Images taken on the occasion of Louis Benezet's..., 1970


Images taken on the occasion of Louis Benezet's inauguration as President of the State University of New York at Albany (President from July 1, 1970-June 30, 1975). Evan R. Collins and Allan A. Kuusisto also are featured prominently. Collins (to the viewer's right of Benezet) was President from July 1949-June 30, 1969. Kuusisto (to the viewer's left of Benezet) was Acting President from July 1, 1969 - June 30, 1970. This contact sheet holds various photographs mostly of the inauguration. There are also three images of protest posters, all with the words,"Dear (first line) Mom and Dad, (second line) Your silence (third line) is killing me. (forth line) In Southeast Asia, on campus, in the streets." (fifth line). These words are surrounded by what appear to be casualty and financial statistics related to the Vietnam War. There is also an image of an unknown young man, most likely a student Vietnam War protester.

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  • 1970
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