.Dyner, I. with I.M. Giraldo, A. Moreno, D. Valencia and A. Lobo, "Regional Energy Planning", 1990

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The general objective of this paper is to present a method for integral regional energy planning within the frame of national politics on energy and economic development.A historical database and energy balances of supply and demand allow to analyze and model the dynamics of the sector and its interaction with other economic sectors and social and technological variables.This paper contributes to understand how to mix econometric and system dynamics techniques. Whenever data is abundant and reliable, statistical analysis and modeling could be useful to reproduce historical behavior, but in order to study possible future scenarios it is required to set hypotheses on parameters evolution, probably based on system dynamics methods.On the other hand, in order to model interactions among demand, supply, prices and other economic variables, system dynamics is particularly suitable. In this context, techniques that seem to be confronted appear to be as each one complementing the other.The model was implemented by the Department of Antioquia in Colombia, which possesses a considerable amount of energy resources, particularly hydroelectricity. Specific methodological aspects for planning energy resources were considered to analyze the feasibility to introduce new elements such as gas.Recommendations on policy considered integral development of different regional energy resources in accordance with supply potentials, requirements and economic efficiency.

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