A picture of Vincent O'Leary, Acting President..., 1986


A picture of Vincent O'Leary, Acting President from 1977?1978 and President from 1978?July 31, 1990, with K. (Kirkland) Leroy Irvis, who received an honorary degree at the pictured commencement ceremony. Irvis graduated from the New York State College for Teachers in the Class of 1938. He was the 130th Speaker of the House of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania -- the first African American speaker in both Pennsylvania and in the United States. He is also renowned as an artist, poet, and scholar. During O'Leary's administrations, the institution was named State University of New York at Albany from August 1962?fall 1986 and the University at Albany, SUNY starting in the fall of 1986 and continuing. There are crop marks on all sides of the photograph. In the top margin is written "to 14_'s" (between arrows); in the bottom margin is written the letter "U" and "46%;" and in the left margin is written "to 13_'s" (between arrows).

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  • 1986
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