Suksawang, Orasa, "Children’s Creative Development Training Program", 1990

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This paper reports on the annual summer training program of children’s creative development conducted since 1986. The training targets per program are between 80-100 children aged between 9-14 years coming from various urban and rural parts of Thailand to join the 8-10 day program for moral and technical development. The program is planned and coordinated by the author with considerable inputs from Buddha’s teaching in self-reliance: the potential of human being prevent their defilement; and from people who expertise in architecture and technology. The method approached for explaining human performance in nature, is a simulation game designed by the author with the help of her colleague in computers. The model concept is derived from a system dynamics method as a tool for dissemination of the law of cause-effect action in Buddhism. The children evaluated joyfully and rapidly understand the mechanism of mind in decision making whether to conduct good or bad actions according to the Buddha’s principle by playing and thinking themselves with this simulation game in a better way than they do in the traditional method of lectures by monks or teachers. The game simulates the interaction relationship between a human’s performance and his life expectancy. Later the workshop practice of the electronic application is approached for systematic problem-solving about peoples’ needs in terms of technological development in relation to promotion of moral values.

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