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New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.1

1971-1974 Contract [RESTRICTED]

0.17 cubic ft.
Agreements, proposals, and "Collected Materials". The latter includes correspondence between the Senate Professional Association and the State of New York and some minutes of SPA's negotiations committee meetings. Topics covered include SPA counter proposals; informing members of the status of negotiations; questions regarding the extent of SPA's representation, with some correspondence from the State University Professional Association (SUPA); discussions of how SPA could best achieve what it wanted to do; the negotiations impasse declared around May 1971; and the establishment of fact-finding and a mediator. In addition, the 1971 agreement had yearly reopeners for salary and salary levels were frequently discussed. The "Collected Materials" in this subseries may have been from the files of Phil Encinio, originally an NYSTA-NEA representative, and by November 1971 SPA's Executive Secretary and Executive Director. The "Collected Materials" for the first half of 1973 included in this series were the files of Alan D. Willsey (chairman of UUP's Legislation Committee) and they overlap both the 1971-1974 contract and the 1974-1976 contract.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.2

1974-1976 Contract [RESTRICTED]

0.33 cubic ft.
Minutes of negotiation meetings; negotiations bulletins; contract proposals; and correspondence, including requests to New York State for salary data. Salary was the primary issue in the 1974-1976 contract negotiations. A folder of "Collected Materials" for the first half of 1973 included in the previous subseries relates to the 1974-1976 contract as well.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.3

1977-1979 Contract [RESTRICTED]

2.0 cubic ft.
Typed transcripts of negotiations sessions as well as handwritten notes taken at the negotiations table, correspondence, numerous annotated drafts of contract language, and contract proposals. The negotiations of the 1977-1979 contract are some of the most heavily documented in this Subgroup. See Series 3 of Subgroup IVA, Special Projects, for additional copies of proposals and handwritten notes related to this contract.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.4

1979-1982 Contract [RESTRICTED]

0.66 cubic ft.
Proposals, correspondence, petitions from members regarding concerns over no single salary schedule in proposed contract, handwritten notes taken at negotiations table, transcripts of negotiations sessions, and information on agreement sent to members. Items of particular concern included part-time staff, medical practice plans, and health care. Retirement benefits and deferred compensation were also issues.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.5

1982-1985 Contract [RESTRICTED]

1.16 cubic ft.
Several drafts of both contract demands and final agreement; informal typed notes on negotiating sessions and negotiating team meetings; handwritten table-taken notes from negotiation sessions; negotiation surveys; correspondence on various topics including concerns for negotiations, and preparatory work to get ready for negotiations and to get understanding of members concerns; and negotiations committee correspondence, notes, and miscellaneous reports on topics of concern. Quality of life issues such as health benefits, workloads, grievances, and compensation levels were of particular concern.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.6

1985-1988 Contract [RESTRICTED]

2.07 cubic ft.
One of the most heavily documented negotiations processes in this subgroup. Multiple drafts and annotated copies of contract demands and language of final contract; transcripts and minutes of negotiation sessions and of UUP negotiations team; notes and correspondence of Tim Reilly, UUP's chief negotiator; correspondence; reports; news articles, petitions, and correspondence regarding UUP actions to protest impasse in contract negotiations; and reports and exhibits prepared for hearing to settle contract impasse. Most of the "Collected Materials" are arranged topically. Salaries, promotion, and health coverage were some of the main issues of concern.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.7

1988-1991 Contract [RESTRICTED]

1.37 cubic ft.
Contracts, correspondence, shorthand notes and typed transcripts of negotiations sessions and negotiations committee meetings. Transcripts sometimes include attachments such as additional proposals exchanged between State and UUP or other materials distributed at the negotiations sessions. The final transcript available for this contract covers a "debriefing" meeting held between UUP's negotiations team and negotiations committee the day after UUP signed the memorandum of understanding with the State.
New York State Modern Political Archive: 1.8

1991-1995 Contract [RESTRICTED]

0.60 cubic ft.
UUP and State contract proposals; correspondence among negotiations team and with State; transcripts of negotiations sessions; contract text and text provided to membership for consideration. This subseries is supplemented by the records of Thomas Corigliano, Chief Negotiator, included in Series 4 in this Subgroup.