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1. Jayne Anne Phillips

2. Portraits of the Womens [sic] Club of Albany, Inc.

3. Photo of Caroline Smith Page, taken by J. Paul Martin"s New Star Gallery, Cor. 8th & Keeler Sts., Boone, Iowa

4. Photo of Caroline Smith Page, taken by Genelli, Sioux City, Iowa

5. Photo of Stephen R. Page, taken by J. Paul Martin, Photographer, Boone, Iowa

6. Photo of the Page farmhouse, Boone, Iowa - With handwritten inscription "Great Grandfather Page's Farm, Boone, Iowa. Kate Page's home, unknown profile, Kate and sister?"

7. ASP Staff

8. Page 51: Drawing class on the new campus

9. Page 32 D-Bottom Middle: J. Oscar Blakely, '62; Civil War Soldier

10. Page 35 A-Top: Senzaburo Kodzu, '77: First International Student

11. Page 199: H. Patrick Swygert was appointed the fifteenth President of the University in 1990. (photograph missing)

12. Page 39 A-Left: Mary McClellan, '68; teacher of English Grammar and History at the Normal School

13. Page 208: The 149th Commencement at Knickerbocker Arena

14. Page 191 A-Top: Sung Bok Kim, Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

15. Page 214 A-Top Left: Mary Anne Croty, MPA '82, Governor Mario Cuomo's Director of State Operations

16. Page 85 D-Middle Center: Faculty member Robert Frederick (education)

17. Page 54 A-Top: William B. Aspinwall, '00

18. Page 72: Women's Horseback Riding Team.

19. Page 207 A-Top: Members of the University Council

20. Page 78 A-Top: The Class of 1931 during their freshman year.