Graham, Alan K. with Peter M. Senge and John D. Sterman, "Computer-based Case Studies in Management Education and Research", 1989

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There is growing interest in combining system dynamic models with conventional case studies in order to create learning environments for management education. Such computer-based case studies promise improvement in strategic thinking skills and better integration of modeling in the policy and strategy area. Moreover, these models-with-cases are tangible products with which to conduct research in computer-based learning. This paper surveys the opportunities for using computer-based case studies in management education and for conducting novel research on management learning.The paper first examines how models-with-cases fit in the established areas of strategic management and business policy. Which issues, in the broad range covered by strategic management, do models-with-cases address? Next, two current examples of computer-based case studies are presented (People Express Airlines and Intecom PBXs) to show explicitly how cases and models are combined and used. Finally, the paper explores research questions that arise in conjunction with such work; 1) how to teach effective inquiry skills, 2) how to teach conceptualization skills, 3) how to enhance the ability to apply learned theories to new situations, and 4) adapting measurement methods to evaluating the educational effectiveness of computer-based cases in teaching these mental skills.

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  • 1989
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