Young, Showing H. with Jenshou Yang, Sy Feng Wang, "Enhancing the Learning Effects of Dynamic Decision Game on Systems Thinking-An Experimental Study", 1992

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This study attempts to examine the effectiveness of our proposed learning environment for systems thinking, and the effects of different kinds of task’s screen design for the interactive dynamic decision game to enhancing the learning effect. Two experiments were implemented for the two investigation purposes. In the first experiment, we found that the proposed learning environment was viable for learning resulting from the positive effects of challenging goal setting and causal feedback on the increase of participants’ motivation and understanding of the game. In the second experiment, the effects of causal feedback was examined directly by the comparisons of three different kinds of task’s screen design including causal, hierarchical, and department types. We found causal type of screen design induced more analytical cognitive type just as the prediction of the inducement principle (Hammond,1998) and outperformed the other two screen design as predicted by the correspondence-accuracy principle (Hammond,1998). But the effect of causal type on performance improvement was not significant. The insignificant effect of causal relations task’s screen design on performance improvement revealed that the learning of systems thinking relied mainly on “by doing” or “by failure”, not on “by knowing”. In conclusion, we suggested that the design of dynamic decision game aided systems thinking learning environment should take the motivation factor into account to lead participants make more efforts to learn systems thinking by doing through failures. Although causal relations type could not improve learning effect significantly, however, it induced corresponding causal analytical cognitive type that is beneficial to the learning of systems thinking.

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