Zhang, Xing, "The Application of System Dynamics in Solving a Dynamic Input-Output Model with Delays", 1988

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Since the dynamic input-output method was put forward by W. Leontief, some results have been obtained to a greater or less degree in various fields of quantitative economy, which have played an important role in the application of the method. Yet, insolving the delay-having dynamic input-output models, whether the matrix converse exists or not has not had sufficient mathematical proofs. Having taken these problems into consideration, our paper attempted to solve the problem of multiyear delay-having dynamic input-output model with the application of the properties of system dynamics in structure and time sequence, the properties of BOXLIN and SUM functions, and has combined these two models, the combination of which is possible in the sense of the economy. The DIOSD (Dynamic Input-Output and System Dynamic Model) not only has the advantage of man-and-machine conversation as well as screen display, but also we can put the DIOSD completely into the SD model with the consideration of the overall system structure. Therefore, we can make full use of the advantages of the dynamic input-output model in economy planning and forcasting, and also provide an efficient tool for its future application.

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  • 1988
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