A-Z Complete List of Collections

List of all manuscript and archival collections.

ACT UP, Albany (N.Y.) Chapter; Records, 1983-1992
ARISE; Records, 2002-2007
Abbe Family; Papers, 1773-1896
Abramowitz, Howard; Papers, 1937-1985
Abrams, Albert J.; Papers, 1961, 1964-1965, 1970-1976, 1980
Academic Affairs and Provost, Office of Senior V.P. for; Records, 1845 - 2017 May 17
Academic Planning and Development, Division of; Records, 1980-1987
Academic Planning and Development, Office of the Vice President for; Records, 1978-1987
Academic Programs and Priorities, Select Committee on; Records, 1975-1977
Accent on Research; Collection, 1972-1997
Accounting, Office of; Records, 1967 - 1983
Acker, James; Papers, 1989-2013
Adams, Harriet Dyer; Papers, 1942
Adams, William E.; Papers, 1966-1970
Adelphoi Literary Society; Records, 1902-1931
Administrative Committee; Records, 1971-1981
Administrative Communications Group; Records, 1962-1971
Affirmative Action, University Commission for; Records, 1975-1997
Affordable Housing Partnership and Capital Affordable Housing Funding Corporation; Records, 1983-2001
Africana Studies, Department of; Records, 1968-1976
Ainsworth, Steven King; Papers, 1993-2018
Albany Allied Printing Trades Council; Records, 1908-1990
Albany Central Federation of Labor; Records, 1965-2000
Albany Collegiate Center; Records, 1933-1937
Albany County Civic Center; Collection, 1984-1988
Albany Friends Meeting; Records, 1969-1991
Albany General Store; Records , 1784-1786
Albany Jewish Community; Collection, 1905-1990
Albany Printing Pressmen, Assistants and Offset Workers Union, No. 23-C Graphic Communications International Union; Records, 1951-1989
Albany Student Press Records; Records ua809.001, 1967-1999
Albany Typographical Union No. 4; Records, 1850-1988
Albany-Schenectady League of Arts; Records, 1970-2001
Aleksander, Irina Kunina (Zamiatin); Papers, 1937-1978
Allen Collegiate Center; Records, 1972-1976
Alpha Pi Alpha; Records, 1952-1978
Alumni Association; Records, 1851-2011
Alumni Directory; Collection, 1980-2011
Alumni Memorabilia; Collection, 1845-2014
Alumni Quarterly; Collection, 1919-1967
Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU), Hudson Valley Area Joint Board; Records, Undated
American Association of Retired Persons, Schenectady County Chapter, #490, 1967-2003
American Association of University Professors, Albany Chapter; Records, 1944-1974
American Association of University Women, Albany Chapter; Records, 1913-1992
American Council for Emigres in the Professions; Records, 1930-1974
American Marketing Association, New York Capital Region Chapter; Records, 1992-2013
American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), Capital District Chapter; Records, 1952-1989
Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, New York Chapter; Records, 1967-1973
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company; Records, 1934-1937
Ancient and Honourable Company of Fellmongers; Records, 1820-1859
Anders, Gunther S.; Papers, 1955-1971
Andrews, Charles Luther; Papers, 1936-1967
Annual Reports; Collection, 1844-2005
Anthropology, Department of; Records, 1968-1987
Applebee, Arthur; Papers, 1965-2014
Appleby, Paul H.; Papers, 1944-1956
Art and Art History, Department of; Records, 1964-1978
Arts and Sciences, College of; Records, 1955-1977
Asian Studies Program; Records, 1988
Assistant to the President, Office of the; Records, 1949-1974
Associated Industries of New York State / The Business Council of New York State; Records, 1996 December 19 - 2017 March 27
Association of Colleges and Universities of the State of New York (ACUSNY); Records, 1938-1992
Astronomy and Space Sciences, Department of; Records, 1967-1976
Athletics, Department of; Records, 1940-2014
Atlantic States Legal Foundation; Records, 1966-2009
Atmospheric Sciences and Research Center; Records, 2014 October 17 - 2017 May 17
Auburn Woolen Company; Records, 1847-1851
Audrey Seidman; Papers, 1988-1998
Audubon New York; Records, 1995-2002
Aufbau; Records, 1957-1998
Autograph Book; Collection, 1857-1890
Babbitt, Bill; Collection, 1967-2016
Bachhofer, Ludwig; Papers, 1922-1968
Baldus, David; Papers, 1965-2011
Ballard, Allen B.; Papers, 1970-2015
Bannon, William G.; Papers, 1920-1966
Barth, Max; Papers, 1916-1962
Bauchwitz, Kurt (Roy C. Bates); Papers, 1890-2006
Baum, Vicki; Papers, 1929-1959
Becker, Frank J.; Papers, 1953-1964, 1974
Bedau, Hugo A.; Papers, 1954-2005
Bell, Abraham, and Son; Collection, 1809-1917
Bender, Violet and Irwin F.; Papers, 1941-2012
Bendix, Reinhard; Papers, 1929-1998
Benedict, Edward H.; Papers, 1832-1853
Bennet, Augustus W.; Papers, 1935-1948
Bennet, William Stiles; Papers, 1884-1959
Berking, Max; Papers, 1964-1965
Berlin and East Sudbury Stage Company; Records, 1828-1832
Berman, Frederic S.; Papers, 1962-1975
Bethlehem Business Women's Club; Records, 1951-2019
Bethlehem Work on Waste; Records, 1989-1996
Biblion; Collection, 1968
Bienen, Leigh B.; Papers, 1971-2011
Biological Sciences, Department of; Records, 1936-1988
Birr, Kendall; Papers, 1968-1994
Black Studio Inc.; Records, 1960-1987
Blakeslee, D. Ayers; Papers, 1861-1867
Blanchard, Duncan; Papers, 1789-2003
Blandy, Tom; Papers, 1990-1999
Blinken, Donald M.; Papers, 1969-2003
Bloch, Edward J.; Papers, 1931-2001
Blumenthal, Albert H.; Papers, 1963-1976
Blumenthal, Fritz; Papers, 1922-2002
Bodky, Erwin; Papers, 1897-1958
Boehlert, Sherwood; Papers, 1980-2006
Bonowitz, Abraham J.; Papers, 1977-2015
Boston and Maine Railroad Company; Records, 1889-1904
Bostwick, Gilbert; Papers, 1834-1848
Boyd, Ralph F.; Papers, 1943-1992
Boynton, Jonah C.; Papers, 1828-1836
Braden, Forrest D.; Papers, 1922-1925
Brandt, Thomas O.; Papers, 1897-1958
Brecht, Arnold; Papers, 1865-1974
Bridge Line Historical Society; Collection, 1870-2021
Brothers, The; ead, 1966-1999
Brown, Fred R.; Papers, 1882-1966
Brown, Marcia Joan; Papers, 1940-2000
Bruyn, Severyn; Papers, 1800
Brydges, Earl W.; Papers, Undated
Bunzel, Joseph H.; Papers, 1941-1975
Burian, Jarka M.; Papers, 1956-1991
Burton, Bernard; Records, 1940-1991
Bush, E. Ogden; Papers, 1884, 1958-1965
Business Affairs, Office of; Records, 1914-1978
Business and Professional Women's Club of Albany, New York; Records, 1934-1988
Business and Professional Women's Club of New York State, Inc.; Records, 1921-2004
Business and Professional Women's Club of Schenectady; Records, 1927-2011, Undated
Business, School of; Records, 1937-2003
Button, Daniel Evan; Papers, 1962-1971
Cabot, Lawrence; Papers, 1964-1965
Campbell, Donald A.; Papers, 1946-1968
Campus Action; Records, 1992-2006
Campus Construction; Collection, 1951-1987
Campus Directories; Collection, 1925-2006
Campus Unrest Collection; Collection, 1967-1972
Capital Area Archivists of New York; Records, 1982-2006
Capital Area Council of Churches; Records, 1941-2002
Capital Area Microcomputer Society; Newsletters, 1986-1999
Capital Area School Development Association; Records, 1949-1991
Capital Defender Office; Records, 1995-2007
Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid & Racism; Records, 1981-1995
Capital District Committee for Palestinian Rights; Records, 1950s-1990s
Capital District Regional Planning Commission; Records, 1934-2013
Capital District Senior Issues Forum; Records, 1997-2018
Capital District Transgender Community Archive; Collection, 1969-2006
Capital Jury Project; Records, 1941-2011
Capital Punishment Clemency Petitions; Collection, 1981-2020
Capital Region Planning; Collection, 1949-2008
Capitol Region Center for Arts in Education; Records, 1984-1989
Career Education Institute; Records, 1974-1976
Career and Professional Development, Office of; Records, 1961-2016
Carrara, Dolores I.; Papers, 1946
Casatelli, Jeanne; Papers, 1996-2002
Casier, Frank; Papers, 1974-1994
Catholics Against Capital Punishment; Records, 1972-2010
Caucus on Women's Rights at SUNY, Albany Chapter Records; Records, 1970-1976
Center for Community Studies; Records, 1946-1976
Center for Curriculum Research and Service; Records, 1963-1970
Center for Humanistic Education; Records, 1969-1973
Center for International Education and Global Strategy; Records, 1941 - 2017 May 17
Center for Law and Justice; Records, 1985-2000
Center for Legislative Development; Records, 1966-2000
Center for Technology in Government; Records, 1994-2013
Center for Women in Government; Records, 1976-2003
Center for the Study of Science and Society; Records, 1967-1972
Center on English Learning and Achievement (CELA); Records, 1988-1999
Chadwick, Captain C. W.; Papers, 1873-1888
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching Screening Committee; Records, 1976-1977
Chapin, Day, and Ely Lumber Mill; Records, 1774-1789
Charles I, King of England; Papers, 1642
Chase, Henry M. and William L.; Records, 1877-1901
Chemistry, Department of; Records, 1958-1979
Cheng, Roger; Papers, 1966-2000
Chi Sigma Theta Sorority; Records, 1914-2014, Undated
Citizen Action of New York; Records, 1983-2008
Citizens Budget Commission Records, 1931-1999
Citizens Environmental Coalition; Records, 1973-2005
City Club of Albany; Records, 1945-1961
Civil Service Employees Association, Inc. (CSEA), American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 1000 Records, 1918-2015
Clark, David M.; Papers, 1804-1812
Classics, Department of; Records, 1934-1986
Cleavland, L.E.; Papers, 1844-1849
Clippings; Collection, 1945-2002
Clove Branch Railroad Company; Records, 1869-1893
Coggeshell, Anna Cleveland; Papers, 1914-1918
Cogswell, John H.; Papers, 1866-1873
Colfax, James; Papers, 1808-1813
Colm, Gerhard; Records, 1929-1972
Coloney, Thomas D.; Papers, 1827-1852
Columbia County Typographical Union, No. 896; Records, 1927, 1936-1968
Commencement Programs; Collection, 1857-2019
Commencement Videos; Collection, 1981-2005
Committee for Progressive Legislation; Records, 1950-1993
Communication and Marketing, Office of; Records, 1995-2000
Communications Workers of America (CWA), Local 1104, Education Division; Records, 1969-2001 (bulk 1983-1999)
Communications Workers of America (CWA), Local 1104, Operators and Service Employees; Records, 1980-1995
Community Engagement, Associate Vice President for; Records, 2000-2015
Community Theater Journal, New York State; Collection, 1999-2006
Community University Day; Collection, 1972-1983
Comparative and World Literature, Department of; Records, 1967-1976
Computer Science, Department of; Records, 1973-1986
Computing Center; Records, 1965-1982
Conant, Roger T.; Papers, 1971
Concerned Citizens Against Crossgates; Records, 1979-1984
Conference of Large City Boards of Education; Records, 1968-1981
Conservative Party of New York State; Records, 1962-2004
Construction Manager, Office of; Collection, 1950-1980
Continuing Studies, Division of; Records, 1979-1985
Coons, Lillian; Papers, 1935-2019
Cooper, Anthony Ashley; Papers, 1877-1884
Cooper, George; Papers, 1876-1880
Coplon, David; Papers, 1955-1980
Corbett, James; Papers, 1955-1994
Corliss, Robert; Papers, 1967-1991
Correctional Association of New York; Records, 1844-1988
Costa, Cheryl Ann; Papers, 1992-2020
Council 82 Security and Law Enforement Employees, AFSCME; Records, 1966-1989
Counseling and Personnel Services, Department of; Records, 1965-1976
Criminal Justice, School of; Records, 1963-1988
Crone, Michelle; Papers, 1982-1995
Crosby, B.L.; Papers, 1887-1888
Cross, Vincent; Papers, 1986-1993
Crossgates Regional Shopping Mall Collection; ead, 1979-1985
Crounse, Johannes; Papers, 1796
Curran, Henry; Papers, 1961-1968
Curriculum and Instruction, Department of; Records, 1962-1974
Curto, Ernest; Papers, 1944, 1946-1965
Cutting, Edith; Papers, 1938-1977
David, Meginnei; Papers, Undated
Davis, Jackson; Papers, 1952-1997
Day, Theodore; Records, 1961-1972
De Gress, Francis; Papers, 1874
De Grey, Thomas; Papers, 1809-1813
DeLuca, George; Papers, 1949-1964
DeSalvio, Louis; Papers, 1958-1978
DeSole, Gloria; Papers, ca. 1969-1984
DeWitt, Richard Varick; Papers, 1862
Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Records, 1958-1986
Deans' and Directors' Meetings; Records, 1967-1981
Deans, Marie; Papers, 1958-2011
Death Penalty Information Center; Records, 1985-2014
Delaney, James Joseph; Papers, 1950-1978
Delmar Progress Club; Records, 1903-2020
Desmond, Thomas C.; Papers, 1930-1972
Dey, Pierson; Papers, 1810-1816
Dickinson, John Dean; Papers, 1796-1834
Didier, Maureen C.; Collection, 1990-1991
Dietze, Max; Papers, 1907
Digital Media Department; Collection, 1921-2016
Director of the Physical Plant, Office of the; Records, 1974 - 2017 July 17
Disabled Student Services; Records, 1970-1979
Diversity and Inclusion, Office of; Records, 1970-2017
Dolbin, Benedikt Fred; Collection, 1922-1969
Donovan, Hope; Papers, 1970-2003
Doran, Robert; Papers, 1970-2004
Dow, John Goodchild; Papers, 1967-1971
Downtown Campus Coordinator; Records, 1973-1976
Dunne, John R.; Papers, 1965-1969
Duryea, Perry B., Jr.; Papers, 1961-1972
Duxbury and Cohasset Railroad Company; Records, 1871-1872
East Freetown, NY, Railroad Freight Records; Records, 1891-1901
Eastman, Cora; Papers, 1877-1886
Eberhard, Wolfram; Papers, 1935-1957
Echo, The State College; Collection, 1892 June-1939 April
Economics, Department of; Records, 1971-1985
Eddy, Jesse; Papers, 1834-1859
Eden, William; Papers, 1828
Education, School of; Records, 1927-1988
Educational Communications Center; Records, 1974-1982
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP); Records, 1964-1976
Edwin Adams et al v. William Rockefeller; Records, 1889-1921
Ehrmann, Henry W. (Heinrich); Papers, 1932-1998
Eighth Step, The; Records, 1975-2003
Elias, Hans; Papers, Undated
Ellinwood, DeWitt; Papers, 1964-1993
Emergency Rescue Committee; Records, 1936-1956
Emeritus Center, William L. Reese; Records, 1994-2015
Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs; Records, 1938-1991
Empire Typographical & Mailer Conference, Communications Workers of America; Records, 1919-1990
Employee Ownership Project; Records, 1967-2000
Engaged Zen Foundation; Records, 1990-2004
Engineering and Applied Sciences, College of; Records, 2000-2015
English, Department of; Records, 1939-2000
Environmental Advocates of New York; Records, 2001 April 28 - 2017 June 1
Environmental Clearinghouse, Inc. (ECOS); Records, 1971-2004
Environmental Decisions Commission; Records, 1971-1980
Environmental Studies Program; Records, 1969-1976
Equal Justice USA; Records, 1991-2016
Equipment Management, Office of; Records, 1963-1972
Espy, Watt; Papers, 1730-2008
Estabrook, Arthur H.; Papers, 1908-1962
Eta Phi Sorority Alumnae Association; Collection, 1921-1940
Faculty Handbooks; Collection, 1948-1994
Faculty Reference; Collection, 1845-present
Faculty-Student Association; Records, 1952-1976
Falconer, Raymond; Papers, 1942-1999
Falk, Richard; Papers, Undated
Family Planning Advocates of New York State; Records, 1976-2004
Fane, John, Lord Privy Seal; Papers, 1801-1808
Farbstein, Leonard; Papers, 1955-1970
Farrar and Boardman; Records, 1862-1870
Fausold, Martin; Papers, 1919, 1945-2008
Fetterley, Judith; Papers, 1971-1993
Finance and Business, Division of; Records, 1972-2000
Financial Management and Budget, Office of; Records, 1938-1991
Financial Secretary; Records, 1844-1965
Fino, Paul A.; Papers, 1949-1969
Fisher, Charles; Papers, 1831-1841
Fitch, Ebenezer; Papers, 1812-1846
Fitzgerald, Celeste; Papers, 1996-2012
Fodor, Ladislaus; Papers, 1941-1980
Ford, Alvin; Collection, 1965-1995
Fornachon, Mary Louise; Notebooks, 1899-1920
Fossieck, Theodore; Papers, 1947-1996
Frank, Joachim; Papers, 1953-2016
Frank, Paul and Hans Adler; Papers, Undated
Frederick, Robert W.; Papers, 1927-1973
Freedom Forum; Records, 1959-1978
Freligh Family; Papers, 1773-1955
French Studies, Department of; Records, 1980-1989
Freshman Focus; Collection, 1984-1994
Fried, John H. E.; Papers, 1911-1990
Friedlander, Walter A.; Papers, 1914-1984
Friedmann, James I.; Papers, 1966
Friends of the Libraries; Records, 1981-2006
Fritz, Kurt von; Papers, 1935-1980
Fuerza Latina; Records, 1977-1996
Fulton County Typographical Union, No. 268; Records, 1894-1973
Furth, Josef Herbert; Papers, 1932-1981
Furth, Otto; Papers, 1933-1971
Gabrielson, Guy George; Papers, 1925-1967
Galef, Sandy; Papers, 1991-2009
Gamma Kappa Phi; Records, 1920-1971
Gansevoort, Leonard, Jr.; Papers, 1780-1801
Gardner, Charles K.; Papers, 1835-1860
Gay, G.F., and A.E.; Papers, 1883-1896
Gender and Sexuality Resource Center: Records, 2004-2013
General Reference; Collection, 1828-2015
General Studies, College of; Records, 1962-1978
Geography and Planning, Department; Records, 1985-1987
Geological Sciences, Department of; Records, 1969-1986
George, Manfred; Papers, 1913-1965
Gerhard, Adele; Papers, 1938-1956
Germanic Languages and Literatures, Department of; Records, 1981-1994
Gerontology, Institute for; Records, 1968-1995
Gibson, Walter; Papers, 1950-2000
Glove Cities Area Joint Board, ACTWU; Records, 1933-1989
Gluecksohn-Waelsch, Salome; Papers, 1928-1998
Gode von Aesch, Alexander; Papers, 1924-1987
Goldstein, Moritz; Papers, 1939-1968
Goldstein, Nathaniel Lawrence; Papers, 1943-1967
Gould, Harold; Papers, 1940-2006
Gould, Samuel; Papers, 1933-1997
Government and Policy Studies, Institute for; Records, 1978-1987
Graduate Education, Office of; Records, 1931-2017
Graduate Student Association; Records, 1990-2000
Graf, Oskar Marie; Papers, 1891-1967
Graphic Communications International Union, Local 10-B (Bookbinder); Records, 1892-1989
Graphic Communications International Union, Local 259-M; Records, 1941-1988
Graves, Rhoda Fox; Papers, 1906-1948
Great Britain. Commissioners of Excise; Records, 1684-1764
Great Britain. Common Law; Case Book, 1701-1706
Great Western Railway; Records, Undated
Greater Glens Falls (N.Y.) Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Records, 1959, 1969, 1977-1979, 1981-1990
Green Sheet Newsletter; Collection, 1972-1989
Green, Alice P.; Papers, 1960-2001
Grenander, M.E.; Papers, 1951-1989
Gross, Robert; Papers, 1973-1997
Guilderland Central Teachers' Association; Records, 1968-1999
Hall, Kermit; Papers, ca. 1980-2006
Hall, Steve; Papers, 1978-2010
Hallowell, Caleb S.; Papers, 1843
Halperin, Rick; Papers, 1982-2000
Halpern, Seymour; Papers, 1958-1972
Hancock, Clarence; Papers, 1929-1946
Hanks, Paul; Papers, Undated
Harlow Estate; Records , 1685-1694
Harris, Raymond and Sara; Papers, 1942-2009
Hastings, James F.; Papers, 1959-1965
Hatfield, Ernest I; Papers, 1949-1968
Hathaway, Abraham; Papers, 1825-1870
Hawkins, Steven; Papers, 1991-2003
Hawks, Daniel; Papers, 1930-1951
Hawley Saddle and Harness Shop; Records, 1803-1846
Healthy Schools Network, Inc.; Records, 1994-2004
Helsby, Robert D.; Papers, 1966-1987
Hendricks, Frederick; Papers, 1709-1891
Herrera, Leonel; Collection, 1954-2007
Herz, John H.; Papers, 1917-2005
Higbie, William; Papers, 1854-1858
Hinchey, Maurice; Papers, 1974-2012
Hirsch, Felix and Elisabeth; Papers, 1932-1976
Hirsch, Helmut; Papers, 1947-1980
Hispanic and Italian Studies, Department of; Records, 1974-1985
Historical Reference, University; Collection, 1871-1995
History and Systematics of Science, Department of; Records, 1968-1971
History, Department of; Records, 1943-2018
Hogenauer, Clare; Papers, 1999-2006, Undated
Holding Our Own; Records, 1983-2006
Hopkins, Vivian C.; Papers, 1930-1978
Horton, S. Wentworth; Papers, 1933-1958
Hudson Valley District Council of Carpenters; Records, 1887-1989
Hudson Valley Writers Guild; Records, 1983-1998
Hula, Erich; Papers, 1900-1986
Human Resources Management, Office of; Records, 1947-2017
Humanistic Studies, Institute for; Records, 1977-1980
Hunger Action Network of New York State; Records, 1979-2003
Hurd, T. Norman; Papers, 1975-1976
Hurtin, John G.; Papers, 1806-1821
Huth, Geoffrey A.; Papers, 1960-2006
Hyman, William; Papers, Undated
IUE-CWA Local 301; Records, 1939-2001
Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Records; Records, 1963-2011
Information Studies, Department of; Records, 1912-2004
Information Systems and Technology, Office of; Records, 1984-1994
Initiatives for Women; Records, 1992-2003
Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research; Records, 1983-1989
Institutional Research, Office of; Records, 1929-2017
Inter-American Studies, Center for; Records, 1962-1976
Internal Audit, Office of; Records, 1971-1981
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Lodge 1145; Records, 1971-1998
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 166; Records, 1909-1980
International Brotherhood of Painters & Allied Trade, Local 201; Records, 1900-1982
International Oil-Gas Corporation; Records, 1930-1951
International Typographical Union; Collection, 1870-1936
International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen, Local 16; Records, 1886-1930
International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Technical, Salaried and Machine Workers, Local 379, Matchworkers' Union; Records, 1944-1985
Ismay, Lou; Papers, 1959-1977
Jackson, F.D.; Day book, 1881-1882
James Connolly Irish Republican Club; Records, 1972-2015
Jellinek, Oscar; Papers, 1947
Jones, Howard Palfrey; Papers, 1917-1973
Jones, Louis C.; Papers, 1954-1978
Judaic Studies, Department of; Records, 1972-1987
Kahler, Erich von; Papers, 1905-1970
Kappa Beta Fraternity; Records, 1937-2007
Kappa Delta Sorority; Records, 1899-2001, Undated
Kappa Phi Kappa Fraternity, Chi Chapter; Records, 1943-1964
Kaskel, Joseph; Papers, 1939-1964
Kastle, Leonard; Papers, 1940-1996
Keator, Karli; Papers, 1987-2006
Keefe, Thomas; Papers, 1981-2002
Kelsey, William; Papers, 1977-2001
Kendall and Hamlin School District No. 8; Records, 1838-1920
Kennedy, William; Papers, 1926-2003
Keogh, Eugene James; Papers, 1937/1972
Kerr Ross, Patricia; Papers, 1967-1997
Kessler, Herbert; Papers, Undated
Kiepper, James; Papers, 1964-1988
Kingston, John E.; Papers, Undated
Kircheimer, Otto; Papers, 1929-1972
Knight, Max; Papers, 1909-1993
Knolls Action Project; Records, 1969-1994
Kollisch, Margaret; Papers, 1910-1979
Koosed, Margery; Papers, 1986-2008
Kortner, Fritz and Dorothy Thompson; Manuscript, 1937
Kotschnig, Walter Maria; Papers, 1920-1984
Kraft, Julius; Papers, 1921-1960
Kupferman, Thomas; Papers, Undated
Kuykendall, Mary; Papers, 1920-1970
Laborers' International Union of North America, Local 157; Records, 1912-1972
Lane, Edward E.; Record Book, 1889-1890
Lang, Andrew; Papers, 1898-1912
Langer, Judith; Papers, 1970-2010
Laqueur, Gert; Papers, 1935-1981
Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies (CELAC), Center for; Records, 1975-2018
LeComte, Edward S.; Papers, 1940-2003
League of Women Voters of Albany County; Records, 1938-2001
League of Women Voters of Rensselaer County Records, 1914-2008
League of Women Voters of Saratoga County; Records, 1965-2016
League of Women Voters, Schenectady County Records, 1925-2004
Lebanon Springs, New York Post Office; Records, 1893-1895
Lederer, Emil; Papers, 1901-1971
Lederer, Walther; Papers, 1929-2003
Lee, Tae Moon; Photographs, 1964-1972
Leese, Joseph; Papers, 1963-1981
Legislative Correspondents Association of New York State; Records, 1892-2014
Lehr, David; Papers, 1935-2005
Leidel, Donald; Papers, 1965-1976
Lent, Norman F.; Papers, 1962-1970
Leser, Paul; Papers, 1850-1984
Lestoque, Albert; Papers, 1899-1960
Lewis, Nahum H.; Papers, 1940-1990
Liepmann, Klaus; Papers, 1933-1990
Lindquist, Jennie D.; Papers, 1937-1978
Lindt, Peter M.; Papers, 1942-1970
Link, Eugene P.; Papers, 1907-1993
Lipman-Wulf, Peter; Papers, 1938-1982
Liturgical Music; Collection, Undated
Lombardi, Tarky; Papers, 1966-1967
Lord, Victor A.; Papers, 1950-1980
Lotteries; Collection, 1790-1883
Lovell and Nichols Lumber Mill; Records, 1869-1882
Lowe, Adolf; Papers, 1915-1996
Lumbard, Eliot H.; Papers, 1943-2006
Lurie, Andrea; Papers, 1967-1986
Lyon Family; Papers, 1872-1886
M.C. Lawton Civic & Cultural Club; Records, 1921-2004
Maass, Joachim; Papers, 1901-1972
MacCrate, Robert; Papers, 2009
Machlup, Fritz; Papers, 1935-1982
Mackiewicz, John; Papers, 1976-1986
Madej, Henry M.; Papers, 1975-2008
Maguire, Gregory; Papers, 1929-2020
Maltese, Serphin R.; Papers, 1962-2019
Man in the Northeast Newsletter; Collection, 1982-1991
Management and Planning, Office of the Vice President for; Records, 1965-1978
Manley, Henry S.; Papers, 1849-1960
Manley, Martin K.; Papers, 1969-2014
Manschinger, Kurt and Grete Hartwig; Papers, 1912-1995
Marck, Siegfried; Papers, 1939-1957
Marcu, Eva and Valeriu; Papers, 1941-1942
Martens, Freda R. H.; Papers, 1961-1985
Marton, George; Papers, 1964
Marx, Hilde; Papers, 1936-1986
Maryland Citizens Against State Executions; Records, 1962-2013
Mathematics, Department of; Records, 1936-1987
Mather, John J.; Papers, 1965-1996
Matos, Elba; Collection, 1983-2007
McEneny, John; Papers, 1992-2009
McLaren, Eugene; Papers, 1940-2001
McNulty, Michael R.; Papers, 1988-2008
Melich, Tanya M.; Papers, 1956-2009
Mello, Michael; Papers, 1970-2004
Meltsner, Michael; Papers, 1973-2005
Menands Book Club; Records, 1881-2009
Mendershausen, Horst; Papers, 1930-1999
Mennillo, David J.; Papers, 1950-1980
Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANYS) Records, 1879-2002
Meriam, George and Charles; Papers, 1833-1863
Mesnil, Francoise Madelaine; Papers, 1756
Mesoamerican Studies, Institute for; Records, 1977-1985
Metcalf, George; Papers, 1950-1967
Michelson, Vera. P.; Papers, 1921-2018
Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program; Records, 1972-1987
Middle States Accreditation Reports; Collection, 1938-2010
Miles, Rufus E., Jr.; Papers, 1934-1985
Miller, E. Melton; Papers, 1904-1910
Miller, Howard F.; Papers, 1939-1983
Milne School; Records, 1890-2004
Miscellaneous Manuscripts; Collection, Undated
Misch, Carl; Papers, 1941-1963
Mishler, Mark; Papers, 1975-2008
Mochon, Donald; Collection, 1972-1977
Moffat, Abbot Low; Papers, 1929-1943
Mohnen, Volker; Papers, 1966-2006
Monday Musical Club; Records, 1924-1988
Monographs on Pedagogy, Literature, and Science; Collection, 1908-1909
Moore, Frank C.; Papers, 1881-1978
Moritt, Fred G.; Papers, 1959-1994
Mulligan, Thomas E., Jr.; Papers, 1941-1973
Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation; Records, 1994-2003
Murphy, Joseph; Papers, Undated
Murray, William J.; Papers, 1927-1990
Music, Department of; Records, 1923-1988
Muzzey General Store; Records, 1833-1903
Myers, Malinda; Papers, 1951-2003
Myren, Richard A.; Papers, 1952-1971
Myskania; Records, 1915-1984
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National Association of Black Social Workers, Capital District Chapter; Records, 1970-1991
National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), Capital District Chapter; Records, 1975-2000
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty; Records, 1981-2006
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New York State Tenants and Neighbors, Inc; Records, 1970-2002
New York State Wetlands Forum, Inc.; Records, 1993-2002
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New York, Newfoundland, and London Telegraph Company; Records, 1854-1867
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Newburgh, Dutchess, and Connecticut Railroad; Records, 1887-1890
Newman, Donald J.; Papers, 1954-1989
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Nichols, Humphry; Papers, 1844-1847
Nine Partners General Store; Records, 1767-1776
Normal College Executive Committee, New York State; Records, 1844 June-1909 September
Normal College, New York State; Grade Books, 1868-1899
Normal College, New York State; Registration Books, 1845-1906
Normal School Student Portraits, New York State; Collections, 1874-1889
North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame and Museum; Collection, 1970-1989
North Country James Bay Group Records; Records, 1966-1998
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Nowicki, Joseph; Papers, Undated
Nursing, School of; Records, 1964-1979
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Ohrenstein, Manfred; ead, 1966-1974
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Oseola (Ship); Records, 1842-1843
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Parent Relations, Office of; Records, 1982-1989
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Phi Beta Kappa; Records, 1940-1992
Phi Delta Kappa, Epsilon Omicron Chapter; Records, Undated
Phi Delta Sorority; Records, 1923-2004, Undated
Philosophy, Department of; Records, 1968-1989
Phoenix Insurance Company of New York; Records, 1807-1838
Physics, Department of; Records, 1915-1971
Pi Omega Pi; Records, 1942-1986
Pierce, Anna E.; Papers, 1884-1983
Pine Hills Fortnightly Club; Records, 1898-2003
Planning, Director of; Records, 1974-1981
Plant, Richard; Papers, 1950-1981
Podell, Bertram L.; Papers, 1945-1970
Political Science, Department of; Records, 1970-1988
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Post, Libby; Papers, 1978-2005
Potter Club and Alumni Association; Records, 1911-2014
Potter, Edward E.; Papers, 1918-1966
Preservation League of New York State; Records, 1975-2002
President's Committee to Review Promotion and Continuing Appointment Policies and Procedures; Records, 1971-1974
President's Special Committee to Review the Undergraduate Experience; Records, 1974 December-1977 September
President's Task Force on Priorities and Resources; Records, 1975-1977
President, Office of the; Records, 1827 - 2017 July 17
Pribram, Karl; Papers, 1877-1973
Price, Harry; Papers, 1949-1978
Pride Alliance; collection, 1984-2009
Pride Center of the Capital Region; Records, 1972 - 2017 April 7
Printing Office Printing Artifacts; null, 1943-1975
Prospect Hill Cemetery; Records, 1854
Prudent Residents Opposed to Electric Cable Transmission (PROTECT) Records, 1980-2007
Psi Gamma Sorority and Alumnae Association, Inc.; Records, 1898-1997
Psychology, Department of; Records, 1960-1985
Public Administration and Policy, Department of; Records, 1968-1987
Public Health, School of; Records, 1987-2007
Public Safety, Office of; Records, 1965-1981
Publications, University; Collection, 1921-2017
Purcell, Francis T.; Papers, 1955-1965
Pyle, Ralph; Papers, 1951
Quirini, Helen; Papers, 1898-2010
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Rand, E.C.M.; Papers, 1909
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Reading, Department of; Records, 1962-1978
Registrar, Office of the; Records, 1900-2016
Remarque, Erich Maria; Papers, 1938-1973
Rensselaer County Greens; Records, 1979-2004
Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, Office of the Vice President for; Records, 1974-2013
Research, Office for; Collection, 1967-1989
Residential Life, Office of; Records, 1944-1985
Resnick, Joseph Yale; Papers, 1965-1968
Resource Development, Office of; Records, 1970-1982
Reynolds, Thomas; Papers, 1858
Riehlman, R. Walter; Papers, 1947-1962
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Rienow, Robert; Papers, 1955-1979
Robbins, Cornelius; Papers, 1979-2006
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Rochester Central Power Corporation; Records, 1928
Rockefeller College Public Service Training Program; ead, 1984-1992
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, Assistant to the Provost; Records, 1980-2004
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, Dean's Office; Records, 1946-1989
Rockefeller Institute of Government, Nelson A.; Collection, 1982-2006
Rohrlich, George F.; Papers, 1943-1984
Rosenhaupt, Hans; Papers, 1932-1983
Rosenthal, Donald; Papers, 1982-2004
Rosenthal, Gregory; Papers, 2011-2014
Rubel, Nomi; Papers, 1955-1978
Rubin, Harold; Papers, 1958-2004
S.J. Salisbury and Company; Records, 1861-1863
SUNY Theater Annual; Collection, 1948-1970
SUNYA Women's Club; Records, 1951-1992
Sailing Club; Records, 1963-1974
Saltus and Company; Records, 1825-1835
Sangerfield and Marshall Agricultural Society; Records, 1857-1883
Saratoga Springs Open Space Project; Records, 1970-2003
Sartori, Herbert; Papers, 1915-1969
Save the Pine Bush, Inc.; Records, 1977-2001
Schaefer, Vincent; Papers, 1891-1993
Schanz, Ludwig; Papers, Undated
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Schenectady Building and Construction Trades Council; Records, 1960-1978
Schenectady Federation of Teachers, Local 803; Records, 1918-1989
Schenectady Labor Temple Association; Records, 1912-1977
Scheuerman, William; Papers, 1982-2019
Schoch, Magdalena; Papers, Undated
Schoenberner, Franz; Papers, 1935-1994
Schoharie Land Trust; Records, 1980-2001
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Schultz; Harry E., Jr; Papers, 1913-1989
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Semel, Elisabeth; Collection, 1977-2012
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Senior Assistant to the President Records; Records, 1987-2006
Seymour, Whitney; Papers, 1966-1968
Shapard, Sandra; Papers, 1972-2008
Sharon Springs, New York Union Free School District No. 1; Records , 1884-1899
Sheet Metal Workers' International Association, Local 83; Records, 1892-1989
Shill, Gertrude; Papers, 1888-1934
Sierra Club, Atlantic Chapter; Records, 1964-1999
Sierra Club, Eastern Region; Records, 1997-2013
Sigma Pi Phi, Beta Psi Boulé; Records, 1983-2021
Sigma Xi; Records, 1968-1976
Simon, Carleton; Papers, 1881-1952, 1956
Simons, Hans; Papers, 1906-1968
Sirotkin, Phillip; Papers, 1968-1972
Slavic and Germanic Languages and Literature, Department of; Records, 1970/1984
Smith, Bernard C.; Papers, 1963-1969
Smith, Thomas; Papers, Undated
Social Justice Center; Records, 1981-2001
Social Welfare, School of; Records, 1964-2000
Socialist Party of the USA. Dover, New Hampshire Local; Records, 1894-1923
Society for the Preservation of Water Resources; Records, 1981-1999
Society of Bibliophiles; Records, 1966-2002
Society of Indian Psychologists; Records, 2015-2020
Sociology, Department of; Records, 1966-1977
Solidarity Committee of the Capital District; Records, 1978-2009
Solomon, Gerald B. H.; Records, 1978-1999
Sorensen, Jonathan; Papers, 1973-2004
Sorrel, Walter; Papers, Undated
Southern Coalition on Jails and Prisons; Records, 1970-1992
Spalek, John M.; Papers, 1933-2010
Speech Pathology and Audiology, Department of; Records, 1969-1980
Speier, Hans; Papers, 1922-1989
Spiro, Eugen; Papers, 1940-1972
Stafford, Ronald B.; Papers, 1956-2002
State University Construction Fund; Records, 1961-1979
State University of New York, Board of Trustees; Records, 1950-1994
State University of New York, University Faculty Senate; Collection, 1944-2003
Staudinger, Hans; Papers, 1928-1980
Steel, Johannes; Papers, 1935-1978
Steen, Ivan; Papers, 1928-2013
Stein, Eleanor; Papers, 1962-2020
Steiner, Franz Baerman; Papers, 1934-1945
Stettner, Walter Fritz; Papers, 1937-1999
Stocking Brown, Patricia; Papers, 1981-1999
Storm Publishers; Records, 1940-1968
Strategic Plans; Collection, 2010 October
Streib, Victor; Papers, 1978-2007
Stuart, Henri L.; Papers, 1869
Student Accounts, Office of; Records, 1975-1986
Student Affairs, Division for; Records, 1926-2005
Student Association of the State University of New York (SASU); Records, 1969-1985
Student Association; Records, 1921-1989
Student Handbooks; Collection, 1904-1995
Student Life; Records, 1975-2001
Student Newspapers; Collection, 1916-2018
Student Publications; Collection, 1943-1993
Student Success Stories Podcasts; Collection, 2019-2020
Student Voice, The; Collection, 1999-2006
Studer, Norman; Papers, 1817-2012
Sullivan, James; Papers, Undated
Summer Sessions, Office of; Records, 1919-1975
Sweeney, Dorothy L.; Papers, 1941-2004
System Dynamic Society; Records, 1978-2016
Tash, Thomas J.; Papers, 1857-1886
Task Force for Long Range Planning; Records, 1972-1973
Task Force for Planning Downtown Campus; Records, 1970-1972
Task Force on Regionalization; Records, 1971-1972
Taylor, Mildred Frick; Papers, 1921-1974
Teacher Education Development Service; Records, 1971-1977
Terry, John Hart; Papers, 1962-1972
Terwilliger Family; Collection, 1912-1919
Tetens, Friedrich Tete Harrens; Papers, 1925-1976
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Theatre Alumni Association; Records, 1954-1974
Theatre, Department of; Records, 1948-1984
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Tischler, Hans; Papers, 1935-1982
Titus, William; Papers, 1828-1914
Tomlinson, Daniel; Papers, 1842
Torrente Ballester, Gonzalo; Papers, 1954-1964
Troy Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Records, 1942, 1969-1989
Troy and Rutland Railroad Company; Records, 1814-1919
Two-Year College Development Center; Records, 1969-1991
UAlbany COVID-19 Website; Collection, 2020 March - 2021 April
Undergraduate Admissions, Office of; Records, 1958-2000
Undergraduate Education, Center for; Records, 1970-1988
Undergraduate Education, Office of the Vice Provost for; Records, 1980-1995
Ungar, Frederick; Papers, 1931-1989
Unitarian Service Committee; Records, 1941-1942
United Association of Journeymen & Apprentices of Plumbers and Pipefitting Industry of the U.S. and Canada, Local 105; Records, 1893-1972
United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America Workers Local 930; Records, 1944-1966, 1968, 1970-1989
United Steelworkers of America (USWA) AFL-CIO-CLC, Local 8652; Records, 1977-1989
United Tenants of Albany, 1972-2001
United University Professions (UUP), Albany, New York Chapter; Records, 1968-1990
United University Professions (UUP), Oral History Project; Records, 1968-2000
United University Professions (UUP); Records, 1964-2000
United Way-State Employee Federated Appeal Committee; Records, 1966-1986
University Advancement, Office of; Records, 1973-2000
University Affairs, Office of Vice President for; Records, 1966-1988
University Art Museum; Records, 1997 June 16 - 2013 June 1
University Auxiliary Services; Records, 1976-1985
University Bookstore; Records, 1964-1984
University Calendars; Collection, 1989-1994
University Council; Records, 1844 - 2018 January 17
University Faculty; Records, 1915-1999
University Libraries; Records, 1916-1993
University Photo Service; Records, 1966-1993
University Photograph; Collection, 1847-2005
University Relations, Office of; Records, 1960-1999
University Senate; Records, 1915 - 2017 May 17
University Towers Investment Club; Records , 1965-1991
University Update; Collection, 1999-2006
University Update; Collection, 1952-2006
University at Albany Foundation; Collection, 1967-2006
University at Albany Magazine; Collection, 1967-2014
University at Albany Publication; Records, 1990-2005
Urban Documentation Project Papers; Records, 1984-2009
Urban League of Northeastern New York; Records, 1966-1987
Urofsky, Melvin; Papers, 1870-1940
Urzidil, Johannes; Papers, 1946-1970
Van Kleeck, Edwin Robert; Papers, 1946-1965
Van Patten, Grant; Records, 1962
Van den Haag, Ernest; Papers, 1935-2000
Vandiver, Margaret; Papers, 1975-2012
Vedder, Lee N. (Leland), 1865-1960
Versatile Club; Records, 1937-2011
Veterans Project; Collection, 1866-2019
Vietnam War; Collection, 1967-1973
Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (VADP); Records, 1937-2008
Volker, Julius; Papers, 1958-1966, Undated
Von Drehle, David; Papers, 1897-2003
Vonnegut, Bernard; Papers, 1828-1997
Vought, Sabra W.; Papers, 1924
WAMC Northeast Public Radio; Records, 1980-2000
WCDB Radio; Records, 1962-1986
WMHT; Records, 1964-2004
Walders, Joseph; Collection, 1949-1977
Wallace, Edith Owen; Papers, 1918-1960
Walsh, Jeffrey; Collection, 1985-2002
Wanger, Eugene G. and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty; Collection, 1754-2015
Webb, Sidney; Letters, 1890-1929
Website of the University at Albany, 2003 January 17 - 2017 June 8
Weiner, Anthony; Papers, 1999-2010
Weiss, Murray; Papers, 1951-1961
Wemple, Archibald C.; Papers, 1950-1951
Werner, Alfred; Papers, 1903-1979
West, November Belford; Papers , 1989-2006
Wheeler, Walter; Papers, 1977-2005
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White, Theodore; Papers, Undated
Whittlesey, Eunice Baird; Papers, 1924-2001
Williams, Deacon Ernest L.; Papers, 1950-2010
Williams, Ezra; Record Book, 1798-1804
Willison, Malcolm; Papers, 1958-1997
Willowbrook Review Panel; Records, 1975-1981
Wilson, Kenneth L.; Papers, 1953-1968
Wilson, Malcolm; Papers, 1971-1974
Wise, George; Papers, circa 1989
Wittern-Keller, Laura; Papers, 2001-2005
Wittner, Lawrence; Papers, 1977-2007
Wolcott, John; Papers, 1954-1992
Wolff, Kurt H.; Manuscripts, 1937-1952
Wolff, Victoria; Papers, 1973
Woman's Club of Albany; Records, 1908, 1910-2010
Women Against War; Records, 2009-2021
Women's Building; Records, 1973-1998
Women's Press Club of New York State; Records, 1984-1989
Women's Studies Oral History Project; Records, 1997
Women's Studies, Department of; Collection, 1972-2000
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Wronkow, George; Papers, 1973
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Yearbook; Collection, 1900-2014
Young Women's Christian Association of Albany, New York; Records, 1863-1996
Zaretski, Joseph; Papers, 1966-1970
Zenner Family, Walter; Papers, 1938-1990
Zweig, Friderike; Papers, 1939-1970