster County 1953-1965, 109th District 1966, 99th District 1967-1968). Wilson was also an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention from New York in 1960.

Collection Wilson, Malcolm; Papers 1971-1974

This collection contains papers related to Malcolm Wilson and political career as governor of New York. Included are news articles, press conferences and other materials relating to his political career during the years 1971-1974.

Collection Wise, George; Papers circa 1989

George Wise Papers document history about General Electric founded in Schenectady, New York

Collection Wittner, Lawrence; Papers 1977-2020

The Lawrence S. Wittner Papers document Dr. Wittner's activism in politics and his work with United University Professions, the Albany County Central Federation of Labor, the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District, the Albany Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America, Upper Hudson Peace Action, and various other social justice and peace organizations in the Capital Region.

Collection Wolcott, John; Papers 1954-1992

The John Wolcott Papers document the revival of the historic Pinxter Festival in Albany, New York between 1972-1992.

Collection Women's Building; Records 1954-2000, bulk 1973-1998

The Women's Building collection records the formation and day-to-day administrative and programming activities of the Women's Building and its predecessor, the Tri-City Women's Center. The organization provided a safe space for community groups to meet and organize, and informational and educational programming to support the women of the Capital District. Inspired by a feminist perspective and driven by a commitment to social justice, the Women's Building provided physical meeting and office space to local organizations and programming and informational services on financial planning, legal issues, parenthood, childbirth, and women's health. The collection includes administrative records and programming material from the organization's inception in the early 1970s until 2000.

Collection Young Women's Christian Association of Albany, New York; Records 1863-1996

The collection documents the history of the YWCA of Albany, which was founded in 1888 by a group of women led by Mrs. Acors Rathbun in order to provide housing and recreational activities for young women searching for work. Through the years, the organization expanded to include classes, childcare, athletics, essay contests, teen issue programs, and an annual awards dinner honoring women. Strengths include the extensive photographic material and meeting minutes from the board of trustees and directors. The collection is weakest at the beginning and end of the YWCA of Albany's existence.

Collection Zahavi, Gerald; Papers 2000-2006

This collection predominantly includes Professor Gerald Zahavi's oral history project files.

Collection Zaretski, Joseph; Papers 1966-1970

Joseph Zaretzki was born in New York City on March 9, 1900. Zaretzki served in the U.S. Army during World War I and was a lawyer. Zaretzki was a member of the New York State Senate from 1948 through 1974 (23rd District 1948-1965, 32nd District 1966, 28th District 1967-1974) and was Senate Majority Leader in the 1960s. He was a member of the NAACP, American Legion, Freemasons, and Elks. Zaretzki died on December 20, 1981, with an extensive obituary for him on December 21, 1981, in the New York Times.

Collection Zonta Club of Albany; Records 1929-2022

This collection documents the day-to-day activities of the Zonta Club of Albany, a service organization in the Captial Region of New York, comprised of executives, professionals, and businesswomen, as well as documenting the activities of the Club within Zonta International.
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Collection Museum Association of New York Records, 1969-2023

This collection documents the day-to-day activities of the Museum Association of New York and its predecessor organizaitons.

Collection Society of Indian Psychologists Records, 1976-2020

This collection documents the operations of the Society of Indian Psychologists. The Society of Indian Psychologists highlights and celebrates the heritage and identity of the Indigenous people of the Americas. Members create a community that supports psychologists and graduate students studying psychology.

Collection Raymond and Sara Harris Papers, 1942-2009

This collection documents the personal and professional lives of Dr. Raymond and Sara Harris and their involvment in the Albany, N.Y. community.

Collection The Legislative Correspondents' Association of the State of New York Records, 1892-2014

This collection contains materials about The Legislative Correspondents' Association of the State of New York, especially its celebrated annual dinner held since 1900.

Collection John Wolcott Papers, 1954-1992

The John Wolcott Papers document the revival of the historic Pinxter Festival in Albany, New York between 1972-1992.