Request Items for Digitization

We are able to digitize certain items on request.

  • The department charges for the amount of time involved to digitize the extent of requested material.
  • The cost of items depends on the collection, the amount of material, and how difficult the item is to digitize.
  • Due to limited staff, we have a two-hour limit to what we are able to digitize.
  • It is likely that we will be unable to digitize large volumes of material or fragile items that risk becoming damaged during scanning.
  • When possible, digitized items will be added to the department's Online Content so future users will be able to use the items.

Digital Reproduction Fee Schedule

Paper, negatives, and photographic prints

Under 30 minutes of digitization Complimentary
Half hour of digitization $30.00
Hour of digitization $60.00
90 minutes of digitization $90.00
Two hours of digitization $120.00

Reproductions of audio/visual material

Cassette tapes $25.00 (per item)
VHS tapes $30.00 (per item)
Reel-to-Reel tapes $30.00 (per item)
16mm film $50.00 (per item)

Publication and Exhibition fees

Commercial publication $100 per item
Non-profit organization publication $50 per item
Commercial publication> $100 per item
Non-profit organization publication $50 per item

Please search or browse Collections to select individual items for digitization.