Winch, Graham W., "Consensus Building in the Planning Process", 1990

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This paper examines the role that building and using a System Dynamics model plays in developing consensus within the management teams facing key strategic decisions. It considers the concept of the shared view that emerges within the team as their individual views of the company, its industry, and the socioeconomic climate are articulated and compared as part of the model development process. Examples are given based on two actual consulting assignments in which differing views held with the team concerning the competitive environment and the general outlook for the business initially pointed to quite different strategies. During these studies the emergence of the consensus and an agreed strategy was considered a major benefit alongside the forecasts and quantitative evaluations the model provided. By adding to the commitment of the team, by assisting in the communication with others and in improving human resource management and organization design, the approach also offers further benefits in the implementation phase of strategy management.In its analysis and use of examples drawn form consulting situations, this paper has emphasized the dual benefit of this approach in the hard sense of providing forecasts and an objective framework for quantitative evaluations, and the soft sense in terms of building consensus in the management team.

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  • 1990
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