Wolstenholme, E.F. with A. Gavine, S. Henderson and K.M. Watts, "The Design of a Dynamic Model Methodology for the Assessment of Computerized Information Systems", 1990

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The last decade has been the accelerated development of what Yadav and Chand term “Organization Support Systems”- large scale, complex and extremely expensive computer based information systems (Yadav, 1989). The cost associated with such systems has increased the requirement for a sound methodology to evaluate the expected operational benefits and drawbacks resulting from their implementation, at as early a stage in the system life cycle as possible.An extensive survey of the literature in the field of information system evaluation, with a particular focus in the methodologies, tools and performance measures being used in practice, preceded the development of the methodology reported in this paper, and is presented in full elsewhere(Watts 1990).This paper comments on the findings from the review and reports on the development of a system dynamics based methodology for the assessment of proposed computer-based information systems (CIS), in terms of their potential to support organizational objectives.The methodology has been evaluated by application to two military CIS, at different stages in the system life cycle. These cases are reported separately(Watts and Wolstenholme, 1990; Henderson and Wolstenholme, 1990), but the indications are that the methodology can contribute throughout the system life cycle y providing a continuing reminder of the relevance of the CIS to the real-world system which is intended to support.

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